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Wild Speculation

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Wild Speculation

How about Bullock?
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Wild Speculation

one, urlacher has been voted the most over rated player in the nfl on a coupla different polls, one was coaches if i remember. even so, he is the current identity of da bears.

second, when fantasizing a trade think more of the other team\'s need and cap situation. titans definitely wanna trade down but for more picks only- cheaper. they are in no position to give howard the kinda contract he needs.

in thinking of the other team\'s perspective in needing a good de and having the cap situation these are the ones that come to me:

1)the jags deal with darius makes sense cuz both teams have a franchised player they wanna move. yes, they did sign hayward but they still could use another. howard is definitely has more mkt value than darius so it is a matter of what kind of pick or player they could throw in to even it out.

2)san diego needs a sackman, has plenty of cap room, and has to 1st rounders to boot. howard for #28 straight across, throw them a late rounder if necessary to balance the value.

3)dallas is exactly the same as san diego. with their fa signings they are even more strongly pegged to take a de. parcells likes veterans more than rookies too. howard for #20 might be hard to get. exchange #82 for their #103 in addition.

4.)houston has allowed lb jamie sharper to seek a trade, they are pegged for a lineman on either side of the ball for a first rounder. they might be running out of cap space tho. howard and allen for sharper.

5.)redskins want a edge guy, gibbs likes vets too. their #6 overall doesnt look realistic to me. they wanna move ron gardner that i like. howard for gardner and #76 pick

6.)detroit is a possibility for their need and cap but i dont see a good match. their #10 looks too high and i would like to see better than their #41. i cannot imagine them moving young, good, and cheap lehman. if all else fails i\'d rather have #41 for him than keep 3 de\'s with so much cap allocation. how bout #41 and take sullivan LOL.
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Wild Speculation

We have asked the gods of the NFL to guide us. So Paul Brown, Lombardi, Landry and Schram got together and sent us Haz and Venturi. So it doesn\'t matter who we get, things will work out. When? I don\'t know.
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Wild Speculation

one, urlacher has been voted the most over rated player in the nfl on a coupla different polls,
Where was Brooks ???

Well put.

\"No such thing, bad student - only bad teacher.\"

Do you think we could get Mr. Miyagi in the coaching lineup?. D-Coordinater, perhaps?
What is that time honored saying for those who have lined up and spilt blood in the mud between the posts ??

Great coaches make good players Great
But Great players do not make good coaches ........

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Wild Speculation

the urlacher story...
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Wild Speculation

I live in Chicago. I watch Urlacher every week. He is the second best LB in the league, behind Ray Lewis. Is Urlacher\'s value inflated? Yes, but that doesn\'t mean he\'s bad. It means that he\'s not the living God people in this town and around the league make him out ot be. Then, neither is Ray Lewis, so....

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