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The Truth About Roger Goodell's NFL Crusade Against Bounties & Vilma

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Posted 10-10-2012 at 09:53 AM by Halo

I posted this in the forum and clicked the "blog this" button at the bottom right of the post to put it here. Please enjoy and comment.
Originally Posted by Halo View Post
Truth be told Vilma is NOT fighting Roger Goodell, rather he's fighting the NFL owners who are a-holes, and who employ Goodell and tell him what to do.

Goodell is a puppet for the NFL owners - end of story. Vilma is figuratively fighting an upcoming lawsuit, in the future, where Goodell will be required to testify in a case against the NFL and its owners for covering up evidence they had since the 70's that - repetitive hits to the head and concussions cause LONG TERM affects in players - the NFL knew this and covered this up.

Vilma and the Saints have been sacraficed on the alter of justice so Goodell can sit in a courtroom and tell a future jury "look at what we did! We stopped the Saints bounty. We paid money to foundations to help study brain injuries. We worked with Riddell to add more padding to helmets. We did everything in our power to prevent head injuries."

All the while NFL owners raked in cash while former players were hit silly while serving. Some shudder, other have memory loss, while others just plain blew their brains out.

Most people about to sign a multi-year multi-million dollar contract at least want to know they are donating their brain to the NFL for that price before signing that contract.

Don't believe me? Watch this - link

The players lawsuit against the NFL is called the BIGGEST LAWSUIT IN THE HISTORY OF SPORTS.
You WILL see this on ABC, CBS, NBC etc, you WILL NOT see this on ESPN.

Basically the NFL owners knew that head injures suffered from a career in football causes irreversible brain trauma. The NFL hid this, sold out, and pushed the sport harder and harder for the almighty dollar instead of revealing it, paying the price, improving safety, and moving forward.

You also have to consider that football in the 1970's and early 80's is not a 10th of what it is today (regardless of what you think). Back then if news broke that football causes brain injuries and every mom would have pulled their kid from playing playground football. Basketball and Soccer would have filled the void leaving the sport of football behind - football would have been known as a dangerous sport.

Check out the NFL making large donations to concussion research as late as Sept 5, 2012 - come on guys, this is what is gong on. Did you see this breaking news on ESPN?

Tom Benson is in on the gag, he's an owner and also tells Goodell what to do. A gigantic loss in court means Benson has to ante up his 1/32'nd he's responsible for of the BILLIONS the NFL could potentially have to pay the 2,000 former players suing them. Believe me Benson, along with other owners, is stashing as much money as possible away right now to just pay the legal team to defend the biggest lawsuit in the history of sport!

Vilma is just a part of a bigger poo-poo sandwich that the NFL's fans have to take a bite out of either now or later. Vilma gets first bites. Rest to come later, including changing the game to make any hits with or to the head ILLEGAL.

The game as we know it will change. It's already done, and you can thank the NFL owners for selling out years ago and leaving the tab for the future of the league to pay for.

Vilma cannot help our team this season. I feel his pain, support him all the way, but he is fighting a gigantic uphill battle that the NFL has sworn to defiantly fight just so Goodell can sit in that examination chair before a jury and use Vilma as an example of what "good" the NFL tried to do to prevent brain injuries all these years.

What would help this team this season is getting Sean Payton back and that's obviously not going to happen.
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    I've been studying old films and photos of NFL games in the 1933 and 1934 timeframe. The FIRST official NFL Championship game was won by the Chicago Bears vs. the NY Giants. The game was played at Wrigley Field in November, 1933.

    That was the leather helmet era. Players did NOT use their heads to make contact back then. When they made a tackle, they turned their head to the side, put their shoulder into the runner's midsection and turned their face away from the contact.

    My point is this: if the NFL prohibits all future head contact because it thinks it needs to do this to save the game, then, pro football will survive.

    THIS era of using the helmeted head to administer hammer-blows probably should end, for the good of the game.
    Posted 11-30-2012 at 11:49 AM by Haps Biggest Fan Haps Biggest Fan is offline

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