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Brees Bashing?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Over the past few weeks I've been noticing a disturbing trend: a remarkable amount of Drew Brees bashing. People seem to be writing this guy off already as a guy who's not going to be able to reach "greatness." Before ...

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Brees Bashing?

Over the past few weeks I've been noticing a disturbing trend: a remarkable amount of Drew Brees bashing. People seem to be writing this guy off already as a guy who's not going to be able to reach "greatness." Before you make a list of 13 reasons why we're going to lose, and list Brees as the reason for about 8 of them, remember a few things:

1. Brees is probably still trying to get back to 100% from a rotator cuff tear. That's a serious injury that not many people can ever recover from. He's also done it faster than most doctors thought possible, which IMO is a testament to his will and his work ethic. Remember also that because of the injury, he couldn't get as much work in with his receivers during the mini camps as he would have liked to. Also, think about the psychological effects that he's battling through, trying to feel comfortable enough behind that line to put it completely out of his head.

2. Brees is on a brand new team. So far, he's played one regular season game with his teammates. He had limited duty in mini/training camps. The chemistry just might not be 100% yet. Give the guy a little time to build timing with Joe and Colston and the rest of the guys.

3. Brees is learning a brand new offense, as is the rest of the team. He came into a new city, with a new coach, who is getting his first opportunity to call the shots. The offense is probably being changed and upgraded every day as Payton looks for the best ways to use his weapons. I know it's his job to learn the plays, but the guy is learning a huge playbook at the same time he's trying to figure out how to best utilize his players with the plays the coach is calling.

4. Brees is a Pro Bowler. He might not be "great" in the sense of a Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but IMO he's every bit as good as Donovan McNabb or Carson Palmer. From 2004-2005, his completion percentage was second in the league only to a guy named Peyton. He's a career 62.2% passer. In 2004, he finished the season with a 104.8 passer rating. FACE IT, DREW BREES IS REALLY GOOD.

Anyways, my point is, Brees is a very good QB, and he's a 1,000,000X upgrade over AB; and I can legitimately say that, even though he's only played one game with his teammates and he's still trying to find that chemistry. But, IMO, even more importantly, he's a good person, a real class act. Him and his family have come into New Orleans and embraced the city. He cares about the fans and he doesn't want to let them, us, down. This guy is going to be the number one passer in Saints history when it's all said and done, let's try to show him some support.
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I agree on all points. I probably don't explain it well enough, but I have been "bashing" Brees for his arm - but trying to give credit to his smart play, leadership, and intangibles. You cannot teach the one, and the other gets better if you put work into it. I think Brees will do exactly that and his arm will get better each week.

Should be a scary thought to teams planning against us, considering he's successful with a rag arm right now.
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Unabashed here

Some of the greatest weren't the fastest or the strongest by any means. Some through almost sheer will power seemed to achieve and win by the same tenacity and skills that Brees exhibits.

Joe Montana and Bart Starr come to mind first as some of the best of this sort. Old Saint Billy Kilmer QBed the 'Skins in their 70's hey day and he was barely even a quarterback at all.
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Somebodies Avatar from the Radiers Site. LMAO.

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LOL, that eye patch reminds me of a fantasy report about Brooks I read this week. Went something like- The MRI on Brooks knee showed nothing and he is good enough to start. The question is whether he will be good enought to finish the game.
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With that avatar, I guess we need to change his famous statement to "He owned them with his eye!"
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Who's been Brees bashing? Only people you prob should not listen to anyway?
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His leadership ability at the helm, by itself, is a refreshing change (he's not hurting us w/ careless turnovers & poor pocket presence). The arm will get better as the year progresses. Remember guys......he's coming back from a major shoulder injury. Give him some time & his passes will become more crisp.
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Originally Posted by foreverfan
Somebodies Avatar from the Radiers Site. LMAO.

Apparently, he took this picture after an interception.
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I got nothing bad to say right now. I don't know who's complaining.

I want to see our offense get in the endzone. In that area, Brees needs to improve.
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