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First and Gold, 27th Edition

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Posted 06-06-2016 at 07:25 AM by CheramieIII

Opinion or Fact?

By Lynn J. Cheramie III, AKA CheramieIII

June 6, 2016

It's a fact that we all love the Saints and it's my opinion that all of us express that in different ways.

We're all on the same train when it comes to the Saints making the playoffs, going to the Superbowl or winning the Superbowl and that's a fact but opinion plays into everything else about our team, THE NEW ORLEANS SAINTS!

Some members are complete homers and believe the team can do no wrong. This is not a bad thing but remember no one is without sin especially those from New Orleans.

Some try to be unbiased but fall short in a valiant effort. Falling on a sword is sometimes honorable. The rest of the time you're just killing yourself.

Some are actually biased but believe their unbiased. Ignoring the truth sometimes makes for a fun discussion.

Some are love to haters. You know the ones that love to hate everything the Saints do but truly do love the Saints. They just got it twisted somewhere along the way.

Some feel like their supposed to be the guardians of the written word and blast everything unlike them. No one is right or wrong all of the time but some think they can always be right about who is.

Some like to argue about everything (this used to be me) no matter what the subject. It was fun for a time but got old as I did and now I'm semi-mellow. Thanks JoeSam.

Some only show up during the winning parts and ignore the losing ones. These fans will never truly know how much winning means.

With all that being said we're all SAINTS FANS! We'll have differences of opinions and maybe even differ on the facts but we're all SAINTS FANS! We all have the best interest of the team at heart. We all love them so much that sometimes our logic is blurred by emotion and it happens to all of us. Emotions are something that Saints Fans have never had to worry about because they all wear them on their sleeves.

It's a fact that we all love them and it's my opinion we all do it our own way!
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