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2011 NFC Playoff Position

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Posted 12-06-2011 at 08:57 AM by jeanpierre

After this weekend's games this is where positions will fall...

Right now, I'd say...

Seed - Team - Record

01 - GB Packers 15-1
02 - NO Saints 12-4
03 - San Fran 49'ers 12-4
04 - New York Giants 10-6
05 - Atlanta Falcons 11-5
06 - Detroit Lions 9-7

Round 1 - Wild Card
Detroit geauxs to San Fran and gives a good fight but Stafford throws too many int's rather than stick with tried and true Megatron. Suh has a meltdown and wanders into the lagoon at halftime. Harbaugh and Scwartz finally throw before the clock expires - SF 27 DET 17

Jessica Simpson raps the National Anthem with Kanye West; Romo is unable to compose himself and "outs" himself at halftime to the team; Jerry rips the headphones from Garrett and takes charge in the second half; Jerry announces in that ticket holder Section 098 Row 11 Set 5 will be the quarterback and with an exclusive running game nearly make a comeback with Mike Smith repeatedly going for it in his own territory on fourth down. Atlanta Survives Mike Smith to Advance - ATL 18 DAL 13

Divisional Playoffs

Atlanta goes to Green Bay where Matt Ice has flashbacks of freezing at BC; Mike Smith, ever the gambler that Sean Payton is, has the Falcons inexplicably punt with a first and goal betting his defense can score faster than his offense; Aaron Rodgers has all he needs a wins with a fourth quarter final drive. Green Bay 27, Atlanta 20.

The Saints host the 49'ers; Harkening back to the days when Celtics fans wore sheets as the ghosts of playoffs past - Saints fans create a stir when they show up in Doomesday Cloaks with signs that read "Ghosts of Saints Past" and "Pay Back is a B***H!" The Saints throttle Jim Harbaugh and the 49'ers; Postgame, Payton extends his crutch to Harbaugh for the handshake so as to avoid incidental contact. Saints 38, San Fran 24.

NFC Championship Game

Immediately following the Divisional victory, Rita Benson sends Troy Landry and his cousins from Swamp People to "replace" the Green Bay groundskeepers. Tom Benson gets his checkbook from Gringotts and purchases eight different types of cleats for each Saint Player. The Saints geaux back and forth with the Packers in a real track meet. At halftime, Coach Payton gives the greatest speech since "Win one for the Gipper" with his own "Step up Like Steve Did for us Once"; The Defensive Line feels the magic beans grow in their jocks and sack Rodgers a record eight times in the second half. Saints 45 Green Bay 31.

The NFL announces that like the NCAA scenario, since the Saints and the Packers are the two best teams in the NFL and the AFC is a joke, they will replay for the Superbowl Trophy.

It geauxs down as the greatest Superbowl ever, with the Saints having the ball last...Saints 49, Packers 42

Seriously, though, I see the 49'ers losing to Pittsburgh and in Seattle - don't see much stopping them short of a collapse without Patrick Willis - but they're deep at linebacker...

And I think the Giants will sweep the Cowboys and Jones really will yank the headset from Garrett...

We will geaux into San Francisco and beat the 49'ers, but going to Green Bay after that, in the cold of winter...it's a tall order for the boys from the bayou...
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    I'll take a 2nd seed any day!
    Posted 12-07-2011 at 10:49 AM by Halo Halo is offline

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    Great read!
    Posted 12-07-2011 at 11:02 AM by Crusader Crusader is offline
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