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The Leader of a NFL Team

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; One night of Sports Center and that's all gotta change....

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One night of Sports Center and that's all gotta change.
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Originally Posted by WhoDat
One night of Sports Center and that's all gotta change.
I think what shocked me the most was this game was only a couple of weeks after the backwards pass. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. lol
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Re: The Leader of a NFL Team

Originally Posted by BlackonBlack
The Leader of a NFL Team is the Head Coach, not the QB as some would like to say. Yes, the QB, RB, WR are whomever can show leadership skills on the field inspire whatever. But make no mistake about it, Leadership some colaborate this with fear, respect these intangibles goes to the Head Coach and his staff.

Many in the NFL have pointed out many QB'S over the history of the game that didn't have the ra-ra-ra Leadership of others, but yet these QB'S were successful. The last I remember would've been Mcmahon in Chicago with Ditka, the guy was a flat-out clown.

The saying in the NFL these days the team takes on the image of the Head Coach, I myself find things disturbing about Brooks. But unlike most I know 95% these things don't cause us to lose games. If we had a different QB the past 4 years on this team, if you were honest with yourselves, you'd admit wins/ and losses would be the same or worse.

This Staff has chose to ignore the obvious glaring needs of this team, and the disturbing thing to me is, so have most of the fans in Louisiana. Never have I seen such horrendous play on a NFL defense(4yrs). Yes our offense could do better, but you don't win by offense in the NFL and anyone that knows football knows this.If you have to depend on your offense as a NFL team, it's like playing with a time bomb in your back pocket, eventually it'll kill you.

If you change the toilet paper, but don't flush the toilet you'll still have stinch in your bathroom. AB is the tissue paper...
i'll believe that if you tell me brady would'nt have an impact on ANY team..................smitty
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Originally Posted by TheDeuce
Did anybody see Michael Irvin on NFL Live last night? They asked a question about who was the most overrated quarterback in the NFL and Irvin flipped out and started raising his hand like a little schoolkid who had the right answer and then he screamed out "Aaron Brooks." And the truth shall set you free.
And today at the top of the Fantasy Football page on ESPN.COM there is a picture of AB next to the headline "Passing Exams - Why can't we depend on Aaron Brooks?"

It must be a ***** getting less respect than Rodney Dangerfield and Vanilla Ice combined. But unlike Rodney and Ice, I guess in old AB's case he deserves it.
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Originally Posted by WhoDat
Heard about this somewhere else. That's the wrong answer. Aaron Brooks can't be overrated. Nobody considers him to be worth a sh!t outside of the Saints coaching staff and a select few psychos in New Orleans.
ROFL, you are my Hero WhoDat!
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