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Sanity Zone 9-3-2016 It's the Economy, Stupid

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Posted 09-02-2016 at 10:17 AM by xan

The freak show we are presented with in this election cycle distracts from the real intent of the purpose of democratic elections. It matters not one whit whether we like or dislike one or more of the candidates because they're a shrew or a douche, or we whether we would want to "have a beer" with them. The candidates don't need to "get you" as a person. These elections, as have been all elections, are about the policies that will be pursued and the laws that will be enacted during the service period. That we are being told it's about "who is more dangerous" is a load of crap.

If you are for or against restricting biological rights, civil rights, criminal judicial policies, immigration/naturalization or any other equity policy concern, then figure out which one of the two parties' platforms matches up with your goals and dreams, and vote for them.

If you're one of the 99% who have been, essentially, left behind over the last 40 years due to tax and fiscal policies that have only favored the 1%, figure out which of the current policies you think hurts, which party is going to fix that aspect in a way that will improve the situation, and vote for them.

Policy is not about what team one cheers for. Its about what works and what doesn't. Voting against one's interests because you're a lifelong ______ (republican, democrat, etc.) only reveals stupidity and laziness. Take the extra time to research the issue, and not just the headlines. Governing is extremely difficult and complex. Every policy initiative has direct, indirect and unintended consequences. Poorly constructed policy has more unintended consequence than intended results. Ideologically pure policies, [like government should be run like a business] are examples of such erroneous governing.

There are no quick fixes and no free lunches. If you truly believe that this is the most important election of your lifetime, then act like it and get informed enough to vote for policies that will work. Vote for policies that have a demonstrated history of effective governance, not wishful thinking.

And remember, a rising tide floats all boats, as long as they have access to the water.
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