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GumboBC 04-30-2005 11:34 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
Not too long ago in a distant galaxy there was a QB controversy in New Orleans. Between the fans, anyway. ;)

Allow me to paint the picture.... The Saints are 8-4 and Brooks' shoulder gets injured. We need to win in order to get in the playoffs.

Brooks is struggling some. ( Although not a bad as some would suggest. We won't go there for now.) Voices start to rise up amoung Saints' fans. Chants start to go out: Jake Jake Jake !!!!!!

Haslett sticks with Brooks and the hometown hero, Jake Delhomme, is left on the bench. Brooks is blamed for the team missing the playoffs. Haslett is called an idiot. Haslett is called a "coddler". Folks call for Haslett's job.

I like to look into the future and ask: What if?

What if Brooks gets injured or struggles this year? Will the chants go out? I can hear it now. Straight out of a Rocky Balboa movie .... Adrian Adrian Adrian. Except it's not Rocky Bolboa's wife everyone is screaming for. It's Adrian McPhearson!

Would Haslett be a fool not to put in Adrian?

saintfan 04-30-2005 11:37 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
At least A-Mac was drafted. LOL

FireVenturi 04-30-2005 12:45 PM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
yes he would be a fool. while AB is good qb, he would be no good to us hurt


natedogg02 04-30-2005 01:23 PM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
I would\'nt doubt the fans in NO will be chanting that before the coin toss of every game. They always do. I\'ve said it pleanty of times booing your QB before the game even starts, make\'s no sense. Its like the home fans think, hey i want to win, i think i\'ll boo my QB before the game starts, that\'ll pump him up.
(this is prob why his away record is way better then his home record) (every home game is more hostile against him, then the away games)(again make\'s no sense)
I think AB loved it in NO when he first started, but i dont know about now, you know with all the support and all.
I hope he knows not all the saint fans hate him, and some support him. (like me) (and think he\'s a heck of a QB)
AB will prob want to leave NO when he gets a chance. A-Mac will take over and the cycle will begin all over again.

coastalkid 04-30-2005 01:46 PM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
Well said DOG. Although AB may not be among the elite he is adequate and maybe even a little above average. Yes he scares the hell out of me most of the time but I can say this with all confidence....At no time in my memory do I recall ANY QB in Saints history who could march us down the field and win a ball game LATE in the 4th. This has historically where we usually find a way to loose the damn game. AB has actually pulled a few out for us. Credit him with that. But the one point DOG made that was most accurate \"the cycle starts all over\" it doesn\'t matter who is our #2 guy. I recall several folks saying Bouman was better than AB at one time???

JKool 04-30-2005 02:32 PM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
You forgot our savior... whom we let slip through our hands... JT O\'Sullivan.

You guys are right on with this one: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

If A-Mac turns out to be all that people keep saying, then I hope Haz has the forsight to put him in (and I bet he is chomping at the bit to see what A-Mac can do, since he scouted him for like a year, unlike the others we\'ve noted above). If A-Mac isn\'t all that, don\'t go throwing him in there - Brooks isn\'t THAT bad.

coastalkid 05-01-2005 07:37 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
There it is...jcool....enough said

mutineer10 05-01-2005 10:15 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?

You forgot our savior... whom we let slip through our hands... JT O\'Sullivan.
Come to think of it, wasn\'t O\'Sullivan the original \"he looked like carp in the preseason\" guy?

You\'ll never forgive him, will ya\' Kool? :P

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JKool 05-01-2005 11:20 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
I\'ll never forgive the FO for letting him go! What boneheads! Every time we get a guy in here who shows a glimer of being a real QB, we ship him off! Protecting AB\'s starting job is a number one priority!

PS - he did look like carp!
PPS - for those who don\'t know me, I was being sarchastic above.

GumboBC 05-01-2005 11:27 AM

Jake Jake Jake to Adrian Adrian Adrian?
I really hoped to get more responses from those who are very high on McPhearson.

Anyway, here\'s the thing ... If Brooks gets injured or is struggling ... McPhearson probably won\'t be ready to go in. By ALL accounts, McPhearson is about as \"raw\" as they come.

Kinda like Drew Henson in Dallas last year. Parcells didn\'t want to put in Henson when Vinny was struggling. But, Parcells caved and put Henson in. And Henson sucked. Vinny was back in the next game.

If Brooks is struggling, he probably still gives us a better chance of winning. Especially if our defense once again sucks.

Throwing in McPhearson when he\'s not ready could destroy the young mans confidence and he might never be the same. It happens frequently. That\'s why you see so many coaches sit their QB the first year.

Even Eli Manning (who is considered an Albert Einstien of QBs) wasn\'t put in unitl late in the season. ;)

So, if Haslett sticks with Brooks, I can understand it.

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