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Who do you root for besides the Saints?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; That's a very good point ScottyRo about the fantasy players. I have often had a good player score multiple times aganist the Saints but I had him on the bench. I have to realize that by benching a player it ...

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That's a very good point ScottyRo about the fantasy players. I have often had a good player score multiple times aganist the Saints but I had him on the bench. I have to realize that by benching a player it does not affect the outcome of the game, so I might as well benefit from that.

I am glad to know I am not alone jnormand. I think the reason we hate former Saints that have sucess is pure jealousy. People do not like to admit they are jealous but I am. I am jealous of the sucess of other players as well as teams. When the Falcons went to the Super Bowl a few years back I felt why can't this be us. I see New England win 3 out of 4 Super Bowls and I wonder do their fans fully appreicate it. I'm sure they do but I am supremely jealous. The Eagles have been to 4 straight NFC title games, I mean come on, I would kill for one.I go around to my friends bragging in great detail about 1 freaking playoff win. I have developed a "us against the world" attitude about being a Saints fan. I do not hate Jake as a person but I cannot stand the fact that he went to a Super Bowl. The reason I love this message board is the only negative talk about the Saints I can handle is from true Saints fans.

The Saints get no respect around the league as well as no media coverage. On ESPN's two days of covering the draft I saw interviews with coachs and general managers from every team in the league almost but not the Saints. Please correct me if I am wrong but I counted 30 interviews over the two days with NFL coaches and the only two I did not see were Jim Haslett and Buffalo's coach. Like I said I could have missed it so please correct me if I am wrong. Nobody and I mean nobody deserves a Super Bowl more than the fans of New Orleans and then maybe I won't hate Jake, Ricky, Morten, and Kyle because we have something of our own.
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It is jealousy Danny. Exactly. The other reason is I can't stand hearing people say, "oh we should've kept em, or why didn't we see the talent" or whatever. The guy is gone, who gives a hell what he does now as long as he sucks when he plays the Saints. I wonder if Kansas City fans gripe about Joe Horns departure? They probably hate his guts! LMAO!
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My top two teams are the Saints and the Titans. I also like the Redskins because they're my dad's team and the Panthers because they're my hometeam and were before I started really paying attention to football and started liking the Saints and once I like a team or player or whatever I don't stop liking them.
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Who I root for and why:

Born in 1954, until 1067, I did not really have a team that I followed, but if pressed I would say that I liked the Colts because of Johnny U.,

Once the Saints came on the scene, all that changed. I became a devout Saint fan. Since I grew up in Miss., I was thrilled during the Manning days, and I have to admit that I am very partial to that family. Being from Miss., you don't have much to be proud of. Archie is one thing the state of Miss. can be proud of.

With that in mind, being that I am such a fan of that family, I have become a fan of the Colts because of Peyton, and more recently the Giants because of Eli. However, if either of these teams played the Saints, I would pull for the Saints...especially against the Colts because of what happened last time they played. I really like Eli, becaus he went to Ole Miss, I suppose. If the Giants beat the Saints, I would be less disappointed than if any other team beat us.

The only other team I pull for is the Packers, because of Favre. Again, he is a Miss. product, and I played baseball for his father eons ago. I attended USM after I got out of the Navy, and my wife is a graduate of USM, so it is only natural for us to have strong interest in Favre. He is another person the state can be proud of.

I consider the NFL a form of entertainment. I believe it is OK to have more than one team that you are interested in and watch. Otherwise, your options would be somewhat limited. However, I think that although there are people like me that watch and pull for other teams, I think we all have one thing in common...that is, we have a favorite team. For me, that team is and always will be the Saints.
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Saints for life!!!(unless they move) And if that happens I'd jump on the Bolts bandwagon...
(livin in Cali and all)......hate, hate,hate the Bucs...with a passion...
Hate fantasy football....tests my faith...and I think it's stupid....sorry.
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Originally Posted by ScottyRo
If my player does poorly and the Saints still lose, I kick the cat.

I've got to disagree with you danny because I think we get plenty of media attention every year. Remember we get a lot of respect before every season because we are considered the most talented team... and by the end of the year we get dogged the most because we are the most underachieving team.
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Since I live in Houston I watch the Texans play while listening to the Saints on Field Pass. I don't really root for the Texans but I hope they do well. I root for the Saints.
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Saints Saints and Saints. And then probably the Ravens. If the Saints had a Ray Lewis at middle linebacker to lead and call defensive audibles...the Saints would also be in the top 10 defenses.
On the other hand, if the Ravens had Aaron brooks...maybe their Offense would have been much better also. <shrugs> 6 in one hand...
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GOD, The Dodgers, UCLA Bruins, and PAMELA ANDERSON
Of Course not necessarily in that order.
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Texans, Buffalo Sabres, LSU
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