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Defense Analysis, Part 1

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Posted 12-14-2011 at 07:02 AM by jeanpierre

The Drew Brees-led New Orleans Saints are Superbowl Championship material with the only liability, albeit a major one, is its Defense that gives it up faster and in more ways than an Overseas Military Base whorehouse.

While the turnover rate from the 2009 season was an aberration, one of the most telling failures of the defense is the big plays given up after mistackles.

Let's change things up, starting with the secondary - the Saints have invested two first round picks, two second round picks, and the best defender in the secondary came to the Saints as an undrafted rookie free agent - from Buffalo, so what's going on?

While some fans and the defensive coordinator swoon over Roman Harper's game that is among league leaders in sacks and strips - he's repeatedly burned for basic responsibilities in the secondary because of his awful coverage skills.

Malcolm Jenkins is the antithesis of some wide receivers on the other side of the ball - makes outstanding highlight plays (talking about those to his credit), yet the consistent routine plays he breaks down.

Tracy Porter, who is responsible for the biggest turnover in the franchise's history - ebbs and flows with his oft-injured body. When he's healthy, and gets his rhythm - he is special.

Patrick Robinson has shown dramatic improvement - but the same could be said about Tim Tebow once he throws for two hundred yards in a game. While he has worked hard - he is among the symptomatic problem that the secondary has of giving up way too many Yards After Catch.

And there is another obvious disconnect - exchange coverage mid-play between the linebackers and defensive backs, specifically safeties. While the current level of play from the linebackers won't be confused with ProBowl Play, they are getting the brunt of criticism when Tight Ends are Possession receivers are making big plays down the middle of the field. When watch the film, their body language suggests they are expecting help "over the top."

So you begin to wonder if the Saints have it backwards with their draft picks where they find amazing late round draft picks and rookie free agents but mediocre players in Round 1 - or the scheme that is backwards in the yards and plays it allows. The obvious change from the Superbowl Run is that one player, Darren Sharper, can no longer take the field. But is it just that one player? Has the Defensive Scheme evolved into an unrecognizable Frankenstein Monster by a Coordinator trying to do as much with his counterpart on offense to prove his worth, when, in fact, less may be more could be the solution?

Or could the front seven be doing that poorly of a job that no coverage will contain?
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    All your points are good ones, but I think they lack a lot of the basic skills to play the DB position. The tackling seems to be the biggest issue, I am not sure why it is so hard for them to understand that just "hitting" some one is not tackling" As my HS coach used to say "you have to wrap em up". I like the big hits just as much as the next guy, but I prefer the tackles even more,
    Secondly, they seem to be out of position or caught "looking in the backfield" to much. Not sure why, and most times it is on obvious passing plays.
    Thirdly, I do not think they are physical enough at the line, I was always taught that you have 5 yards to "contact" the receiver before it is pass interference. So why not knock the guy on his butt. If you are worried about getting beat, well maybe you should not be in the game.
    Finally I do think that we need to get more pressure on the QB's. They have way to much time to throw the ball. More pressure will help on the back end.
    Posted 12-22-2011 at 07:11 PM by Byubengal Byubengal is offline

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