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Fahkir Brown opinoins

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by ScottyRo I can't remember. Did Ab hold out to get that contract? If he did, I think I can still justify AB's new contract over this one. First, Brown is skipping offseason activities without telling the Saints ...

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Originally Posted by ScottyRo
I can't remember. Did Ab hold out to get that contract? If he did, I think I can still justify AB's new contract over this one. First, Brown is skipping offseason activities without telling the Saints beforehand that he was going to miss and why. Second, he hasn't even been the starter for a full season yet. Sure, he has moved up on the depth chart, but that's all. When he signed the current deal he should have been aware that he might be made a starter yet be paid only by the terms of the contract. AB had been a starter for 2 complete seasons I believe. If not then it was one complete season and a half season which included a playoff appearance and victory. Lastly, it doesn't matter that the other guys are making more. THEY put themselves in position to make the cash and he has not. If he'd simply play out this season and prove that he is a capable starting CB, then I'm sure this problem would be ended.
You're right Scotty, you don't remember!

Brooks did hold out during training camp - not only voluntary workout sessions. He let the team know a few days before camp and there was a rush to sign the deal so that he wouldn't miss camp time. I think he only missed a few days, but we're talking training camp.

Second, Brooks got his deal after the 2001 season - his first as a starter. But you're right, it is a little different. I doubt that the Saints intend on shipping Fred Thomas, Ashley Ambrose, and Jason Craft out to other teams, so as to limit competition at corner and ensure that Fahkir knows the spot is his, even if he's injured.

Both Jake and Blake were making more than Brooks. Both had put themselves in that position also. I don't see how this is any different. It's a guy who has become a starter making less than his backups whining to get more money. Fahkir is probably justified in whining somewhat. When he starts referring to himself in the third person, calling himself great, and demanding top 5 money, that's when you need to look out. LOL

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There's still a bit of difference that makes these two situations too different to compare. Blake was gone by the time AB held out, for one. So, Ab wasn't crying about Blake making more money since he was gone. His only other threat to his starting status was Jake, who obviously wasn't considered by the staff to be a starter in any short term future.

Still, AB had a year and a half as the starter before he asked for the raise. Fakir is where AB was after the 2000 season. I'm sure you'd have gone nuts if he'd have pulled his contract demands after the 2000 season instead since I remember you being pretty upset about his new salary scale anyway. What I've been saying is Fakir needs to wait until he's been a starter for a full season, which is what AB did.

I'm sorry, Fakir, that you've been in the league so long and it took you all this time to finally find a team with CBs so bad that you could be named starter, but you still need to prove that you can beat the scrubs for another year before you get starter pay.
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Look you signed a contract -DEAL WITH IT. Uphold your end of the bargin, when the contract is up and you have earned it then you'll get what you are due. I like Craft Starting in place of Brown. Could be a Bluff on Brown's part, I mean sure he may have some leverage and can use some more time off this season so sit out, and hurt the team.
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I think a lot of these player holdouts are inspired and instigated by the multibillion dollar business of sports agents. Sports agents only get paid once...a percentage of a players contract at signing. Any enterprising sports agent is going to encourage his client to go for a better contract as frequentluy as he thinks he can get away with it...contract be damned.

I think it's interesting that Brown attented offseason conditioning, no problem, with no comment to anyone about a desire for a new contract. Brown STILL hasn't said anything. But his AGENT now says Brown wants more money. Is he being manipulated? Would he have asked for more money if it hadn't been for his agent pressing him?

I think NFL owners ought to get together and make a very public list of agents they won't deal with, regardless of how good the player they represent. Force out these agents that are infamous for gouging teams for money.
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When that no talent A** Clown Sullivan doesn't play at all during the season do we get some money back out of his food fund? How about Stinchcomb? I have played in as many games as he has "0". The audacity of these players who make the minimum "1/2 a million dollars" per year and ask for more when they think they deserve it but would never consider giving money back for underperforming really pisses me off.
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