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Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

Its rigged so what does it matter...LA always gets the calls...ALWAYS
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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

The Cell Ticks got away with lots of fouls that weren't called. And you can't rig Fisher's and Artest's 4th quarter 3 pointers!
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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

Riggedy rigged rigged rigged
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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

Not relevant to football, nice try sticking saints into this.
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Re: Celtics/Saints vs.Lakers/Colts

Originally Posted by TopCow View Post
I like your comparisons and parallels. I am also pulling for the Celtics. I am sick of hearing how good the Lakers are. Just like we get tired of hearing how good Dallas is. For the same reasons.

One thing that rarely gets mentioned. Boston is a VERY good team with VERY good talent. That gets downplayed, just as the Saints talent and coaching are still downplayed. Go Celtics.
So, I'm new to the whole basketball fanbase this year. I started watching because my best friend is a Cavs fan. I was hoping this was something I could get into on a yearly basis. But since the Lakers won AGAIN , I see it's pointless to watch. Basketball is so predictable. I agree with TopCow. I'm so sick and tired of hearing how good the Lakers are. Kobe is and NEVER WILL BE Michael Jordan, no matter what anyone says. This is the same reason I will never get into baseball. I'm sick of seeing the Yankmees win every year, and I'm sick of seeing the Fakers win ever year. I'm sticking to football.

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