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Please help me understand....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; why Saints fans on another board second guess every move the Saints make. When the Saints were inactive in previous years, the team was criticized. This year the coaching staff and front office are busy evaluating the team and looking ...

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Old 06-06-2006, 09:24 PM   #1
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Please help me understand....

why Saints fans on another board second guess every move the Saints make. When the Saints were inactive in previous years, the team was criticized. This year the coaching staff and front office are busy evaluating the team and looking for opportunities to make the team better yet some Saints fans find fault in every move. I watch a lot of football and would consider myself a "more than average" fan of the game. But I cannot say I know more than the professionals that are currently calling the shots for this team. It seems to me Sean Payton and crew are doing everything they can with the resources available to put together a team that will not embarass us on Sundays. That remains to be seen but you have to applaud the effort thus far. Getting anything for Watson and Sullivan at this point in the year has to be considered a plus in my humble opinion. So for the first time in many years, I have to say GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX to the guys calling shots this year!!!! Next month won't come soon enough...I can't wait until the guys put on the pads and begin to start cracking heads...it's going to be a lot of fun to watch the battles at safety, WR, LB, and TE for sure. Your thoughts?
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RE: Please help me understand....

Fans like that complain because it's all they know. This team has been bad f for so long , it has become second nature. When they finally start winning, they will get respect. Frankly, they haven't really done anything in the past 40 years to deserve any.
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RE: Please help me understand....

I see what you are talking about, Skip. I wonder the same thing. I don't think it has anything to do with the team being bad for so long. Even when the team was playing good ball, they weren't making a lot of stand-out moves in the off-season. I don't think any fan really has a reason to complain about this offseason. They have definitely made huge mark on the NFL with signing Brees and drafting Bush. Though the rest of the free agent pick-ups weren't earth-shattering, there were still a lot of solid pick-ups (Simmons, Fujita, Bennett, etc.)Getting rid of some dead weight like Sullivan and Watson was a smart move. The only thing they could possibly be whining about is that the players taken didn't seem to fill a need. It may not, but then again, the front office and Peyton may be seeing something totally different. I still expect more moves to be made. Smith, Stallworth, Bennett, and Henderson could be the next in line to ship out.

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I do not diss the moves that any coaching staff makes. I know I do not know anything compared to the staff. I wish Sullivan and Watson had stayed and become probowlers. But if trading them for the players they got is what the coaches think will make the team better. Then I hope they are correct.
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Hey you guys are finally abmiting you do not know as much as me. about time, now yall are ready to listen to me. Payton forgot to call me on this one and is in for a good ass chewing. he is on thin ice right and trust me i have my good eye focused on him right now. he better straighten up or he will be shipped out too.
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I have not figured out Payton yet. But I think I like his plan. the other sites I have been on are like going to a AAA or NA meeting. That is why I like this site. It is more of an inablers meeting. civil and open minded. well to a limit. we follow the guidelines and do not have ten threads on the same topic.
As far as know it alls we are all there. each to or own extrem. I diss the staff all the time and will eat crow when I am wrong. But my refrig is over flowing with coaching crows. Haz has alot. I love it when the team admits it makes a mistake. that happens very rarely. Watsons deal was not to my liking but I will not rip on a player we get in the trade. That is were the staff knows more than me. well most of the time. I do not see Payton mves as personal in nature to the leaving player so far. I will wait and see what happens. now the view on the FO is abit different. cap cuts that cost us wins does piss me off. I am just waiting for that move to start next year.

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Those fans over there on that "other board" have ALLWAYS thought they knew more than everyone else and your opionion doesnt mena crap to them, What ever and Where ever the direction is that we are going, I love it, this year feels special, like when I divorced my last wife special
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now the feeling NewMex. I am really optimisic this year. Always am but the REALLY part was not included
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Who cares about that "Other " board. We have this one. and let me tell you, THIS ONE ROCKS !!!
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I am also more optimistic this year than I have been in a while. I was at the point that I had no faith in our entire coacing staff and a lot of our players. I love how disciplined and tough this new staff has been and love that they have been cracking the whip and trimming the fat.
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