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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Wasabi... I'm papz and was born in '81 which makes me about 25... I think. Grew up watching baseball and gradually gravitated towards football after watching my sister worship the Saints. I've practically attended every college/university within the New Orleans/Baton ...

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Wasabi... I'm papz and was born in '81 which makes me about 25... I think. Grew up watching baseball and gradually gravitated towards football after watching my sister worship the Saints. I've practically attended every college/university within the New Orleans/Baton Rouge reason... and one in Florida. I'm an ultrasonographer who hates his job and I drink myself to sleep (just kidding!) to forget about how crappy it is working for the company I'm at. Currently residing in Buffalo but I'm trying to move back down south in the Austin/Dallas, Atlanta, or back to New Orleans... so if you work in a hospital and know if someone's hiring, holla at me. Favorite sport teams... Texas Rangers, Braves, Saints, Carolina Panthers, and the Bulls... and yes I'm a sports junkie.

Finally get to take a couple of days off to go back to New Orleans (I love you Memorial Day), and I'm probably going to come back engaged... and broke again.

And... nice thread Kelley.
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I'm a young gun, clocking in at 20 years old. I was born in Gretna, but moved to Tampa Bay soon thereafter because of my father's business. After a 6-year stay in Tampa, I moved to Dallas where me and my family have resided ever since. I don't know if it's because I love punishment or something, but I have been a Saints fan ever since my first day on this earth. I haven't been to a Saints game in the Superdome since I was one year old. On a side note, I thought I'd share a funny story at this time. My older brother who also roots for the Saints, although he's not as fanatical as me, was at that game when we were in New Orleans. After the game, we were taking an elevator down to the concourse level when Tom Benson stepped in with us. He saw my brother who was probably about 4 at the time, and asked him, "So little boy, what do you think of the Saints?" To which my brother appropriately replied, "They suck."

Anyways, for whatever reason, the Saints have stuck with me, much in the same way that I consider Louisiana my home even though I've only lived there for a year and a half before my brain was formed enough to conjure memories. I'm proud to be from New Orleans, and I'm proud to be a Saints fan. I've gotten a lot of crap from my friends, especially those who are Cowboys fans (which is almost all of them), but I still love the black and gold.

The other day I was in Target and I had my Saints hat on and I was just walking down an aisle when a family stopped me and asked me if I was from New Orleans. The parents, and their three kids had been evacuated from New Orleans and had probably seen some of the worst stuff I could ever imagine, but they were so excited to see a kid in Dallas with a Saints hat on. It's stuff like that which makes me believe that the Saints have the best damned fans in the country and makes me proud to root for the black and gold.

I am currently a junior at Wake Forest University in the heart of Carolina Panthers territory. I'm studying business and I enjoy watching Demon Deacon basketball and football, St. Louis Cardinals baseball, and Dallas Mavericks basketball.

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kewl stuff guys, keep it coming.

that woman at the playoff game story choked me up. we GOTTA see a superbowl win before i croak. WE are just too good of fans!
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well i guess its my turn... im 24 will be 25 next month...

ive been a saints fan all my life... i would sit and watch the games with my grandfather every sunday and i kinda grew into it...

last year my family lost all our possessions and our house in hurricane rita and have since taken refuge all over LA...

i got my saints tattoo at 19 and ive always wanted to get another one and do some more stuff to this one... hopefully it will be next week!!!

thats about it i guess...

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I'm with ya pak. I want a cool fleur tatoo but I'm afraid. As long as Benson is in control....i'm kida scared to get one.
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hi, my name's forest,,,,,,,,,,,,forest gump..........................
and momma says stupid is as stupid does.........................
so, i've been a saint's fan all my life...................................
and if you need a shrimp recipe, bubba is here...............
well, that's all i've got to say on this subject..................................................smitty
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Im a die hard saints fan, as well as an avid Brooks hater. I am a Ms. Gulf Coast native who resides in Biloxi. My favorite teams are the Saints, Braves, and USM(Southern Miss). Iam currently enrolled @ USM. My favorite Saints player of all time is . . . Too many. Hoby Brenner, Eric Martin, McAfee, Gill Finerty, Gene Atkins, Brett Maxie, The Dome Patrol, Ironhead . . . etc. JOE HORN!. During the season, I can get through a ****ty week at work just knowing that I'll be at the Dome come Sunday. There is no better feeling(well, maybe one) than walking through the entrance and seeing the field. The crowd, the atmosphere, the beer, Horn's endzone dances, man, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I have and always will be a die hard Saints fan, no matter where they are.
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My father sat me down in front of the tv for my first Saints game back in 79, and I've been hooked ever since. Don't remember much, because I was five at the time, but the list of players I've seen come and go are too numerous to mention.
I remember when Benson bought the team, and kept them from moving back in the 80's....he was considered a god then. Funny how things (and mentalities) can change throughout the years. The dome patrol years were some of my favorite, and I had that badass Dome Patrol poster with the four standing in a row, dressed up in these Public Enemy-esque security outfits in front of the dome....wish I had kept that thing.

The waiting drove me mad....
I don't want to hear from those that know...
Everything has changed, absolutely nothing's changed

Eddie is a....draftnik?
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Hey now, just turned 23 (the greatest number in sports history with Michael Jordan and Don Mattingly). I Live in New York, always have. Yankees have always been my baseball team, growing up they were so terrible that it was easy to get tickets so my dad would bring me to a bunch of games every year and I became a fan. As for the important part, becoming a Saints fan. I've liked the Saints for 20 out of the 23 years I've been alive. It all started on November 26 1986, the Saints were playing the Jets and my dad was watching the game. When I saw that black and gold my eyes lit up, I knew that would be my favorite football team. I asked my dad what team that was and he said "the Saints." I don't think that he would have ever thought that 20 years later I'd still be a Saints fan. I go to Saints games whenever they come up here to NY and always rock out my Saints jersey's. I watch the games at a sports bar near by and can't wait to see Reggie running crazy around defenders this upcoming season.
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Yay, it's time for what I do best - talking about myself.

I'm Jon. I'm about to be 21-years old in July. I was born, raised, and still reside in the Acadiana area. As my name suggests, I'm a radio deejay (amongst other things) at an Oldies radio station. I've been in the industry for almost 4-years now. I'm currently attending college at ULL.

My grandpa, father, and uncle used to get together every Sunday and watch Saints games, so being a Saints fan is a family tradition. As a kid, I just fit right in with the rest of the guys and watched the Saints. I can't really tell you what year I actually started being able to comprehend football, but it was somewhere around the late 80's/early 90's. My mother would make matching homemade shirts for my dad and I with Saints logos and helmets.

I remember (long ago) my dad had joined the New Orleans Saints club. We recently opened up one of the envelopes and marveled at all of the cool (now outdated) stickers and other such things. If I'm not mistaken, the front of the catalog had a picture of Martin Anderson.

When I was finally able to understand football, for Christmas my great-great grandpa got me a Ricky Jackson action figure. He passed not along after that, but it's a memory I will always remember.

Anyways, my uncle passed away in the mid-90's and Sundays weren't the same for a few seasons. We're trying to bring back the tradition now, but my grandpa has endured so much disappointment from the Saints over the years that he tends to leave in the middle of the game. Hahaha! Occaisionaly though, he'll last the distance. We always try to make atleast one game a year, but last year we ordered season tickets for the first time. We did it again this year.

In 2002, I fell in love with a girl who happened to reside in San Diego (it's a long story.) Soon enough, I made many trips to see her the following year. While I couldn't catch Saints games on Sundays in San Diego, I watched the Chargers instead. Oddly enough, I became a Chargers fan - just as my girlfriend became a Saints fan. We're no longer together (still great friends, thoguh), but since then I've decided that I can't date a girl who atleast shares SOME love for the Saints.

Basically, I was raised into fandom, but I wouldn't have it any other way. My biggest dream is for the Saints to win the Super Bowl while my grandfather is still around. He's followed them since day 1 and he started the family tradition. He deserves no less.

I plan on raising my kids the same way, so I hope they keep the team where it belongs.

New Orleans Saints for LIFE!

Season Ticket Holder Since 2005
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