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So long guys.

this is a discussion within the NOLA Community Forum; A discussion board without contradiction is not a discussion board. Varying opinions make this site fun/interesting to read. If you leave, we\'ll have a bunch of \"yes\" men patting each other on the back for similar opinions. Fight it out ...

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Old 05-02-2005, 07:19 PM   #11
Chuck Liddells Right Hand
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So long guys.

A discussion board without contradiction is not a discussion board. Varying opinions make this site fun/interesting to read. If you leave, we\'ll have a bunch of \"yes\" men patting each other on the back for similar opinions. Fight it out bro.
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So long guys.

it\'s ovious some have labeled you a sheet stirrer billy.
and while you are, you are an exceptable one..........
i don\'t have a problem with you or anyone else on this board for that matter.........if i like or dislike what you post, i can either respond or not...........no problemo...................
you would have to do something very, very, bad that would change my mind...............
in simple words billy, i\'m on that wall for you..........smitty
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So long guys.

Damn Bilox...you hit it on the head!!!
BILLY IS BNG!!!....without optomism and debate where would we be as a society???........If you go Gumbo it\'s your call....but I WILL miss ur posts...............god bless &
GEAUX SAINTS...(one last time 4 Gumbo)
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So long guys.

C\'mon Gumbo, if that doesn\'t count as a hug, I don\'t know what does.
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So long guys.

Actually I think it use to be worse!!! It has been better of late though. I think one can have a healthy debate even argumenative... as long as no name-calling or personal attacks. I haven\'t seen any personal attacks in a long-time, I could be wrong but everyone has there own definition of what is tolerated and what is across the line.

Take your hat off-stay awhile.

Besides I am with you in full support of Brooks. Brooks is our guy and you can\'t fault him for being forced to make things happen because he has little to no protection ect ect ect.

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So long guys.

i guess brooks was forced to throw the ball to his offensive lineman.....

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Old 05-03-2005, 01:20 AM   #17
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So long guys.

Hey billy...let us know your new screen name when you pick it out. I\'ll be waiting to hear from you, in cognito of course, again soon. No one wants you gone. After all you\'re from Ms. and we need you here. But if you\'re gone I wish you the best and do hope to hear from you again. No one else seems to have the gonads that you carry around.
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Old 05-03-2005, 02:22 AM   #18
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So long guys.

What is it that makes people feel like they don\'t have a place here..in an open forum?...

Don\'t get me wrong..I too have left before...the main ..well, the only reason I came back is because of the everyday people who post..and pour thier heart and soul into this board.. a board which for some reason..continues to drive away it\'s most active members...but, at the same time...the people here, not the mods..just the people..make this a decent place to hang out...

Billy...I can honestly say that I have never seen you dish out any more than what has been thrown at you..even by mods.....so..I have to ask..what \'\'promise\'\' did you \'\'break\'\'?..I mean...aren\'t we all held to the same standards here?...I cannot remember having to promise to do anything to participate in this board...other than not cursing..and not advertizing other sites..which I have seen noone do...

Just what the heck is going on?...I mean..your a long time member with over 2000 posts...and now your bieng \'\'asked\'\' to leave?

\'\'But, I made a promise to Halo and JoeSam when they allowed me to come back.

It\'s been brought to my attention that I\'ve been rocking the boat a little too much lately. And I probably have. \'\'

What\'s that?...\'\'rocking the boat\'\'....I am baffled...all I have seen you do is debate your opinions and ideas....I have never seen you curse...or advertize other sites...or even attack a person anymore than they are allowed to attack you...

If a guy who participates and contributes as much as you do is not welcomed...just who is?
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Old 05-03-2005, 02:40 AM   #19
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So long guys.

Shadow, I know your views on some issues, and I respect them, but I ask the following things:

(1) You should not lump all the mods together. We all do our best to make this a great site, and we each have our own methods and style.

(2) No one asked Billy to leave. He had some issues a couple of years back, and he was reinstated on some grounds that you (myself included actually) are not privy to. If he feels that he is not meeting those standards, that is on him; again, he was not asked to leave.

(3) I suspect that each and every person who leaves or feels alienated has their own individual reasons.

(4) This board has not driven away its most active members to my knowledge (at least I\'m having trouble thinking of anyone other than Gator and Billy off the top of my head, and Billy/Gumbo\'s problem appears to be with the \"atmosphere\" and not the mods). If the board has driven off people who really would like to be here, I would like to hear from those people, and I would be most accepting to hear their reasons for departing (by PM, of course). I promise to do what I can to help them feel welcome(again/still).

Thus, if there are general concerns, we (the mods, I guess) are more than interested in hearing what we can do to make this a better place.

[Edited on 3/5/2005 by JKool]

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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Old 05-03-2005, 03:05 AM   #20
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So long guys.

Well...I am just confused as to why he was told he was rocking the boat too much?..I mean..was it becasue he was arguing too much?...

When I said Mods..I meant WHODAT...He and Billy have went around the table more than any other people...and I have always seen the same level of aggression come from both..

That\'s where my confusion comes in...What standards are bieng enforced?..I mean..we all checked the same little agreement box...right?..We all like Billy...He a fun guy to have around....and I don\'t understand why he would be restricted more than anyone else?...

I probably shouldn\'t take up for him...but..in a way...I\'m just afraid that his fate may be the fate of anyone at any given time...if someone felt like we were \'\'rocking the boat\'\'..yet..not breaking any rules...

Please don\'t respond in a pm...If he broke a rule..then just say it...I have not seen him do so...that\'s why I \'m troubled...
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