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WhoDat 03-28-2005 03:31 PM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
There hasn't been a good stir the pot thread all week. Since the Horn debate died down, there hasn't been much to excite people.... or at least, there hasn't been much to excite me. Thus, I thought I'd visit one of my favorite old debates - the Brooks debate.

It has been said in the past that AB is the present day Jeff George. It's funny to say that considering George is still on Chicago's active roster... I think. Those who believe that cite some of the following similarities:

- Both have/had cannon arms and can throw rocket shots.
- Both are generally considered pretty dumb.
- Both have a ton of potential that hasn't ever seemed to materialize.

Many of the Brooks Lovers on this board have been offended by that. I alwas thought it was a pretty good comparison. So, naturally, I looked into it. Well, comparing the two might be an insult... to Jeff George! :o

Here are some interesting numbers:

Jeff George's hay-day came as a Falcon and Raider, from 1994-1997. He was hurt in 1996, so I took his three best years and compared those to AB's three best (his last three).

G Comp. Percentage: 59.17% (high of 61.5, low of 55.7)
B Comp. Percentage: 56.67% (high of 59.1, low of 53.6)
Advantage: George

G Yards: 3,931 (high of 4,143, low of 3,734)
B Yards: 3,642 (high of 3,810, low of 3,546)
Advantage: George

G YPA: 7.36 (high of 7.52, low of 7.13)
B YPA: 6.88 (high of 7.03, low of 6.77)
Advantage: George

G Long: 74 (high of 85, low of 62)
B Long: 66 (high of 76, low of 57)
Advantage: George

G TDs: 25 (high of 29, low of 23)
B TDs: 24 (high of 27, low of 21)
Advantage: George

G INTs: 12.67 (high of 18, low of 9)
B INTS: 13 (high of 16, low of 8)
Advantage: Push

G 20+ Yard Comp: 53 (high of 59, low of 42)
B 20+ Yard Comp: 47 (high of 57, low of 36)
Advantage: George

G 40+ Yard Comp: 9 (high of 11, low of 7)
B 40+ Yard Comp: 8 (high of 12, low of 5)
Advantage: George

G QB Rating: 87.93 (high of 91, low of 83.3)
B QB Rating: 82.80 (high of 88.8, low of 79.5)
Advantage: George
** Notice that AB's AVERAGE QB rating is LOWER than George's WORST QB rating

G Fumbles: 8, 3 lost (high of 12, 4L, low of 6, 2L)
B Fumbles: 12, 6 lost (high of 14, 11L, low of 11, 2L -- separate years)
Advantage: George

Wow. I had no clue going into this that the numbers would come out so overwhelmingly in George's favor.

Now, you might argue that same old popular line that stats mean nothing. Of course, consider the other circumstances. George racked up these numbers 8 years before AB. The game is more pass happy NOW. There rules favor WR more NOW. QBs are better protected from mean-a$$ hits NOW. Think George had more talent than Brooks has had on offense?

So it looks like, really, Brooks is no Jeff George. LOL.

I can't wait for the Billy/SF reply. :)

JOESAM2002 03-28-2005 03:51 PM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
Where have I seen this before? :rollinglaugh: :seeingstars:

Danno 03-28-2005 04:04 PM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
My one and only comment before this turns into the typical AB debate re-hashing the exact same things over and over...

Weren\'t Georges stats inflated during the run-and-shoot era? I think thats the most passer friendly era ever. But I could be mistaken.

ssmitty 03-28-2005 04:08 PM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
you can also say that george never said he was a great qb on an average team........another step above........
let me ask you this and perhaps someone will come up with the date and team they played when this happened.........
hebert was playing in his final yrs and he was finger pointing at his offensive line.........
i don\'t remember if it was that series of downs or later in the game, or who they were playing, but in that game the offensive line opened up like the red sea.........
after the dust settled, hebert was without a few teeth, and let\'s just say, not feeling too well.........after that, i never saw him point fingers again.........hope brook\'s offensive line reads this.....
moral of story? make sure your brain is engaged before you put your mouth in gear..........smitty

baronm 03-28-2005 04:23 PM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
I\'d say brooks is more along the lines of bledsoe..bledsoe has better stats..but he is more talented than the production that he gets out of his team..

GEorge had the arm..George also had the biggest attittude in first..okay-that describes brooks..

but I\'m still going with Bledsoe correlation.

saintz08 03-29-2005 12:20 AM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?

Think the Giants would trade Eli ..... ;)

Got a DE and a George type QB named Brooks ....

[Edited on 29/3/2005 by saintz08]

DomeFoam 03-29-2005 01:13 AM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?


Think the Giants would trade Eli ..... ;)

Got a DE and a George type QB named Brooks ....
[Edited on 29/3/2005 by saintz08]
Man we only wish :casstet: I\'d take Eli in a second.

mutineer10 03-29-2005 03:13 AM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?

Well, comparing the two might be an insult... to Jeff George!
I never thought :censored: was as good as Jeff George...

GoldenTomb 03-29-2005 03:17 AM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
But see Brooks\'s numbers are not accurate because he\'s always had a bad o-line, so he hasn\'t had time to check down.

Also, many of his passes were dropped by Donte\' Stallworth, Boo Williams, and Jerome Pathon. If they had caught those passes his numbers would be much different. They need to be more consistent.

Don\'t forget the running game...if the running game was more consistent, the recievers would catch more balls.

The fans need to stop booing so much too. That hurts his feelings. And NFL Primetime needs to stop showing his blooper ree...I mean highlight reels.

We need to just shut up and bask in his greatness because he is on pace to be the Saints all time best QB. It doesn\'t do us any good to show how little his stats actually mean. We should pay no attention to his OR Jeff George\'s stats, because this year is a new year for both of them. You never know...both of them may be Pro Bowl QBs this year!!!!

You read it here first!

[Edited on 29/3/2005 by GoldenTomb]

WhoDat 03-29-2005 08:03 AM

Brooks is Jeff George... or is he?
LMAO. :yourock:

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