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What Will Satisfy You in 2006?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Seems to me you'll just be more crushed than the rest of us cause of your unrealistic expectations. So, are you telling me I got no chance with Bo?...

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Seems to me you'll just be more crushed than the rest of us cause of your unrealistic expectations.
So, are you telling me I got no chance with Bo?
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One last thing, the question was "What will satisfy you in 2006?" not "What do you think will happen in 2006?" 2 different answers for these questions. What I'll be satisfied with and what I think is going to happen are definately different...
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Hey guys. Been a while but I'm glad to be back! I don't know how this team is going to play next season, but it better be better than 3-13. I think Brees is going to give the O a face lift, but I don't know how a first year coach is going do. I'll be content with anything better than 8-8. I guess I just want to see some real improvement on both sides of the ball. I'm really excited about this season. Hoping for the best.
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whodi you made me laugh. good post man. i thik the question is what would make you happy next year. i am sure that everyone would be happy with a superbowl win. that in itself is obvious. we also haven't made the playoffs for what 5 seasons now. so if we were to watch a game in january why is that not ok to be happy about. it's progress. that is a good thing i think
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If I was to have jumped ship due to bad seasons I wouldn't have made my 30th birthday.
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LTF i was close to jumping ship. if we had brought back jim i was gone man. then i wouldn't know what to do because i wouldn't know who to be behind
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sbkb....it would have been another hard year if Haz & Brooks would have returned this coming season, oh how things have changed.
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When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won't come up with a handful of mud either.
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Re: What Will Satisfy You in 2006?

Originally Posted by LKelley67
We have questioned in the past to what degree the moves were directed by Haz or by Loomis. The fresh new positive direction reinforces my belief that Haslett was the primary director of personnel calls and Loomis the operative. Haz was a well known lover of the athletically endowed while often missing thier heart and drive or smarts for the game. The team reflected that. Aaron Brooks was the zenith of that philosophy. Booting Sammy Knight and trading 3 draft picks for Tebucky Jones was the apex of enacting it.

I gave Haz full support to start with. I am remembering how that changed-

2000- new kid on the block Haz's results cannot be argued with. Mueller looks like a real football guy in the front office, NFL Exec of the Year.

2001- 7-5 playoff contention, lose last 4 games by combined 42-160 score. ugly collapse.

2002- Mueller fired in FO power struggle (uh oh me sez). 9-4 record- playoffs with one more win, but lose last 3 games to teams with combined 10-29 record going into the Saints game, disgusting way to go out, most underachieving team MO established

2003- the Jonathan Sullivan draft debacle, the 1-4 start dooms them, they play erratic but finish strong. Deuce and Brooks have their best years. Defense is disappearing but O is good. I am all the more skeptical of this organization but maybe there still is hope

2004- things are dim at 4-8, It looks like a badly coached and bad team both. Brooks fumbling reaches 51 in 4 seasons starting. I'm ready to pull the plug on Haz. Even if not, Brooks must go. If we are gonna lose, let's do it a different way at least is my mantra.

2005- So much so bad in so many different ways. I only cringe thinking Haz/Brooks will get a bye for the year with the hurricane situation. Brooks benched?!?! A sparkle of distant hope.

After reviewing, I think about support for the new regime. As much as I love the Brees signing you do have to understand it is a move considered by most as very risky. I'd probably like to see some more FA action and signings. too. I have my ideas and preferences about draft trades and the players that could help the team most. They may follow that or it could end up completely different. My support increases or decreases not on those moves but on two other things. One, bottomline is win/losses, playoffs, and beyond. Nothing satisfies like wins. It may not end up being my preferred style or approach but after only 7 winning seasons (count'em) in 39 years I will take them anyway they come. Just as important though is another aspect: solid strategy, performance, and FO operation. The wins may vary from year to year but there is no arguing about strong organizations. That is why Cowher has been in Pittsburgh so long. That is why no one questions Jeff Fisher's calls when he is coping with a cap strapped team. I do think there is a nucleus of talent that could turn things around quickly here like the Bucs or Bears last season. But even if it ends in a 7-9 finish here's how I still would be happy: if this draft is scored among the tops in 2007, if we plummeted to the bottom of the list in pre-snap penalties (all penalties too), if the D starting looking intimidating even if they still were burned occasionally, if the D became known as a solid tackling bunch, if the D scheme becomes the opposite of the Venturi bend-don't-break-let-them-just-keep-rolling-over-us approach, if they play consistent avoiding 0-4 holes and end seaon collapses, and if the Dome is rocking and the team's future is cemented in Nawlins.

What will make you happy?
Hey, LK, nice to read some of your stuff again. I tried to respond to you in the other thread, but it was locked, so I figured I would respond here. I have been reading some of your posts today, and I am pleased to see you haven't lost your touch. Keep 'em coming, man. I am always interested in what you've got to say.
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