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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; and it was good and on the seventh day they did not have time to rest, amen!...

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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

and it was good and on the seventh day they did not have time to rest, amen!

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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

He was the 46th overall pick in 2002. I believe he is worth the risk. At the worst he will be a solid backup for us (probably better than hodge or any of the other scrubs we have had lately).
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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

Camp body. He wont even make the 1st cut.

Interesting though, here\'s Detillier\'s take on him when he was drafted...

Levar Fisher 6\'0 1/4\" 234 lbs. 4.69 40
In 2000, Fisher was the ACC Defensive Player of the Year and a concensus 1st All-American selection. He was in on an ACC leading 166 tackles, 15 for losses, 5 sacks, 8 pass break-ups and 1 pass interception. For the 2nd straight year, Fisher won 1st team All-ACC honors in 2001. He was in on 147 tackles, 4 for losses, 2 sacks, 2 break ups and forced 2 fumbles. He again earned All-American recognition and he was a semi-finalist for the Butkus and Lombardi awards. Played through a knee injury he suffered about midway into the 2001 season.

Fisher started 43 games in his NC State career and he recorded an all-time school leading 492 tackles and he had 25 double-figure tackle games. Fisher suffered a broken left forearm in the Tangerine Bowl and he has been working out in the off-season with speed and conditioning guru Mackie Shilstone in New Orleans to rehab his knee and forearm injury.

Versatile LB who has started at middle, stongside and weakside postions in college. Explosive performer who is extremely strong and he hits with quite an impact. Fisher can bench press 450 pounds and squats 550 pounds. He has big, strong hands and knows how to use them effectively to fend off blockers. He has excellent foot speed and range. Levar roams the field from sideline to sideline and he is a tackling machine in progress. Fisher has a quick burst to the football and he has very good football instincts and reaction skills. Does a very good job running with backs coming out of the backfield.

Levar is also a very good special teams performer. Plays the game bigger than his size and he is a high intense performer who will not back down. For and inside LB, he lacks great size and he must have linemen tie up blockers so he can flow to the football. Does his job correctly and runs around blocks rather than take them on one on one. He is very intense and he will miss openfield tackles trying to make a big play instead of just making the sure tackle. Fisher is a good cover LB, but he still needs work in this area. NFL doctors will also want to check out his knee and forearm before draft day to make sure he is OK. Quality player who is a playmaker and a super productive performer out on the field. Because of his lack of great size, he is better suited for a weakside spot at OLB, than inside as a middle man. Levar ran a 4.58 40 yard dash time and he had a 31 inch vertical leap in Indy.

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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

More info, from the WarRoom
Levar Fisher
College: North Carolina State
Year: Senior
Height: 6\'1\"
Weight: 223
Birthday: November 29, 1979

Strengths: Levar Fisher is fast. Very fast. Last year, he ran a 4.55/40. He flies around the football field, wreaking havoc and forcing an offense to react to what he\'s doing, sometimes breaking up plays before they even have a chance to get started.

Levar Fisher is strong. Very strong. Last year, he posted the highest strength and conditioning point total (bench press, squat, power clean, dips, pull-ups) on the 2001 Wolfpack squad.

Fisher is a strong tackler who simply makes plays. Last year, he forced six turnovers and registered 15 tackles behind the line of scrimmage. He has range to cover ground and keeps his head in the game. He\'s also a leader who played through such excruciating pain last year (he had shoulder surgery during the off-season) that coaches actually held him out of contact drills during practices.

Areas of concern: There are concerns about Fisher\'s size. He likes to use his frame (a bit undersized for a linebacker) to squeeze into tight spots, to exploit holes in the offensive line, something he likely won\'t be able to do on Sundays. Some think he might project better as a safety in the NFL, while most believe, at the very least, he\'ll likely have to play the weak side. Not that there\'s anything wrong with that.

Fisher also needs to work on the mental aspect of the game. He plays it well, but there\'s room for improvement and he knows it. Last year, despite leading the nation in tackles, he found himself out of position too often, relying too much on his physical skills.

Is he sponge-worthy?: Fisher\'s back at NC State because scouts last year graded him out as a third-to-fourth round pick, despite being named ACC Defensive Player of the Year. He played very well last season, and another season building on what he started in 2000 could put him into the second round, maybe even the late first round.

A smart kid (he\'s was on the ACC\'s All-Academic team in 1999), Fisher\'s on schedule to graduate, and by all accounts, is a levelheaded, nice guy off the field who teammates absolutely love.

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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

hey , the guy shares my first name, u gotta love the saints for snatching him up, like the mod, say, give him a try. U never know how he may turn out. Fakhir Brown is my homeboy, i bet noone thought he would be the starting cb for us!!!
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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

Blake\'s Law: \"Speed\'s a great thing but the trouble with it is it can get you to the wrong place sooner.\"

I seem to recall the talk on Sedrick Hodge was \"He\'s fast...very fast.\" Now he\'s gone...very gone.
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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

He\'s nothing more than a minimum salary back-up/special teamer with upside. Low risk/High reward.

He\'s only here to compete with the Roger Knights and the rest of the no-names we have. if he steps up great, if not we have lost nothing. I\'d like to sign about 5 more just like him. One is bound to step up, with some good coaching (tee-hee-hee)

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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

That\'s precisely right...

The F.O has made solid additions so far, and this guy is one of those... something for nothing guys... A couple of these guys on a team is a must...We live in a Cap Era..

So long as there isn\'t too many more signings like this..we will be fine...

Sometimes guys who play awesome in College...then decline in the pro\'s, get a \'\'Second Wind\'\' when they switch teams...

He comes here...He is automatically battling for a starter spot...
he does have the skills to play well, He showed that in College...

He may turn out to be a real steal....
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Saints Sign A Linebacker!

you know-it would be nice if grant would get healthy as well..and if sully would go to a couple of weight watchers meetings and if the coaching staff would hold brooks accountable and if horn would develop laryngitis....

shoot if those things would happen then we\'d have a super bowl team..now..which has a possibility of happening?

Sometimes guys who play awesome in College...then decline in the pro\'s, get a \'\'Second Wind\'\' when they switch teams...
look at joe horn, aaron brooks, etc...sometimes it is just the system or the oppurtunity..now-you gotta take that opportunity.

I\'m not sad at this pick up. a knee injury can heal fine..the thing that worries me is what excatly was the knee injury and can he handle playing on turf?

THe warm weather and the dome will help him though...and if he actually listened to the PT\'s he should be fine.

You’ve been out with a knee injury for the last few months. What type of surgeries have you had on your knee?

The first one was to remove cartilage. The second time it was just a big bruise on the knee and there wasn’t really anything in there. The third time it was a little more cartilage that they probably didn’t find the first two times. It was just floating around and making everything act up. They looked around really good and there is nothing in there and they are saying I am good now.

How is the knee coming along and when is your expected return?

I feel great. I was hoping to go the last week of OTA’s but the doctor told me to chill out since it is the third surgery I’ve had and they had me start running full speed in July. I’ll be doing a lot of training now until the start of camp just to get in great shape for our regular training camp.
I had a similar operation done..he should be good as new.

the year off also might have helped with his understanding of football..though playeing under green might have retarded his progress.

but hey..I\'ll have a drink of the joy juice and say..not a bad pickup.

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