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Grades for the Brown Game.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Great game….My grades for the game. Overall Offense Grade “B+� - Loved the fact that we controlled the line of scrimmage and that Brees wasn’t sacked all day. We didn’t have the usual stupid penalties that are drive killers and ...

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Grades for the Brown Game.

Great game….My grades for the game.

Overall Offense Grade “B+� - Loved the fact that we controlled the line of scrimmage and that Brees wasn’t sacked all day. We didn’t have the usual stupid penalties that are drive killers and the WRs held on to the ball. The offense would have gotten a A if we could have gotten more scores in the red zone. We will need to fix this to beat better teams.

QB – Drew Brees Grade “B� – Not a bad performance for the season opener. He looked like he is missing some zip on the out patterns but with us seeing Brooks for 4+ years, anybody would look weaker. Still, Brees strengths are in his ability to see the field and not make the stupid mistake that can cost you the game.

OL – Grade “A� - Gave Brees great protection and created running lanes for Bush and Deuce. Hardly any penalties and really controlled the line. It’s hard to point to anyone player that excelled because the whole unit played together and looked very good. Brees was really not hurried and wasn’t sacked in the game.

RB – Grade “B+� – Aside from the injuries, we looked great. Bush shows why he should have selected #1 in the draft and Deuce show no signs of last years injury. Was really impressed how they saw the holes and hit them fast. Both showed power and held on to the ball well. Would have gotten an A but Deuce fumbled and the injuries to the FBs are a major concern.

WR & TE – Grade “B� - Colson showed why he made Stallworth expendable. He played pretty good with a nice TD catch and should be able to hold off Henderson for the #2 spot. I like the fact that he is a big target and doesn’t drop the ball. Horn was almost non existent catching just 2 passes all day with one drop, but it was great not having to rely so heavily upon him for a win. Henderson may have had the best day making a couple of clutch catches. His hands seem to be the most improved thing on the team. As for TE I can see why Hilton didn’t make the team. This team has so many offensive weapons that there not enough footballs to go around. What we really need from this position it blocking and that is what we got today.

Overall Defense Grade “B+� - Thank god Venturi is gone. Personally I blame him for more losses than I ever blamed Brooks for because his defense constantly put us behind early so we had to abandon the running game and put everything on Brooks’s shoulders. It looked like all day we played run defense on the way to QB. Seemed we really had their number. Pass defense looked better and Mike McKenzie finally shook of the preseason blues. Third down defense was fantastic especially stopping them 3 times on third and one.

DL – Grade “A� – Controlled the line of scrimmage all game. Hollis Thomas was constantly getting doubled teamed and the freed up Young to get 3 sacks. These guys really plugged the running lanes too. Will Smith and Charles Grant has outstanding games too. The DL forced 4 sacks and really should have had 3 more if it wasn’t for Frye’s outstanding running ability.You could see the fear in Frye’s eyes especially on the last drive.

LB – Grade “B� - Our LBs were making plays all over the field. Fujita early interception gave the Saint momentum that they held in to the half time locker room. These guys were all over the field making the Saints defense look like a strength. Looks like we won’t be trading for Donnie Edwards any time soon.

CB & S – Grade “B� - McKenzie and Thomas both played good games. Both showed good run support and played tight coverage. The Safety position had great run support. Bullocks had one sack and the 4th quarter interception the ended the game was huge. With the pass rush, our secondary didn’t have to cover for too long and it paid dividends the whole game.

Special Teams - Grade “B� - Karney was the man converting 4 FG. Kick and punt coverage was pretty good and Bush is exicting to watch returning punts. The kick return team was nothing to brag about. Defensively I was impressed with our coverage units because this was a huge weakness the last 2 years under the former coaching staff.

Coaching Grade - “A+� – Payton and all the coaches had the team ready for the opener. The Saints have always had a hard time winning the opener with a former record of only 12 wins. Still, it looks like the player evaluation paid off in training camp and the staff has everyone motivated to play football every down. I thought it was outstanding how they used Bush and Deuce all day. What can you say more than… WOW.

Looking forward to next week… The Saints find themselves on top of the NFC South after week one. Tampa lost bad and the Falcons proved to the rest on the NFL that the Panthers can be beat. In fairness to the Panthers they were playing without one of the best players in the league in Steve Smith.

Pay back time… Last year the Packer owned the Saints and I’m sure there are still enough players on this team that will want to take it to Green Bay. I’m sure we won’t see the ups and downs that seemed to plague the former coaching staff. That said, Green Bay knows that if it starts out 0-2 that the season may be over before it starts. I hope we can put the same pressure on Brett next week because we need to really rattle his cage. Offensively the Saints will have to change their game plan if we cannot get a FB on the field. I heard a rumor that Joseph tore his ACL but it is unconfirmed at this point. Hopefully Karney’s calf injury isn’t serious. We really need to beat the **** out of Green Bay and go into the Monday Night Game against Atlanta and come out 3-0. If we can beat Carolina that their place the following week, all the nation won’t be able to stop talking about us and Peyton may just be on his way to coach of the year.

In the first game the Saint showed two things that kill the bad teams and make the good teams good. They didn’t lose the turnover battle and didn’t kill themselves with stupid mistakes and penalties. If this continues, I look forward to a special season from the dudes in the Black and Gold.


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QB- C+ good game management but I saw more bad throws than missed by the receivers. Just enough to get by another rebuilding team.

OL- B+ Very good on running, I thought there was some pressures and hurries on Brees though, even if he didn't take a sack

RB- A I give them higher because of the FB injuries. Deuce was better than I expected. I loved Bush all over the place.

WR- B I couldn't tell so much but I expected Joe to be double covered all the time with youngsters on the other side. Colston will be making headlines natinally with more days like that. Better than I have ever see Henderson too.

TE- B I am not expecting much receiving out of the Payton schemes. Maybe their effective blocking helped the O-line to look so good today.

DL- A+ shutdown the run and pressured the passer like I have not seen a Saints D-line do in many years.

LB- B+ you can only say Wow! when considering how little time they have been together. We had guys together more years than these have weeks that didn't look that good. Fujita looked All Pro. 17 combined tackles. Amazed that Simoneau assimilated so well so quickly.

DB- the strong line play made it a lot easier and hid some of the weaknesses. If we were drafting tomorrow I think CB is still the greatest point of need. Bullocks and Harper look good for as little experience as they have.

ST- I publicly apologize for bad mouthing Carney so much. He just better keep it up LOL. Kick return coverage had a few scary holes but got by.

Coaching- A They looked well prepared. I loved how they made use of everyone. The calls had great variety no matter the yardage or down. The failures in the redzone I point to execution more than design. Three of those FGs should have been TDs (31-14). That would have made for no tension in the 2nd half- ears back and rush.

Next week deserves another thread.
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It was a good game for them. I thought they would win the game, for the last few weeks. But if they didn't i still thought it would be close.
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WHAT GAME WERE YALL WATCHING??? Yalls grades make the score seem like it was 100-0.

Brees (D), passes off target and into the ground, INT-TD ration at 50percent, Passer rating 68percent, barely got over the 50percent completions.
OL (C), our 'great' RB's would have got more yards.
RB's (C), wheres the spectacular play? not that impressive.
WR's (B), thanks to Colston who really did well despite being a rookie.
D (C), Browns suck, giving up 14 points for as bad as the Browns played is not good.
Coaching (B) I like some of the play calling.
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Euphoria is your typical mean-drunk! He doesn't want any of you handing out grades higher than a C. He's like that A@# Hole science teacher who wants you to flunk so he can make you miserable for 2 years in a row. I was there in the 8th row on the 45 yard line and have to tell you that the O-line gets an A. Brees managed the game excellent; he gets a c+. Our recievers looked good, not great...they get a C. Our defense gets a B. Coaching is an A.
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So what is this about you call me out personally - and you just about agree with me... what gives.

I guess being there in person makes the game a whole lot better, riiiight. You can only get an A if one your opponet is highly admired and you do well, or you dominate a week opponet and we did either. Saying someone did something excellant and then only give them a C??? WTF... at least have a standard that makes sense.
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I ain't much of a stat man but.....if you look at the stats from the game, I think you'll have to agree that this team did much better than most of the Saints teams in the recent past. As far as the Browns are concerned, if you paid attention to some of the names on their offensive and defensive lines.....there are some pretty good players. I for one would not want to get into a game against any of them. I think some of us just aren't going to be happy with anything other than perfection. Well boys, I spent 3 weeks at training camp and I don't think perfection this year is possible. I'm not real sure it didn't take Jesus a little time to learn to walk on water. Give these guys a little time to hone their skills. I tell you now......barring any bad injury hits, this team will be ok. Not great mind you but at least they will represent us well.

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Overall O-C+
This was not even half of what we are capable of, Horn didn't get much balls, and the Deuce and Reggie combo hasn't even started yet, + we have to start getting the ball in the endzone earlier

Brees was funky at the beginning, he took a while to get it going, but when he knew it was time to play he lead for a TD to get some points

Deuce showed that he is still top ten and Reggie was all around the field, good other than the injuries

Good blocking by recivers and te's, showed good hands the whole game, didn't see any TE action but they did block well, and once again Reggie was all around
Nice game for all the WR's, not the best performance by DH but a nice one, and Colston is a great player

Once again, let up only a single sack, or none and Brown did well at the LT spot, also good beginning for Stinchcomb

Overall D-C+
Some mixed up coverages a bit, mean on the run but kinda slumpy a bit when tackling time, but made plays

Got good pressure, and played consistently, love Young and his season's start, he and Smith...But Nink hasn''t even got on D yet baby

Nice play by Fujita, on his way for a ProBowl vote if kept up, Shanle looked well as a starter and Clark hasn't even started yet, so get ready for Hammerhead

Nice coverages in time of need, but some rookie mistakes in Harper, but still played well...And MM has to step it up

So much for Gleason being a ST demon, should've kept Branch or Bellamy, Clark and Fincher along with Shanle did all the work, Bush hasn't got to it yet

Payton needs to work on getting that O going earlier and keep it consistent

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Overall Offense---W

Overall Defense---W


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Oh your "THAT GUY".
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