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here it is fellas......

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; well guys, i have always been a Saints fan as long as I can remember. I am a young Saints fan, being only 21, but growing up, the boys of black and gold was all I knew. Since 2001, i ...

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El Mero Mero
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here it is fellas......

well guys, i have always been a Saints fan as long as I can remember. I am a young Saints fan, being only 21, but growing up, the boys of black and gold was all I knew. Since 2001, i have made at least 1 saints game a season, doesnt sound like much, but when u live 16 hours away and u drive all day saturday just to make the game, and then turn around right after the game to drive home, i think that is dedication. This sunday i knew was going to be tough, becuz GB isnt as bad at their record shows and for some reason, we like to help teams get back on their feet with a huge blowout win. It has been a long time since i have seen a loss of this magnitude. As most of you know, i have been on the sunshiners bus since its beginning, always defending AB and Haslett til the very end. I think my time has come. Every aspect of this game was bad, as has been the entire season. Not one aspect of our team has been average this season, not even special teams. something major has to be done after this season. I still have my tickets for this sundays game against Atlanta in San Antonio, however im debating on going. Why should i spend 3 hours driving and 80 bucks a ticket to see a high school team play? I can do that here in my hometown. HOWEVER, by no means am I jumping ship to some other NFC South team like a former B&G member did. The Saints are still my boys and I will forever be a fan, but i think its time to stop letting how we do on Sunday affect my entire week. I will still root for them, however, things will not be the same. Im sure there a plenty that feel this way, but after the loss, and then Duece being out the season, what else do I have to look forward to?

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Go to the game man. I'm still going, but I live in SA. The tailgate before is great, no matter how the team plays. But with deuce out, I am thinking we should just tank this season and start over.
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I don't know if losing Duece is such a big deal. We wern't winning with him and we might not win with out him but maybe it will make the coaches gameplan better and stop thinking that if we just run Deuce straight ahead we can win. He has only had one good game. Now hopefully is isn't an injury that will affect him next year concidering how much money we have invested in him.
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Oh my God..This is the season from hell. We're not going to be a running team this year with Smith and an ailing Stecker. We can't rely on Brooks. And we are definately not a defensive team. Okay...Let's just line up and play football and hope for the best. Yo man go to the game. Root for your team. This is what being a Saint fan is all about. One day the football Gods will smile down upon us all and the New Orleans Saints will be the NFL Champions.....Maybe.
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1313, props to ya man. i have been hurt so many times in so many ways for so many years following this team that is just the next blip on the chart. i consider the red sox and just pray once in my lifetime please oh pigskin lords. if not mine, maybe yours.

hope on brutha, the patriots were 19-61 from '89-'93. that seems like a loooong time ago from the current superbowl run.

p.s.- welcome to the darkside
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1313, As mad, crazy and pi$$ed off as I am, I still LOVE this football team. 33 years of them being in my life is too much time for me to just give up on. As the others here have said, HOPEFULLY, one day oh Lord, please let our Saints have their time in the GLORY of a SuperBowl Championship.

It can't stay this bad forever.......can it?
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