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Who do you root for besides the Saints?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Braves and Spurs. In football, back in the day I used to like Buffalo, and I did root for them to win at least A Superbowl, but as far as "rooting" om a regular basis, Saints only....

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Braves and Spurs. In football, back in the day I used to like Buffalo, and I did root for them to win at least A Superbowl, but as far as "rooting" om a regular basis, Saints only.
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With NHL having gone to s--t, I am now kind of a one sport guy. I am envious of you guys who can really follow a bunch of sports, it would make some things (like the potential move of a team) easier to endure.

I just can't find it in me to care too much about baseball or basketball. I don't know why.
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Well other than the Saints I like the Raiders. I must say I don't have much emotion when they lose even when they lost in the superbowl to the bucs. Anyhow baseball pretty much the whitesox. Basketbal the Suns and Hornets and Orlando. I must say I don't pay attention to basketball to much would like to see the Suns take the chapionship though. I'm pretty much into teams that ear black because thats what my wardrobe consist of mostly is black clothes. You can still get the Suns jersey in black like it was when Barkley was playing for them. Of course I do like the pheonix coyotes but don't pay attention to hockey either.
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The Raiders probably have the most fan base just because of the whole gang mentality thing lmao. Or atleast the top ten
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I can't really be a "fan" of any other NFL team, but that's not to say I don't root for some other teams to win, so long as they aren't playing the Saints. I'd say that if I had to pick another team, I'd pick the San Diego, SUPER-CHARGERS!

I couldn't possibly hate the Falcons more. Rams, 9ers, Bucs, and Panthers follow in that order of hatred.
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Saints and every player on my fantasy teams. But thats only cause there is a profit and braggin rights involved. 100% Saints. I hate Falcons, Bucs, Panthers, & Cowboys the most and in that order. I follow the Texans a little. Only because I am in Austin and Dominick Davis is there.
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I can only root for the Saints. I sometimes think how fun it is to be a fan of the Patriots but I do not have a choice in the matter. The Saints are the team that I was dealt since birth. There is no second team for me. I dislike each team equally except for the NFC South division teams and the Rams who I hate more. In fantasy football I will not draft a NFC South player or start a player who is playing the Saints that week(which really hurts considering the Saints defense in recent years). I hate Kyle Turley, Ricky Williams, Jake Delhomme and any other Saints player that goes on to sucess. It may not be their fault but it may not be my ex-wifes fault either but I hate her.
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I used to have that attitude about fantasy football too. That is, until I discovered the power of starting players who are playing against the saints. I look at it this way:

If the player does really good against the Saints, then at least I can feel marginaly better about the Saints losing. Also, though, the Saints might win and even though that player did well. That's a bonus.

If the player does poorly and the Saints win, then I usually don't care that he did poorly.

If my player does poorly and the Saints still lose, I kick the cat.
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Thats interesting Danny. What you said about any Saints players that go to another team and find success. I feel the same way! I can't stand when people start talking about Delhomme or Bulger or anyone else that used to be in a Saints uniform. I hate em! I'm not exactly sure why, though. Could be that they are finding success and they didn't find it with our team. It's kinda funny though. I thought I was the only one on this site that hates Delhomme. Not him as a person, of course. Just his team and almost everything else that he does on the field. Nothing against the guy, he's just a rival now.

As far a fantasy football goes, I don't play on any large scale teams or organizations. But when I do, I usually get as many Saints players as possible. I always seem to land the Saints D too. For some odd reason they are always available.....hmmm. I start em anyway.
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Speaking of fantasy football, for some reason I always end up drafting Donte Stallworth as a third receiver.... I don't know why. He'll go 5 games without catching more than 2 passes for 22 yards, and so I bench him, then he goes and catches 8 passes for 125 and a TD. It's so frustrating, but that's just like the Saints. And I agree with Scotty, using players who play against the Saints is a good thing because you hope the Saints will win, but if not, then there's a good chance that the guy you started racked up some big fantasy numbers as a consolation.

Also, I would once again like to state publicly my hatred of the Falcons, Panthers, and Bucs. If there were any team I had to root for I guess it would either be the Bills (I feel bad for them) or the Lions (Barry Sanders was my childhood favorite). Also, the Jets used to be my "AFC" team, but ever since week 17 of last season I hate them too. It's simply a one team mentality for me. Screw everybody else in the NFL.
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