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Linebackers can be busts also...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; A high 1st round draft pick is risky no matter who you select or what position. That's why you have to gauge reward versus risk. Sure, Hawk may end up being a probowl LB, but that wont seriously effect the ...

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RE: Linebackers can be busts also...

A high 1st round draft pick is risky no matter who you select or what position. That's why you have to gauge reward versus risk. Sure, Hawk may end up being a probowl LB, but that wont seriously effect the team. One defender cannot make all the difference on our D. You can bring in LT at his prime and our D will get better, but it doesn't mean the D will be great or even good.

On the flip side is Leinart (or Young, I suppose). A good QB can make all the difference. It's not required, but it helps. People are down on Manning right now, but I'd be perfectly happy for the Saints to have made the playoffs as often as Manning has since he has come into the League. How many playoff appearances does Manning have? How many does the Saints entire organization have? That's pretty pathetic. My point is that this is a QBs league. You get a good one and you're likely to do better than if you passed on him and took another position of need - even one as great as ours at LB.
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All things being equal, meaning players share a similiar grade, you have to take the QB. QB's simply mean more to the team than any other position. For once the saints have a top two pick when there are three potential franchise players available. No matter what happens we will have our choice between two of them. More than likely, assuming Bush goes to the Texans, we will be choosing between the two QB's. This is an offensive minded head coach's dream come true. The two QB's represent two completely different directions Payton can take our offense. And just think if the Texans select Young. Under this scenario, we would have to select Bush over Leinart. Bush would gives us the best chance at instant improvement. Either way, I can't wait till april.
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Sure, there is a possiblity that Lienart could be the next Ryan Leaf, but the possibility still remains that Hawk could be the next Brian Bosworth.

The thing is that it is far more likely to turn a franchise around by drafting a quality QB, rather than a quality LB. Quarterbacks are much more difficult to come by considering that there are only one starter per team, whereas there are 3 or 4 starting linebackers per team.
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RE: Linebackers can be busts also...

For those who think D'Brick is the second coming of Roaf... or even the safest pick... you must have not watched him play. He may be the best lineman in the draft, but he's definately not a sure thing.
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RE: Linebackers can be busts also...

i wouldn't mind drafting hawk or ryans, then jacobs or even gradkowski later... but one thing is clear no matter how you pick it.... the lb's won't have success unless the def. line is vastly improved nor will the qb's have any success unless the off. line is remodeled... plugging in rookies just won't cut it for this team, being there is too many holes and question marks... i'm liking the new coach and i think that he'll keep this team accountable for their crappy play and will reward them for their successes as a team... oh and ferguson is probably going to be the best pick of the entire draft, even more so than bush... the kid is blocking machine, a big, agile, smart blocking machine
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