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Out of sheer boredom, game by game breakdown 2005

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Hopefully this well get some discussion going. Game 1, Carolina: Loss. Only cause the Panthers won't be beat up and injured, and improved greatly through the draft and FA. Plus we knocked them out of the playoffs last year, so ...

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Out of sheer boredom, game by game breakdown 2005

Hopefully this well get some discussion going.

Game 1, Carolina: Loss. Only cause the Panthers won't be beat up and injured, and improved greatly through the draft and FA. Plus we knocked them out of the playoffs last year, so revenge will be on their minds. This is also the team I feel will win the division.

Game 2, NY Giants: Win. Eli, although I wish you well, behind that line you will still struggle. And your only decent receiver is Burress, Toomer is done. Shockey will prob get hurt tripping on his way out the locker room. The Giants defense is okay. but I see the Saints winning this one at home.

Game 3, Minnesota: Loss. Addition by subtraction was their motto, and their defense was improved across the board. They also got a speedy receiver in the draft, and already had a decent one in Burleson. The size of their receivers will give our corners problems again, and Culpepper is a beast. They beat us pretty good with Randy playing half a game last year in our house, I can't see us beating them with an improved defense.

Game 4, Buffalo: Toss up. Pretty much hinges on Losman cause their defense is a bear. If Losman makes some errors, we can win this game. But if they decide to pound our suspect run defense with McGahee, limiting Losman's impact, could be a loss. Lee Evans is a deep threat and Moulds is consistent in what he does. For arguments sake, let's call it a loss for now.

Game 5, Green Bay: Win. Too many off-season losses on Green Bay's side of the ball, and hopefully the weather won't be a huge factor in October. Plus Javon Walker is holding out, and who knows how long it will be before that situation is resolved. Our offense should look dominating against their defense.

Game 6, Atlanta: Loss. Got better on D simply by adding Hartwell. Lavalais has had a year to grow, as well as DeAngelo Hall. We have some young guys on D, and Vick might fake them into some mistakes. If we can run the ball effectively, we could pull an upset. But for now, this has to be marked as a loss.

Game 7, St. Louis: Win. We beat them last year, we'll beat them again. Their offensive line is, at best, suspect. And their defense is not looking too pretty either. We should win this one easily, provided our secondary doesn't let Torry Holt run free all day.

Game 8, Miami: Win. Miami has a great defense, but still suspect O. They have a star in TB Ronnie Brown, but he is a rookie. Their receivers are so bad they are thinking about bringing David Boston back, their O-line is bad, their DT situation is far from settled, new coach. I think this all adds up to another win for us.

Game 9, Chicago: Win. Another rookie RB, so-so defense, young QB who has been injury prone with no decent back-up, we're at home. Should take this one.

Game 10, New England: Loss. Nuff said.

Game 11, NY Jets: Loss. Weather will be a factor. Curtis Martin can pound the ball. The Jets have a very fast, active defense as well. They may sign Ty Law also. Herm Edwards is a better coach than Haslett. All equate to a loss.

Game 12, Tampa Bay: Win. I don;t see Tampa being a factor for two or three more years. We SHOULD beat them both times in this season. We allknow how that goes. But I am picking us for a win.

Game 13, Atlanta: Win. We have to pull one out against them, might as well be this one. Several factors could play here, our defense gelling late again, Vick being hurt, bring above .500 on the horizon, potential for playoffs, whatever the factors, we win this game.

Game 14, Carolina: Loss. I think they sweep us this year. Just a very good team as it stands right now, and should be competing for the NFC crown, barring injuries. Shelton should be taking over for Davis as the RB if he hasn't already, and he is more of a bruiser. Carolina's main weakness is in the receivers, but if they can run without fear of being stopped, it doesn't matter.

Game 15, Detroit: Win. Even with their shiny new offense, defense is still young and suspect, as well as Harrington. And I have little faith in Garcia even if he does play. And will Rogers even be healthy at this point? They have, on paper, a team that can score buckets of points, but at this point in the season, I think injuries will be a factor on their team, and to key players.

Game 16, Tampa Bay: Win. See above.

9-7, just missing the playoffs. But a couple of games, especially the Buffalo one so early in the season, could turn for us. Or, we could split with Tampa or get swept by Atlanta, so it could be worse. But 9-7 I think is a strong possibility, barring the unforeseen.
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Game 1 - Going out on a limb here but -- Saints build on last year's momentum and leave Carolina with a win and a lot of excited hopeful Saints fans

Game 2 -- I know Peyton and Eli you're no Peyton Manning (at least not yet) Saints fans dream of superbowl after a lopsided victory versus the Giants

Game 3 - Minn -- even thugh vastly improved Moss isn't there to torment us -- Saints continue to roll and fool the fans

Game 4 - Buff -- Wow -- Saints intercept New Orleans Loseman 4 times and Bourbon street goes wild

Game 5 - Packers -- Saints over confident and Favre finds his touch back -- Saints fans swear this is an aberration

Game 6 - Atlanta -- Hated Atlanta makes the fans realize that the real Saints are back when Vick finds a way to beat us

Game 7 -- Saints fans back on cloiud 9 as Rams cannot keep up

Game 8 - Brooks blows and Miami comes away with the win --

Game 9 - Bears -- Saints fans have reason to drink as Bears team is easy fodder --- Brooks has great game

Game 10 - Patriots --- Saints fans expect little get less ---Nuff said

Game 11 - Jets -- Saints depressed after rout by Pats -- cannot get it up for the Jets -- Cold weather gives them the fumbles Jets give them the finger

Game 12 - Bucs -- Back on track --- Cadillac runs wild but defense can't stop Deuce either -- Saints win on last minute FG

Game 13 -- Falcons --- Brooks still can't beat his cousin -- Saints fans boo

Game 14 --- Panthers get revenge late in season --- Saints fans dreams of NFC South championship turns to praying for a winning season

Game 15 -- Horn guarantess win -- Saints guaranteed a winning season beating the Lions

Game 16 -- Benson boogie is back -- Saints in playoffs after stomping on Tampa to go 10-6 and earn the last wildcard spot --
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Can't argue much with you here... maybe the Falcons and Chicago games.
I was going to say Miami, but that's a home game.. if it were in FL I would've said toss up..

..the Falcons for obvious reasons, the Bears because of coaching and because of injuries to their defense the past couple of years...

.. all in all, I say 8-8 or 9-7... any better than that will be welcomed, of course
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TR, I attempted to not be overly pessimistic and give us some games cause of our Jeckyll and Hyde nature. I can agree with you on the Chi and ATL games, as those could very well be losses, but I gave us the benefit of the doubt. It's up to the team to pull it off. I think we will know early on what we are dealing with as a team. Carolina is an excellent barometer right out the gate, as I expect them to be among the NFC elite. I can predict 9-7 or better, but due to coaching I expect 8-8 or worse. But 9-7 is a winning record, so I am gonna go with prediction instead of expectation for now.
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Pretty good read whodi, I only come up one games difference...

If we likely split the division, then here's how I see it, ignoring the "any given sunday" cliches since they work both ways....

NFC South - 3 wins, 3 losses
AFC East - 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 toss up
NFC North - 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 toss up
NFC 2nd's - 2 wins

9 should win's
5 should lose's
2 toss ups


If we split the toss ups I get 10-6.

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Divided We Fall
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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
TR, I attempted to not be overly pessimistic and give us some games cause of our Jeckyll and Hyde nature. I can agree with you on the Chi and ATL games, as those could very well be losses, but I gave us the benefit of the doubt. It's up to the team to pull it off. I think we will know early on what we are dealing with as a team. Carolina is an excellent barometer right out the gate, as I expect them to be among the NFC elite. I can predict 9-7 or better, but due to coaching I expect 8-8 or worse. But 9-7 is a winning record, so I am gonna go with prediction instead of expectation for now.
I know I am overly optimistic but I still think 10-6 is totally achieveable -- I do agree with you that the first game against Carolina is going to be the big test -- at least it will test our offense -- Still see the Panthers as an okay offense, able to put up points but not one that is feared -- It will be a good judge on whether our offensive line is as good as advertised and the overall direction of our offense. If the line blocks and Deuce can run the ball and Mr Brooks plays decently I think we have a real chance to win. All in all I think we have better talent than the Panthers or the Falcons -- just not the coaching and consistency
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Yup, 10-6 is achievable, and would prob give us a playoff spot. That being said, I think coaching will keep us from getting there. But there are also a couple of games in there that are toss ups like Danno said, so we end up on the right side of those and we could be looking pretty. But this si also the team that lost to winless AZ and winless TB in back to back weeks last year, and if we had won one of those we woulda been in the playoffs, so I am a little leery. Hoping for at least a winning record though. At least.
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Tampa-2 wins we always play them hard
Carolina-2-I think we can sweep them this year. The whole Jake thing means another level of play.
Atlanta- we will split. We've played them close in past years.

That's 5 wins for the division.

NYG-Win-Eli still learning the hard way.
STL- win team on decline and weak offensive line. Martz will blow up.
CHI-win I forsee injuries on that team.Grossman is coming off injury and mushin is old. Bensen is new to nfl so expect a sprain.
DET- Loss This years Chargers-by that i mean surprise team.
GB- Loss - old man goes out in style and is playing us in Lambeau
MIN- Loss-winable but Dante is a competitor
NE- Loss- you know why.
NYJ - Win-Their loss alowed us to not make the playoffs. revenge is sweet.
BUF- win-I don't know much about this team but it's a home game so advantage us.
MIA- Win - with or without ricky

So that's 11 wins if i counted correctly. i'll take a +/- 1

That's being really optimistic. This is a very make or break year for very many reasons. Pressure is on from top down so maybe. Our preseason games have been a good indicator on how our season will be, so i'll update this after those games.
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Game 1 - Toss up. They started scorching hot for two years and then cold as ice for two years. Seeing as how we're not playing Seattle we have a chance to win this one. I think Carolina is a slightly above average team that is overhyped b/c they have some lovable players. If the Saints run D plays as well as it did in the last 4 of '04, Saints walk with this one. If it's business as usual, this will be a dog-fight with Carolina likely racking up 200 yards on the ground and getting the win.

Game 2 - Win. Giant O-line is going to have a hell of a time with our DEs. Add in a hopefully opportunistic secondary in McKenzie and Smith, stir in a young pressured QB - our defense could score twice. The Saints should win this in a rout.

Game 3 - Win. Yeah, I said win. Minnesota is essentially the Saints on a two year delay. They'll start slow - too many changes on both sides of the ball. I see their defense constantly being out of position. This will be a high-scorer, as the Saints will have a hard time stopping their running backs, but without Moss, forget it. Burlesson v. McKenzie. I'll take that every day of the week. Again, everything depends on our DTs and LBs being able to at least contain the run, so as to keep the defense from being off-balance.

Game 4 - Loss. The Saints don't do well when defenses hit them hard in the mouth. Buffalo's D will do that. Plus, McGahee will be unstoppable, and Lossman is better than many give him credit for. I think Buffalo plays up, the Saints, as is their habit when starting hot under Haslett, have a letdown game about week 4 or 5, and they lose this one. Typical inconsistency.

Game 5 - Loss. Forget it. The Saints strength this season should be running up the gut, in between the tackles. GB has been pretty huge up front for a while. Deuce will be a non-factor and Brooks will try to show-up his mentor, will have 2 INTs. Still, he'll put up yards, but our WRs won't play well b/c the GB corners are physical and that whole team hits.... hard. On D, we simply won't stop Ahman, and Favre combined with their WRs will be too much. Saints in a slump.

Game 6 - Loss. A must have for the Saints turns into a broken remote for Whodat, as the dirt birds play spoilers as usual. Falcons throw for only 127 yards, but Vick and Dunn tear the Saints up for 254 yards on the ground. Crumpler accounts for 97 of the Falcons 127 yards passing. Saints can't get anything going in their new "simplified" offense for the third week in a row. Falcons win 17-9.

Game 7 - Win. What is it about St Louis that brings the best out of the Saints. As usual, the Saints play great the week after they need the big win. Holt is out with a hamstring tear from the week before, yet Martz still decides to throw 55 times despite Jackson and Faulk rushing for 64 yards on 8 carries in the first half. Saints d-line destroys Bulger, and the offense rolls over the Rams defense. Saints by a lot.

Game 8 - Loss. Of course, what else do you expect? Saints are looking at two terrible teams in Miami and Chicago and then the bye. They could be sitting pretty, but as usual, blow something. The Saints are by far the better team, but Miami manages to win just as AZ beat the Saints last year - though this one is a lot closer than the 34-10 beating we got at the hands of Emmit Smith.

Game 9 - Win. Saints play average ball, still look sloppy. But it's the Bears we're talking about here. Saints win.

Game 10 - Loss... barely. The Saints come back off of the bye and surprise everyone by playing great against the Patties. The Saints are up with 2:34 left and looking for an amazing upset... Tom Brady strikes back and everything is right with the world once again.

Game 11 - Win. The Jets continue to be the Jets. Pennington is injury prone, Curtis Martin shows his age, the defense is real tough, but gives up the big play. The Saints win a stunner 24-13.

Game 12 - Win. Tampa is talking about cutting two OTs and some key defensive players. They're not getting better this year. They'll be just what they were last year - a pesky team that is real dangerous. But we have a way with the Bucs. Deuce rushes for 187 and the Saints win a hard-fought battle.

Game 13 - Loss. Monday Night Football. Saints would be 6-6 or 7-5 and in a prime position to make a playoff push. They're playing the Falcons. What other outcome could there possibly be.

Game 14 - Win. Saints have to key the fans on the roller coaster. Carolina is beat up once again, and struggling despite a lot of hype early in the season. Saints give them the big f you for the second year in a row late in the season.

Game 15 - Loss. The Saints and Detroit are fighting for playoff spots. The Saints have 1 playoff win in 38 years. Detroit has 1 in the last 47. Both teams are desperate, highly talented, and need this year to be the year. Detroit is better coached and far more explosive on both sides of the ball. In a game where both teams look like studs at times, and the bungles at others, this may well turn into a who wants to lose more type game. As such, the Saints are the winners of the losers contest.

Game 16 - Win. Playoffs may still be possible. TB is beaten and broken. Saints don't lose to them in week 17.

That gives us 8 wins. 7 loses. 1 Toss up. Sounds about right to me.

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Since everyone's sticking out their necks with predictions.....

0/1 Carolina - Loss
1/1 Giants - Win
1/2 Minny - Loss: bigtime blowout (Daunte sets more records)
2/2 Buffalo - Win: Saints surprise everyone
3/2 Green Bay - Win: another suprise, start getting excited
3/3 Atlanta - Loss: Saints totally flat, not quite a complete blowout
3/4 St. Louis - Loss: Saints look totally flat again, excitement gone
4/4 Miami - Win
5/4 Chicago - Win
5/5 New England - Loss (kinda hopeless, isn't it?)
5/6 New York (a) - Loss
6/6 Tampa - Win
6/7 Atlanta - Loss: one of our player's leg broken (who's that ATL coach?)
7/7 Carolina - Win: Saints suprise everyone yet again with a shocker
7/8 Detroit - Loss: Detroit applies the spank to our playoff hopes
8/8 Tampa - Win: finally, a sweep for the Saints

Missed the wildcard by a mere game...... we blame Detroit this time.

can anyone help me id this tune? it goes thwap thwap boom tch boom tch boom tch.

Qui a laissez sortir les chiens!
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