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Brooks Haters Rejoice!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; *double take* Double What?...

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*double take*

Double What?
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Not trying to change the subject but I was looking for that hit to be #1 on " You Got Jacked Up!'
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Originally Posted by Euphoria
That was all the O-line last night... You can't fault Brooks. His mechanics were there but the O-line was not. I seriously didn't think it was funny. It would be like laughing at the Trent Green hit.
I will laugh out loud at Brooks. HaHaHa!!!!! His piss poor pocket presence was shown once again to the entire world. What a joke. My only dissappointment was that they did not put him out of his misery with a hit like Trent Green took. I hate to wish pain on anyone, but if anyone deserves it, it's "Smiley". I hate that A**hole!!!!
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Originally Posted by Euphoria
That was all the O-line last night... You can't fault Brooks. His mechanics were there but the O-line was not. I seriously didn't think it was funny. It would be like laughing at the Trent Green hit. For a bunch of so called professional football and now days all you hear is the pareity in the league... there wasn't any in that game. Can the Packers, Raiders be that bad...
Oh! No No No! You ain't gettin away with that cheese. The major problems that we and now Oakland face is that Fumbles is too stupid to make the reads in a pro offense. He is indecisive, and he panics. Look at my comments on him last year. His tactic is to retreat rather than step forward. He also lacks touch on the ball, another thing that he was faulted for last year. But, as Hazlett said, He has "potential." And as you stat boys point out, "he has good "stats.' " He just can't play consistently and he is not a "team player." I'm waiting until about week 5 until Moss finally has had enough. I'll admit that the Raiders have a weak O line, but it ain't all on them. Remember we had 6 long, miserable years of Fumbles trying to live up to his potential. Baloney! The truth is that he sucks!! SUCKS!!! Good Riddance!!
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you can say what ya want the but only thing that happened in this one game was the OLINE SUCKED, it wasn't him in that game last night! First time the back up goes to pass what happened... SACKED. SD - D was either way to awesome or Oakland O-line was horrible.
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Wow, so even with another team, Brooks get the same excuse? Why, pray tell, was drew Brees not sacked about 100x behind a line that was supposed to be WORSE than the one we had last year, and the year before and the year before? Stop being an apologist. O-lines can be bad, but a QB with no pocket awareness will make them look 100x worse, the same way I kept trying to tell people Drew Brees, because of his pocket awareness, will make our O-line look better than they should be.
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Euphoria i second that statement the Oline is the most responsible for that loss. Yes as you stated as soon as Walter came in he was sacked. Walter atleast put together a scoring drive. I still think they should of kicked the feildgoal to avoid the second shutout ever at home sice61. Brooks though is still back peddling to read a defense, and avoid sacks though instead of stepping up in the pocket. Lack of a running game did not help either for the raiders though. Your answer though about was it the SD-D or the OLINE that gave the raiders though most problems is the the Oline. Anytime you give up 9 sacks three bye Merriman you have a problem with the Oline.
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Well, at least we know the Raiders have a good leader at QB to get them through these tough times
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Andrew Walter starts come week four for the Raidahs ...
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Originally Posted by TallySaint
The Raiders offensive line is horrendous.
And thats the bottom liine!!!

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