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Saints/Seattle Preseason Game Impression

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I still say its Deuce's fault for everything... wasn't his fault he fumbled and gave them good feild position to get the TD?...

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I still say its Deuce's fault for everything... wasn't his fault he fumbled and gave them good feild position to get the TD?
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I have no idea how DJ said that our o line did a good job of pass blocking and that it was better then our run blocking. are you kidding me. also DJ you had made some smart arse remark about what i could tell from stats and how if i didn't watch the game and on and on. well bro i said that because i live in va and don't get the game until the replay on nfl network. so instead of acting like i had seen the game i said from the stats this is what i thought. meaning if you read through the lines that i could be 100% wrong.

now that i have seen the game well at least i qatched the first quarter and a half i thought our d played pretty well. i thouhgt our pass blocking left some to be desired. our run blocking looked ok. deuce had some nice holes. i think karney is an animal. brooks didn't look terrible and he didn't look real good either. he had a real nice throw to dante that called back. stecker can not run for us. nice third down back but not a run threat. smith is a better number two. was most impressed with our starting d. they actually looked good.
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First off, I am NOT the only person saying these things.

How can you claim our run blocking did good? Are you kidding me?

I don't have to know exactly what play was called to know if the offensive line is blocking in correct pocket protection or not. Those of you who don't understand obviously know nothing about offensive lineman blocking assignments.

Some of you guys are making false claims. Come on now, I do not have to be on field calling the plays to understand what is going on on the football field. If that was the case, no one would understand anything about football except for the ones playing the game at the moment.

I back up my arguments with facts of what happened on field and all you guys can tell me is that I don't know what I'm talking about because I am not on the field. Please!
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