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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; We better all hope Bouman can play better in our new basic offense because Phersome won't get a chance this year is something happens to AB....

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We better all hope Bouman can play better in our new basic offense because Phersome won't get a chance this year is something happens to AB.
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Originally Posted by JKool
Seriously though, I agree that with a more run-centered, power attack, all our QBs will benefit.
Historically I'd say that's true, but does it hold for Brooks?
Brooks is a stats player, witnessed by his usual comments after a loss. He would never say this literally, but I often read something like "I played okay, just look at my stats, 300+ yards. The rest of the team lost the game" between the lines. What if he tries too hard to 'make something happen' with the fewer chances he gets? Forcing the ball into double coverage etc.

However, I don't see the type of QB I would like for this kind of offense on our roster. They are all playmakers with a strong arm who can come back from a 14-point deficit in the fourth, but there's noone who can control a game efficiently.
Still, I'm not in love with McPherson and would give Bouman the nod if Brooks goes down.
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lets not put words in another players mouth. I have never heard AB say anything close to that. The change in the offense I dont' think its more of a power run type offense but more of a play action, checking off wr's.
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I certainly -hope- it is not just power run, not to the point where it becomes one dimensional....

I can't help but remember that the last time we tried that, a certain retired grass-smoking dreadlocked man in a wedding dress ran for a whopping 3-13 season. Then Miami tried the same technique using the same guy for more wonderful results.

We have a talented receving corps by most people's views. I feel that way, and I think we'd be fools not to use them. Play action, please.
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Clone, that is an interesting point.

I never really considered AB to be all about the stats. I guess, I've never really seen him play for stats (at least in the handful of games I can actually see). It strikes me that he'd go "down town" more, if he were really all about his individual stats. He'd also be more cautious about the picks, I'd think. Either way, I will think on it, it is an interesting suggestion. If you are right, it would make Brooks less suited to run a power-run offense.

I do think, as does Euph, that more play action will help Brooks. If the guys are wide open on the first look, he won't have to check down - a good thing, I'd say.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Today - Bouman.
July '06 - If Brooks is still on the roster, McPherson

The question is November. By mid-to-late season, will McPherson have taken over the #2 spot? B/c basically, it's only a matter of how quickly he can progress, right?
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