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Is The U.S. Government Broken?

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Posted 01-26-2011 at 05:23 PM by pherein

Parties that seem to not understand the problems, but instead try to exploit them to gain a larger share of power , and ultimately do nothing to fix them.
Problems that include debt, the financial market, and FEMA are not brought to the table until the last seconds.
Congressmen explain it away as something the government didn't foresee or expect. But didn't we vote for them because thats what they brought to the job, or promised they did?

Social security is used as a scare tactic that will ďas they sayĒ destroy america, if not fixed. But didn't we elect them to do just that, years ago, before it became a problem?

The bills passed are hundreds of pages so no one can possibly understand them, and include hidden clauses and cut backs that fill their own pockets. Ive rarely seen a man become a even a governor poor and not leave rich, or with a 3 figure job waiting for him/her. Bush made 35 million, while governor of Texas. Not singling him out, I just know the figure.

Lobbyist make millions, while millions of jobs are lost. We've moved thousands of factories to other countries. We have immigration problems. We don't know how to pay for our elderly and retired. The financial system is exactly the same as it was before the crash. Prices only go up. Peoples health has become profit, so care is secondary. In 1998 15 million dogs&cats were put to sleep in american shelters, not sure what it is today. Education gets worse and more expensive. If your a 4th WR in the NFL youll make 1.2 million, if your a doctor 183,000. A person playing a cop on TV makes Millions while a real cop makes about 23,000. We don't have enough resources for our schools children, but we are building 3 new aircraft carriers.

Parties and affiliation aside,,, are we broken? Is this how its suppose to be, or should we keep trying to find someone to blame for it? Republican,Democrats, Vick, or maybe another country is to blame? or are we doing ok.

It sure seems like itís broken, and its kind of seems like its to big to fix, and Im on the fence as to wether its our fault or we just got blindsided trying to have a life or if itís even possible to fix anymore.

Itís a way to complicated problem to be solved in a forum, if it is even a problem, but..
I guess what Im saying is, do you think the American Government is broken and canít be fixed ? Like a lot of American's do, or do you think this is how its supposed to be?


Just for clarification, I don't believe in the party system , so this is not a Tea party, Rep, or Dem thing
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    Crusader's Avatar
    I'd say not so much the governmet as the economic system, as in most countries in western europe. After WW there was a massive need for rebuilding in the world an goods we're produced in huge quantities and there was a great need for labour. Industries were booming, people had money to pay for goods and the economy just kept growing.

    Thats really the problem with the economy all over the world its based on continued growth which in reality is completely impossible. A downturn ill come eventually, and I'm not counting the current recession because thats nothing compaed to how inflated the economies are. China looks like the All-everything right now but they wil face the same problem in 15-30 years while some other country will be climbing. Jobs have been movin to Asia for decades, first it was Japan, then that became to expensive so it was Hong Kong and Taiwan, that became to expensive so poduction moved to China which is becoming to expensive so production is moving to Vietnam and other countries.

    Thats eally the problem, thats where the jobs go. WIth the jobs gos the taxmoney and with taxmoney the well being of a country.
    Posted 01-27-2011 at 05:25 AM by Crusader Crusader is offline

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    SapperSaint's Avatar
    Yes this country is broken. Can it be fixed? No, we are far too gone to have this country "Fixed". All that can be done now is just patch it up to stop most of the blood loss.

    With illegal immagration running grossly out of control, American's will soon be the minority.

    We have no leaders that will step up and do what needs to be done. IMO...

    1. All non US citizens....get out of this Nation.
    2. Stop giving the US people the choice; "English or Espanol"
    3. Fix this Nation first, then and only then will we help other Nations.
    4. Germany, England, France and the rest of Europe; we owe you no money. WW2 was won by our sweat and blood and we paid a high enough price to make sure you didn't turn into NAZI's. By the way, you're welcome.
    5. Reform welfare. Stop all the B.S. non working, baby makers, lazy scrubs on tax payers from riding a free lunch until they die.
    6. Raise the price of export wheat to the same price as a barrel of oil. Lets see if the OPEC and last long eatting slag.
    7. This Nation was founded on Christian ideals. Weather you like it or not, it's a fact, so deal with it.
    8. ACLU members must be publicly beheaded for misuse of the constitution.

    By now I feel sure I have already ticked some of you off, so I just stop a 8.
    Posted 01-31-2011 at 12:46 PM by SapperSaint SapperSaint is offline
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    xan's Avatar
    I don't believe that the country is broken. I do believe that some have misplaced their endorsement of policies. So many Americans don't understand the issues, relying on gut feel and media manipulation that we are getting the result we deserve. If we continue to be willfully ignorant and act against our self-interests, we will continue to decline relative to our expectations. If you like anarchy, where, essentially, "he who has the gold, rules," you're getting exactly what you want. If you believe in any kind of social contract, it appears that, despite events in other parts of the world, we are counter to that trend.
    Posted 03-02-2011 at 09:15 AM by xan xan is offline
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    SapperSaint's Avatar
    I believe this whole problem is "Our", the American people's fault. We have sat back and let these so called governement leaders get us to the point we are at today. Repub's, Dem's, Indy's, whatever. All of them have done their own part in this.

    We now fear our government. The government no long fears us.

    How does it get fixed? My friends I REALLY DON'T KNOW.
    Posted 03-02-2011 at 09:51 AM by SapperSaint SapperSaint is offline
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    SmashMouth's Avatar
    And you have to ask if it is broken?
    Posted 06-04-2011 at 07:45 PM by SmashMouth SmashMouth is offline
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