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Stock Market insight

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Posted 11-27-2010 at 10:07 PM by pherein

I liquidated my HMO, because the stocks they where buying were insane, at the beginning of the recession to buy low and make money off of the frenzy that nothing would ever go up. And it was a perfect time to invest and made a couple 100,000 for my family. So I hope I help someone else. Truth is because of my, rash move (wife calls it), I call it common sense, I am closing the million mark with $11,000 that I started with.

Example: I bought LVS at $3.20 now its $52

Things I know to help

Federal National Mortgage Association FNMA or Fannie Mae is .0024 so you can buy 10,000 shares for $20. In 2008 they where $65.
Thats a $300,000 return if it plays out for 1/2.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp FMCC or Freddie Mac is .0058 so you can buy 10,000 for $50. In 2008 they where $70
Thats a $400,000 return if it plays out for 1/2.

Ambac Financial Group Inc ABK is $.50. they were almost $90 in 2008.

PTEK is at $.85 and will end at $5 in a year, they are a good buy, and cover the loses you make above, if they fold.

If you can afford blue chip stock, please by LLC. It will pay off.

I have made hundreds of thousands of dollars from this recession. By reinvesting where consumer confidence has destroyed very good stock.

The recession has hurt a lot of us, but because of it I have been able to buy stock and take chances that would be impossible before. I hope this helps someone. I can post many more chances and solids to cover the loss if anyone is interested. Hope I help a bit., just try to give back.

Look at it this way tho, fannie and freddie, are not going to both die. Maybe they will. But its only $70 total for 10,000 shares in each. The payoff could be $80,000 to almost $800,000. Worth a shot.

you have

For a gamble I would seriously consider.


Solids are for low cost
C = Citibank

ITs all gambling. You could spend $3000 total in the stock I showed as a gamble above at 10,000 shares each, then invest in low $2-4 stock I put as solids. If all of the gambles die, dosnt matter, the solids pays for it.

Most dont have the money to pay for gambles and solids. But Im hoping I show that a couple can afford the $70 risk for 10,000 shares. It might pay off, did for me, and im hoping it helps someone else. The funny thing to me is, yes home ownership died, but you really think it will never go back up ever? and who owns the stock when it does, take a chance, it might put $10k in your wallet later.

I think the recession is a chance for us that don't have a lot of money to make investments or take risk to help our future, property is still to expansive. I meant to blog this before, but was busy. Ill try and add good stocks as I find them.
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    Good luck pherein.

    And yes I think you are right. With knowledge, research, measured investment/gamble and patience you may make a tidy sum.
    Posted 12-04-2010 at 12:51 PM by UK_WhoDat UK_WhoDat is offline

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