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So long guys.

this is a discussion within the NOLA Community Forum; Hi folks. I'm not going to drag this out and make a long post. First, I'd like to say I think this is a great site and I've enjoyed it very much. And let me also add that I think ...

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So long guys.

Hi folks. I'm not going to drag this out and make a long post. First, I'd like to say I think this is a great site and I've enjoyed it very much. And let me also add that I think Halo and JoeSam are very fair with everyone.

This board has changed quite a bit since I first joined. It much better now, IMO. But it has changed ....

And I don't believe I really fit in anymore. (I need a hug - :D )

I suppose I'm one of those folks who loves to go against conventinal thinking. And I'm also one of those folks who never met a good argument that he didn't like.

Lately, instead of adding to the board, I think I've made it worse.

Frustration I suppose.

But, I made a promise to Halo and JoeSam when they allowed me to come back.

It's been brought to my attention that I've been rocking the boat a little too much lately. And I probably have.

However, I can't see myself ever changing. That's about the best behavior you're ever going to get out of me ...

So long, guys ....

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So long guys.

Rocking the boat more than usual? I wouldn\'t say that.

It does seem to me that people are sometimes not too content to hear messages that don\'t agree with the standard line.

On the whole, I\'d have to agree that the climate has changed a bit. I\'d be hard pressed to say what it is exctly, but it does feel different around here some days.

After the draft, the slew of negativity was almost too much for me, I\'d have to say. I don\'t like it when it gets like that around here. It seems that it just takes some people much longer to see the positives when their expectations/desires are thwarted.

As for you Billy, some days the third, fourth, or more! post on roughly the same topic can feel like a little much. It is not your contraryness that annoys people, I don\'t think; it is your way of overwhelming people with roughly the same thing for days, if I had to guess. Perhaps a simple rule that would help would be this: don\'t open more than two new threads on the same player or point per day. I bet that would help a lot.

I also feel like some of the time you\'ve gotten some poor press. Some people just don\'t like being challenged. Others (like myself most days) don\'t mind a good discussion, and many, the silent masses for example (you know who you are! join in!), I\'m sure are happy to read posts by people who don\'t just take the party line.

If you are leaving, adieu. I for one hope that no one leaves because they are run off, and I am sad when anyone goes.

"... I was beating them with my eyes the whole game..." - Aaron Brooks :cool:
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So long guys.

I can\'t seriously can\'t think of anyone who wants you gone, Gumbo. I read mostly all of your posts, as - given the responses you generate - most all of us seem to. I don\'t think anybody wants you gone - I certainly don\'t - and while we don\'t always agree, you certainly take precedent as the standard bearer for the \"sunshiner\" posters on this board. You play an important role here, and no matter what anyone says to you - Mod or otherwise - the board is a better, more entertaining place when you\'re posting.

If you really wanna go, that\'s your decision and I\'ll not abuse you for that. I think most all of us like having you around and - while we don\'t always agree with you - you provide a valuable service in the way of \"keeping the morale\" of the troops up. I\'d hate to see you leave the ranks, but if that\'s the choice of action, I\'m glad for the times you spent posting here at the BnG.

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So long guys.

Hell, it\'s the disagreements that make you think about why you feel the way you feel. Gumbo is quite the contrarian, but he\'s never offended me with any of his posts. He\'s well written, which makes it a little more confounding when some of the opinions come out.

But hey....if we all agreed on everything, this would be a pretty boring place. As long as we disagree respectfully, who cares what another man\'s opinion is. We all root for a frustrating football team, so frustration will tend to run amuck.

It\'s the mods job to govern civility here, but I can\'t say I would wanna see Gumbo hit the road. He seems to love the team, and I respect that.....we all have our own ways of doing it.

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So long guys.

i agree in that i hate for anyone to feel run off. as different as some of my views are than billy i do enjoy his ability to stir interest and challenge views. i do tire of some of the style. it isn\'t much prob to generally me cuz i avoid the particular threads or controversy that seem to be more about bickering than issue debate. i am looking forward to hopefully meeting some of the characters here for a game and putting faces to the names. some cold beers together would go a long way for this board too i think.

being a saint fan is hard enough. being a passionate saint fan requires some fortitude or some wackiness. it is like being a good and devoted employee of k-mart... you can give it all but it is difficult to deal with downsizing and bankruptcies. something besides 32-32 would go a long ways to relieving a lot of frustration.

just in the months i have been around here the emotions have run pretty high with the draft, free agency, and the offseason. it is a big deal concerning what fortunes our black n gold boys might have this fall. the draft was rough on me. i like who they got generally. still, i am getting through what might have been. i would have liked to have seen more aggressive addressing the very worst defense in the league, draft and free agency. i think there will be some cooling of emotions or intensity in the regard that we all come to acceptance of what is and build our hopes from that as we can. toss into the equation the lingering benson/state feud clouding the longterm future of the team too. it ain\'t easy!
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So long guys.


I don\'t post here a lot, but I like to read. Been reading for a while (look when I signed up) and GumboBC was my favorite poster to read. Best sig too.

Gonna miss ya...
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So long guys.


I don\'t post here a lot, but I like to read. Been reading for a while (look when I signed up) and GumboBC was my favorite poster to read. Best sig too.

Gonna miss ya...
This is true, Gumbo. People love to read your posts and debate with you. I always wondered if you worked for Halo and it was your job to keep the people worked up. If so, you are very good at what you do. It won\'t be as fun if you go.

Anyway, I will believe it when I see it. I think the odds of your return within the next 7 days are something like 6/5. 1 week to 2 weeks...2/1. I will post further odds as necessary.
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So long guys.

Just so you all will know, Billy was NOT asked to leave. If he choses to leave, then that\'s up to him. We have rules and we all must abide by them. Frankly I hate to see him leave but in the end it\'s his choice.
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So long guys.

I don\'t think anyone would ask you to leave Gum. Things aren\'t that serious. I guess it is perceived that at times, you say things with the express intent of riling up the masses. And there are other times where you say things it seems with the express intent of riling up certain posters, and I think that\'s where you run into trouble. Cause like it or not, we may not be face to face but people will take things that are directed at them as personal, especially if it is done in a manner as to discredit them and not their argument. But it\'s all good. I disagree with you as much as anyone, sometimes it annoys me, sometimes I enjoy it, but I wouldn\'t wanna see you go. The mix of personalities on here makes for a fun melting point. Stick around bro, if we can\'t make it through the tough times there is no reason to even hope for the good times.
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So long guys.

In order for you to make Gumbo, you need a roux, either light or dark.

In a large heavy pot, heat the oil. when the oil is hot, whisk in the flour. Stir the mixture constantly for 15-20 minutes15{ roux. Add the onions, bell peppers, celery, salt, cayenne, and bay leaves. Cook for 12-13 minutes, stirring occasionally until the vegetables are wilted. Add chicken or fish stock and mix to blend with the roux. Simmer for 1 hour and 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the fish pieces and continue cooking for 15 minutes. Add the shrimp and cook for 15 minutes. Add the crabmeat, oysters, green onions and parsley and cook for 2-3 minutes , or until the edges of the oysters curl. Remove from the heat. Add the File` powder to thicken at the end.

Ladle the gumbo in a shallow dish. Place a heaping portion or two of the rice in the center of the gumbo. Sprinkle the green onions over top. Serve with a piece of French bread.

Seems to me it takes a mixture with a touch of the cook...to me that is Billy. All the best to whatever you decide.

A Biloxi native.

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over, over, and over again...and expecting a different outcome!
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