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B-R: What Happened in Green Bay

this is a discussion within the NFL Community Forum; Even if they draft well, it won't save them. We know that Rodgers routinely changed McCarthy's play calls. If he wouldn't listen to his coach, I doubt he listens to the guy who replaced him. Rodgers also has a history ...

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Re: B-R: What Happened in Green Bay

Even if they draft well, it won't save them.

We know that Rodgers routinely changed McCarthy's play calls. If he wouldn't listen to his coach, I doubt he listens to the guy who replaced him. Rodgers also has a history of freezing out players who he don't like, refusing to get them involved.

As I said before; the Packers remind me of the Lakers from the current decade after their final NBA championship. L.A. spent the remainder of Kobe Bryant's career pampering him and stroking his ego to the point they plunged their team into the abyss to make him the highest paid player in the league and then fired coaches and got rid of team mates that Kobe didn't like. They ended up having their worst years in franchise history for the final two years of his career. The Lakers have yet to recover from that and yet they would most likely give him the keys to run the franchise now cause they still worship him that much.

Green Bay is doing the same thing. They get rid of players that don't bow down to King Aaron (Look at how they threw Montgomery under the bus and immediately traded him days after the Rams loss cause King Aaron blamed him for that game). They fired a SB winning coach midway into the season for him - something that has only ever happened once in history and was over 40 years ago. They also fired Winston Moss from the coaching staff, merely hours after he criticized King Aaron on Twitter. The team don't even bother talking to former players who were insiders like Edgar Bennett and LeRoy Butler cause they too criticized King Aaron (Bennett had been in the Packers organization since 2001 and yet they still wanted him gone for calling out their QB with a god complex). Packers fans have been talking about this since last year, pointing out that Rodgers basically runs the entire team. Many of them noted Rodgers decline way back in 2015-2016 and most of the older fans (the ones who didn't grow up with Rodgers as their QB) have been calling him out for his smug, narcissistic behavior for a long time.

If I were a Packers fan, I'd be worried about what the rest of the NFC North is doing. The easy division wins are over. The entire division has improved while GB has gotten worse and is chained down to Rodgers' massive contract -

Minnesota has been beating Green Bay consistently for 4 years now. One thing that isn't talked about at all is that GB has yet to win in the Vikings new stadium. Minnesota has constructed a defense under Zimmer that is tailor built for exposing and shutting down Aaron Rodgers. Go through some of the Packers/Vikings games over the past few years and you can see this. Minnesota after all was the team that hurt him back in 2017. They routinely shut him down and make life difficult for the Packers offense. It's easy to call the 2017 Vikings overrated, but I don't buy the popular saying that they got lucky that year by avoiding Rodgers; they have a history now under Zimmer of battering Rodgers and shutting him down.

Chicago would be the team to beat in that division had Fangio stayed. The jury is still out on Nagy and Trubisky, but that defense is legit good and they will cause problems to the Packers for years to come. Mack didn't waste any time knocking Rodgers out of the first game last year and he made life a living hell for him in the rematch. Chicago should've swept them last year, if their defense didn't play scared to touch Rodgers in the second half after they hurt him early in that game. (Probably scared another rule change would happen if they continued to batter him).

Detroit may be the worst team in that division, but they've beat the Packers 4 times in a row lately and they showed that they can stop the great Aaron Rodgers last year. While everyone blamed Crosby for their loss in Detroit last year, Rodgers didn't play all that well and he practically fumbled that game away leading to Detroit's big lead. The Lions have proved they have the defensive formula and gameplan to shut him down.

I expect the NFC North to come down to Chicago and Minnesota again. I don't believe GB gets over 8 wins.
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