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Post-game Thoughts???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; What do we have to do to get rid of McCarthy.. He IS the problem and always was. Venturi isn\'t that great, but he never really had the players. He\'s starting to get a few and making progress. McCarthy has ...

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Post-game Thoughts???

What do we have to do to get rid of McCarthy..
He IS the problem and always was.
Venturi isn\'t that great, but he never really had the players. He\'s starting to get a few and making progress.

McCarthy has all kind of people to work with but his playcalling SUCKS!! No matter how the game goes he has a set number of plays already called and doesn\'t change them. He stated this in an interview. This guy is killing us. I just hope they get rid of him before our players begin asking to leave. I really really hate McCarthy.
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Post-game Thoughts???

Hey Gator, I agree with ya. If practices were so good in the preseason how come we don\'t even know where to line up now. Hell my 7 year old is in pee wee football and he know\'s where to stand at least. BAD COACHING, VERY BAD AND STUPID PLAYERS.
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Post-game Thoughts???

Why do they do this to me every season??? I now live in the metro atlanta area and do my fair share of trash talking up here,but... HOW do those coaches expect me to do that when they don\'t gameplan on the first day of the season??? 2 tight ends-1 tight end, it won\'t matter! Neither of them is as dependable as DEUCE,so why take away from his game to help theirs? Spread the field with all that speed we\'re always hearing about and create running lanes and open up the**** offense!!!! If they don\'t-they\'re gonna kill the only real threat we have! NOW I GOTTA GO TO WORK AND LISTEN TO HOW THE FALCONS ARSE GONNA HANDLE OUR INEPT TEAM ... AND I\'M NOT EVEN SURE I CAN DISAGREE---REALISTICALLY!
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Post-game Thoughts???

I posted on here back in early( August when I attended training camp)that from what I was seeing,the defense was looking better.I also said that the offense just may be what holds us down this year.They were looking flat and our defense picked off two passes during that practice.The O-line looked out of sync.

Now fast forward to the game against Seattle(which I attended)the same appears to be true.In the first half the defense pretty much held their own,but the offense sucked.The offense consistently put our defense in bad situations,but they kept fighting hard to keep the game within reach.No matter how hard they fought though,our offense finally beat them to death.

If this Saints offense is ever going to be anywhere near decent,they are going to have to get back to using the I formation and using the run to set up the pass.In order to use the one back set,the O-line has got to be in sync and the tightend has got to be able to block(neither of which is happening with the Saints).Aaron Brooks has got to get better at reading defenses(what\'s new?).Boo Williams has got to get better at catching the damn ball(what happened?).Pathon also dropped a sure touchdown(can\'t have that!).The coaching staff decides to put Karney in inside the redzone and throw to him out of the backfield(the result is 1st and goal),then they take him out and don\'t use him for three series(what kind of crap is that?).

I think this coaching staff is very stubborn and don\'t like to admit when they have made a mistake.IMO the single back set is a big mistake.The O-line can\'t block well enough to make it sucessful.Haslett gets on the post game wrap up show and says that the running game was fine.He said that Seattle was just a good football team.As long as we keep using this set everyone we play will be just a good football team.Admit your mistakes and make the proper adjustments to the offense !

See yall at the dome on sunday !
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