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Reggie Stood Up For Colston

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I like to see team mates who have each others backs. I'm glad that he didn't get a penalty, but the biggest surprise was seeing 88 talking sense to a team mate....

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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

I like to see team mates who have each others backs. I'm glad that he didn't get a penalty, but the biggest surprise was seeing 88 talking sense to a team mate.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

I noticed it too and loved it ... great to see Reggie standing up for one of his teammates. I was hoping one of the Falcons would of pushed Reggie just to get another penalty
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

The best part (as mentioned) was seeing SHOCKEY being the guy who stopped it all ... This guy has really bought into N.O.'s and is doing a phenomenal job leading on/off the field. If he doesn't make the Pro Bowl --- something is seriously wrong.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

I wanted to say that Bell and Thomas are rubbing off on Reggie a new Reggie.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

Love it. Team fight at the goal line is cool with me. Clear the benches! cheap shots need to be rewarded!
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

Great to see Reggie lower his head and actually bowl OVER two guys that night... is he learning? I hope. Now if he can just cut the jukes to one and go instead of 3-4 and get tackled.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

There were alot of cheap shots in that game as a whole. The helmet to helmet on drew was complete b.s., but I was very glad to see Reggie mix it up. Roddy White got away with alot of crap, through the entire game.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

A few thoughts here. I was glad to see his passion but it got to the point in that scrum where I was yelling at the TV for Reggie to get the hell out of there. I was waiting for him to ruin a great play with an immature penalty that was not needed in that situation. I was stunned it was Shockey who intervened and in the end I am glad it worked out the way it did.

We'd all be singing a different tune had he taken an undisciplined penalty in doing so. As great as that Turley incident was, and as good as it felt to see a guy take no crap for his team he cost us the game and that transformed a great team event into a selfish one.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

Very impressive. There's nothing I hate more than when a runner is being mugged 10 seconds after forward progress has halted, and teammates are just standing there doing nothing.

I dont know if yall could see it on tv, but Reggie ran over there, and tried to break Colston's fall, from my vantage. Then he scrapped around with the assailants. ... and had to be restrained by JEREMY SHOCKEY! hahahaha....

both proud and funny moment.
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Re: Reggie Stood Up For Colston

Yeah the thing with Shockey the peacemaker just had me laughing and scratching my chin at the same time.
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