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Todd Bouman----- QB?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I still don't understand why we let go of Glover, Hand, and Jackson. Glover and one of the other 2 with Grant and Howard would have helped the D huge the past 2 years. We have no push in the ...

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I still don't understand why we let go of Glover, Hand, and Jackson. Glover and one of the other 2 with Grant and Howard would have helped the D huge the past 2 years. We have no push in the middle. Sammy Knight is another one that makes no sense. I don't think with everything going on that putting in Bouman will help. Hopefully A. Mac grows into the role fast.
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I want AB to win it for us, I just dont think he can...He is not the kind of Qb that puts a team on his back and says "come on, I'm gonna take us there"...He just does not have the talent that the rest of our stellar offense does. I don't pretend to have a solution to the problem...I really want AB to be the man because the alternative if just unthinkable, Bouman.

...If by the 10th week we are out of the playoff picture, which I pray is not the case...I wanna see
A-Mac in there getting snaps and taking the reins so that he will be ready for next season...Anybody know why A-Mac was listed as Inactive for the Vikes game?

...Hey, how about we sandbag the season and draft Leinart and one more first round quality O-Lineman that will surely fall to the second round?

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shiiit give the kid the reins instead. bouman is a poor mans brooks. maybe not even that. at least the kid will be a rookie and we can always hang our hat on that. start the kid if we don't improve this week. also if after the first half we look as well as we have the last two games start him then.

any wonders on the latest letter from the mayor of new orleans to the saints (not like i care for the guy either way). lol. hum that first week i heard how we were america's team. **** i haven't heard a word on espn as of late. i thought they all loved us. oh wait that is only as a winner. america loves a winner anything else put to the back pages. we suck. want the problem solved get a new coach and a real coach. i think has try's. no doubt i think he cares too. i think he wants to win but so did ray rhodes. but ray sucked as a head coach. great d coord. bad head coach. and he had two try's. let's get a winner in here already. my god has should have been gone last year and we should have thrown the farm at weis. we suck. season over. hey it will be nice if has wins like 3 or 4 of his last 4 games this way he can come back again next year. we suck

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bouman is a poor mans brooks.
And Brooks is a poor mans Michael Vick ????
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Haz, Venturi, Brooks, Carney, and a few others have already sealed there fate. Bouman isn't even a good 2nd and Brooks is damn sure not a 1st. I say trade them both for an average QB right now and get it over with or trade them for draft picks now before someone really figures out that they are worthless. The entire coaching staff needs to be changed and Carney needs to go because you just don't miss extra points period. Stallworth is not a bust but nothing more than a 4th or 5th receiver. I think we have settled for average players over the last 4 or 5 years that have given us nothing more than average play and records. Time to blow it up and I mean all of it.

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Give the ball to A-mac! Look what happened to Pittsburg when they started their rookie. I'm not saying the same will happen to us but we need to know where he is in ability. He will win some games. The defense sucking I feel is greatly apart of Venturi's leadership. If we had a better coach those guys would be playing better.
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Brooks is not a poor mans nothing! He is a bad hit of acid, a dad-gum nightmare! We (The Fans) were led to believe that he was this "Greatest Secret known to football", and we took it hook line and sinker. Now we know the truth, he is just an average QB, nothing more. I have done some thinking on this (Yes, I know that is a scary concept) but any way, we were told how great, how much potential he has, how he was going to be one of the "Great's". This is the reason I think we are soooo down on him. If I am wrong I feel pretty sure I'll hear about it.

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Our team is in disarray -- AB is part of a larger problem which starts with discipline. The amount of stupid penalties and plain mental mistakes this team has gone through the last 2 games is embarrassing. Against Carolina we had few penalties and only 1 AB blooper highlight plays. The result -- we won a close game. Turnovers and mistakes are contagious -- it makes players think they always need to make a big play -- make something happen and that always turns out badly.
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Brooks a poor man's vick lol....

at least brooks can be accurate with the deep ball, past crumpler i rarely see vick on target with anything deep.

should be interesting to see what the offense does without spikes in for the bills.
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Bouman hahhahahah starting omg we wouldnt win a game. Brooks will have to get it together I thoguth we were gunna run deuce....??????????
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