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Todd Bouman----- QB?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I think we should try Bouman for a game or two. Make Brooks think about what needs to be done this season. We should think this through. I mean what exactly has Bouman done that would make you think he ...

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Todd Bouman----- QB?

I think we should try Bouman for a game or two. Make Brooks think about what needs to be done this season. We should think this through. I mean what exactly has Bouman done that would make you think he is stupid or don't know what he is doing? In preseason the reps he got seemed good.
What do you guys think?
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RE: Todd Bouman----- QB?

Hey with AB in at least we have a chance...bouman is not the answer to anyone's problem...Is it just me or does the nfc look alot better this year?
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RE: Todd Bouman----- QB?

did ya see bouman in preseason... I think NOT
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RE: Todd Bouman----- QB?

I'm happy to see BlackonBlack that you finally see that AB is definately apart of the problem... usually you're the main one sticking up for the guy. My have the tides turned. I'll even have to agree with that order... defense (get a mother f'ing stud tackle during the offseason please... this Sullivan crap is over and done with... yes even I have lost patience for the guy), coaching (get a motivator... someone with a good rep who will push our players), and AB... I'm sorry it's time for you to get the F out of town. I can't believe I predicted ProBowl for this guy during the offseason. I rather have Trent Dilfer starting for our team right now.
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People are continuously making the statement that AB is a problem, but he is not the main problem, so let's address those issues first, and then when the time comes, after all other problems are addressed and there is none left but AB, then address AB and his problems. I have a problem with that. First of all, if you know someone is a problem, why are you going to wait to correct even if you know there are other problems. Why not address all of the problems ASAP.

Another thing is that people keep saying that there is more to it than just AB, but do we really know that for certain? I mean, have we ever put the guy on the bench and let someone else lead the team for awhile just to see what might happen? If not, why? I know a lot of people don't lend much credence to this theory, but I know firsthand from playing this game that one person can come into the game and make a difference...and it is not always in the talent that he brings to the game. Sometimes it is just a spirit, or a spark, that he brings that causes people on both sides of the ball to step up their game a notch. Don't tell me that it doesn't happen, because I have been watching this game for a long time now and have seen it happen time and time again. How do we know these players haven't subconciously given up on AB and his attitude, and are not playing to the very best of their ability because of some hidden dislike for him or his attitude. I'm not saying that this is definitely the case, I'm just saying that anything is possible, but as long as he continues to stay in there and nobody else gets a chance, we will never know.
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Good post LB, and so true. I always wonder myself when AB plays his normal sub-par game, why people rush to point out all the other problems, as if there is a framework as to what problem has to be addressed when. If AB is A PROBLEM, and all will admit at least that, he needs to be addressed. Period. We have been waiting for it to be addressed, or at least some competition brought in for years now, when is the right time to address it? This dude holds us back, plain and simple. If he needs it to be a perfect day by everyone else on the team for him to be competent, see ya. I want a QB who LIFTS the play of the team, not one who needs everyone else to make things as easy as possible for him EVERY game for him to succeed. Just said all that to say, you are exactly right LB. When is a good time to address a problem?
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Starting Bouman is a bad idea. He's been awful for the past several pre-seasons. For those of you who buy into conspiracy, keeping Bouman protects ab since he is such an awful option.

By choosing not to deal with the brooks problem in the offseason, the coaching staff chooses to play him for 16 games.

The best option now is to let brooks play out the season and increase his trade value. Deal him in the offseason, play him now.
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Bouman is a BUST .

McPherson would be interesting to see , especially with the new scaled down Brooks offense .....
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Who cares if its Brooks or Bouman, they cant make the recievers get open and most important, CATCH THE BALL!! We need to look at this team as a whole, the offence has been stinking up the place and the defence isnt playing well either. Blown coverages for huge gains, mis-tackles IN THE BACKFIELD, cant stop the run, and the list goes on and on. I dont think a change in QB is going to affect this team in a postive way. The whole team needs to step it up and play better as a whole.
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... there really isn't a point in yanking Brooks out and putting Boumann in at this stage... sometimes a coach would do such a move to show the team that no one's job is safe and give players a sense of job insecurity, but after all this time, and all the stuff that has transpired, I don't think any players would believe it, or care..

...now, Adrian, that's another story...young kid that has nothing but arm, legs, and instinct... that'd be interrresting, to say the least...

.. but is not gonna happen either... Haslett is afraid of change. Yeah he'll change a play here and a coach there in the offseason, but he's afraid of changes once the season starts, let alone overhauls.
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