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First and Gold 25th Edition!

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Posted 05-24-2009 at 11:53 AM by CheramieIII

Hello sports fans,

It's been sometime since I've written an article but I've been bitten by the writing bug again, so here goes:

When I heard and even read rumors that Michael Vick maybe reinstated and maybe land in New Orleans, I really didn't know what to feel. The Saints have come such a long way in the character issue column that at first I thought it could never happen. Then I just got mad as hell that Vick still even has a chance to regain some if not all of the fortune and fame he once possesed. Then I came back to earth and said to myself that Coach Payton and the entire organization would never allow this to happen and it's just alot of speculation of some so-called sports writers who want some attention. The story doesn't end there;

I found myself pondering a deeper question, do I or anyone for that matter really think that Michael Vick has a chance to rehabilitate his moral values? I mean really, watching a dog hang is some pretty gruesome stuff (it takes more than a few seconds I'm sure). Pulling a dogs teeth from it's mouth so you can tie it to a RAPE (yes I said RAPE and really loud too) chair to have another dog mate with it, doesn't seem like something he just got into, but is something that he has deep inside him.

It just begs the question, "was he raised that way"? If so, his parents would be partially to blame, if not he's entirely to blame and spending a few months in jail doesn't fix that for me.

Dogs are trusting animals and we're supposed to be their masters not their executioners, so if a dog can't trust Vick why should we? I know I don't.

Just one man's opinion.
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    saintsfan1976's Avatar
    I was given my first dog when I was 8. I've had 3 since then and I live in a family who all have at least one dog (my sister has 4!) Whenever I meet someone who "doesn't like dogs" I'm kind of shocked and I think "why NOT??"

    But dogs are different things to different people and yes, to different cultures also. I'd venture to say that most animal abuse happens in low income to poverty stricken areas. Mean people beat their animals, starve them and tie them up without thinking twice. Is it bc of the way they were brought up? Maybe. Did they see someone else do it first? Probably.

    I lived in Albuquerque for 7 years and was shocked by the amount of animal abuse that was reported almost on a weekly basis - mostly in poor neighborhoods.

    But to answer your point: I don't really care what brought Vick to commit the crimes. He knew it was wrong and the utter gruesomeness with which they were carried out makes Michael Vick a dangerous person - even today.

    That said, I believe everyone deserves a second chance. It's up to him now. And it won't be an easy road by any stretch. Just think of how far he has to crawl before he can begin to walk. He'll be followed by protesters for years, he'll pay fines, he's lost most of his fortune and still has millions left to pay back to the Falcons.

    Now he absolutely deserves what he got. But at what point do you take your foot off the throat - even though he lacked the will to grant his victims the same...
    Posted 06-02-2009 at 07:12 AM by saintsfan1976 saintsfan1976 is online now

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    CheramieIII's Avatar
    I feel ya 76, I just don't think he has it in him to change. Like I said that was some pretty cruel stuff.
    Posted 06-02-2009 at 11:10 AM by CheramieIII CheramieIII is offline
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    saintsfan1976's Avatar
    Cruel doesn't even begin to describe it. That stuff was demonic...

    It's up to him now. And you know he has dreams about those dogs. I guess Karma will place him with the Cleveland Browns. And when he gets his first NFL start at home, the barks from the Dawg Pound will make him puke!!

    Now that's irony for ya!!
    Posted 06-04-2009 at 09:06 AM by saintsfan1976 saintsfan1976 is online now
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    CheramieIII's Avatar
    Cleveland, Cleveland, Cleveland, I'm on board with this one!
    Posted 06-04-2009 at 11:40 AM by CheramieIII CheramieIII is offline
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