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Stallworth's job.....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by hagan714 whodat he was the #1 last year. it is not a talent issue it is how you use it on the field. He is the biggest disappointment for 3 years now. he just needs to step ...

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Originally Posted by hagan714
whodat he was the #1 last year. it is not a talent issue it is how you use it on the field. He is the biggest disappointment for 3 years now. he just needs to step it NOW. earn the big money. If he could get the drops under 8, for once, in a year he would be safe. we are still waiting. sucking it up over the middle all the time would help him.
Is whoodi on vaction? thought he would be in the middle of all this.
That is a completely and utterly false statement. 100% Please refrain from making further such false statements in the future. :P
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I'll take Bryant over Stallworth but I still love my Stallworth. Been defending him for years through thick and thin... he can be that #1. If he can just string together a couple of consistent games, there's no reason why he couldn't be one of the top WR's in the league... at least number wise. Too bad for him like a lot of other players this offseason, once you're in Payton's doghouse, it's hard to climb back out.
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okay whoodi. objective i know.
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What do Walker, Lelie, Gaffney, Bryant, & Randle El have in common besides draft class?

Answer: They are all off or on their way out of the teams that drafted them. Maybe it is time for Stallworth to go.
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I will for the first time wade into a WhoDat and whodi thread.
I do not have any links to back up my next statement.
But, Donte has a "Thug" mentality as far as I see it. Like Rod Tidwell he is always concerned about his station instead of performing to ensure he will be the best WR he can be.
I am not saying that he doesn't work hard. I believe most players this time of year do.
I just get the feeling that he has a sense of entitlement because he has been here awhile.
I partially blame Haz for allowing that environment to foster.
Of course he had good #s last year.
WhoDat, Your Boy AB does lock onto his #1 option because his football brain functions like a 133mhz processor in a 5 ghz environment. He cannot handle progressions so Donte would have been his only choice as a consequence.
Am I wrong about this?
Joe is not ageless though he has defied age to this point. The man works hard and wants his team to win.
I just don't think Donte fits with this coach and his approach to building a team.
This may not sit well with Donte. They may have butted heads about it. We don't know. I will for now trust Payton's judgement considering what we have seen for the last 5 yrs.

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Who are you?
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Stall isn't nowhere near a bust...He has done nothing BUT improve...He had Ab as a Qb who never cared about any other players on the team, all he thought of was Horn and never got the ball to Stall until last yr...The man put up top reciver #'s last yr, and if Bouman hadn't finished the season he would've had more...He may have that tude, but he is a good player/athelete....In that Draft Class, he's better than all of them with closest being Walker and Bryant, the man could be our #1...I heart the dude, and would love o see him stay, but if they prefer him to bye bye, then get us something in return

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Stallworth's the fastest WR on the team and has proven that he can make big plays. Whatever his "demeanor", it would be really foolish to trade/release a known quantity that stretches defenses when the o-line is suspect. 70 catches out of 129 passes thrown his way with 8 drops. lots of yardage and yards after the catch. terrible for Payton to have to suffer through such a season.
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I don't see what everyone is getting worked up about. I'm pretty sure everyone saw Stallworth and his performance last year. We all know what he's capable of. And at this point it's not as if Payton hasn't watched some film on him and seen what he's capable of as well. It's about seeing Stallworth perform in HIS offense, From what i understand Stallworth has not put in much time in Payton's offense at all. Like Payton said, he can't just take Stallworth at his word. He wants to see the results. Stallworth can't pull a T.O. and ride a bike all day and still have a roster spot. Not taking anything away from him, but I honestly think Hass, Colston or Henderson could put up the stats that Stallworth has put up thus far in his career. I will admit that none of those recievers are near his class of speed(well Henderson is real close)but other than his speed, Stallworth doesn't have any true strengths. He's pretty much average in every other category. Speed is very important though. True we won't be able to replace his speed, but there are other skill sets that we gain by his absence. Hass's catching, Colston's physicality....those are skills we can utilize as well. If we can keep all of them....great. But we certainly won't be in bad shape if he leaves.

Look at it from the coach's perspective. Why should he keep a vet who hasn't put much time in with the offense and had a lackidasical attitude thus far rather than a youngster who's busting his behind every day? I wouldn't want my livelyhood to depend on players with Stallworth's attitude.
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People who have a question about Stall's attitude, I can not argue with at all. Like I said, if it is as it is being reported, it is putting me off too. I agree ONE HUNDRED PERCENT with Rocky saying it seems like a sense of entitlement with him, like after last year he doesn't need to put in the work. And if THAT is the case, well, I may have to watch him play elsewhere. I would hate to see that, but these young guys we have have a lot of heart and desire, and if Stall doesn't, I do not know if I want that here. I really, REALLY expect him to do well once he gets it down in this offense, but if he is gonnabe a pre-madonna, I can;t be mad if he's gone.
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