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Reggie Bush running N-S

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; They've been quite successful against mediocre teams. The meat of the schedule is coming up and turnovers are what determines going to the playoffs and staying home. I want the rose-colored glasses like like the rest of you but I ...

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They've been quite successful against mediocre teams. The meat of the schedule is coming up and turnovers are what determines going to the playoffs and staying home. I want the rose-colored glasses like like the rest of you but I was watching the games not drinking the kool-aid. Deuce needs the ball close to the goal line with Karney lead blocking period. Reggie is good for off-tackle plays, slot receiver plays and occasionally an up-the-middle play to keep the defense honest. We could kill alot more of the clock and reduce the number of turnovers and turnover situations with Deuce getting 70-75% of running plays and Bush getting the rest with his pass-receiving thrown in for good measure. Offensive drives are about flow and with the great QB we now have and the constant of Deuce's running ability mixed with Colston and Reggie's receiving skills we could have a better record right now with less turnovers.


81 carries for 207 yards = 2.6 average. Longest rush of 18 yards and 1 TD (as a running back).


126 carries for 547 yards = 4.3 average. Longest rush of 57 yards with 7 TDs.

Not to mention, Reggie has fumbled twice in crucial situations that turned the game around and played a crucial part in 2 of our 3 losses.

C'mon Payton, give Deuce the ball and let's finish this season out strong.
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Besides that fumble, Bush looked real good out there on Sunday. It was very encouraging seeing him going through those holes then dancing... instead of dancing and boucing everything outside. He's still a rookie and is only going to get better.
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Bush looked better. I have to agree with you on the north south bit. The next step is for him to continue that N-S about 3 to 5 yards deeper into the second level. he is still cutting east and west in the middle of the first level. Well that is better than before he gets there.
If the defense could keep the points down and drew keeps lighting them up. Opposing defense will have to stop focusing on bush. till then no team wants to the one that Reggie Bush has his break out against. Bush should have a better day against Cinnci.
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This is one of those rare instances where T-R and I agree.

Reggie is slowly completing phase one of his maturation...run North and South. He did it well and effectively. He saw holes and hit them and when he didn't see holes.....he gave the people in the way concussions. PRICELESS! Now for phase two. With Reggies erratic running styles comes....an erratic way of holding on to the football. If you notice Deuce now a days when he runs only one arm is moving. The other arm is securing the ball as tight as anyone can secure a football. Reggie right now is moving both arms thus...the arm with the ball is kind of moving all over the place when he runs which means the right shot or strip and he will lose it. I'm sure as time goes on and he gets drilled by Payton for fumbling he will realize that the arm that carries is going have to virtually attach itself to his chest with a very tight grip so it won't fall out of his hands. HE'LL GET THERE!

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Bush should take a page from Willie Parker's book and learn how to really use his speed on the field.
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Re: RE: Reggie Bush running N-S

Originally Posted by gandhi1007
Bush is a rookie
So are Lawrence Maroney & Marques Colston, but they're not putting the ball on the ground. I'm sorry......I was a "give the rookie a chance" kinda' guy too, but enough is enough. After 9 games, I haven't seen anything but blunders from the guy. We all want him to succeed, but sooner or later.......enough's enough! We've got a good RB (Deuce).....hell, a really good one. Let's use him until Reggie can see the holes, stops falling on the 1st tackle, & quits putting the damn ball on the ground. I'm not asking for the guy's head.....I just want to see us use our better back more often. I know they're trying to keep Reggie involved, but there comes a time when you have to cut your losses & say "You know what.....I'm going with the guy that gives us a better chance to win....NOW."

..hate to break it to you, but Deuce has more fumbles (3) than Reggie (2).

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Reggie hasn't shown to be a chronic fumbler yet. He fumbled like 4 times last year at USC, so I don't think its going to be a huge problem, just another thing that he'll have to learn to do a bit differently at the pro level. Payton should give him some game footage of the way Tiki Barber runs with the ball; he WAS the master of fumblitis (about as bad as The Nameless Number 2) and that has been fixed mainly through correcting his mechanics.

And last I checked, Reggie didn't let Parker break off two big runs that led to touchdowns, or was the one to have the game-sealing fumble at the very end of the game.
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If you want to get technical, Deuce has fumbled 3 times but only lost two of those, Bush has fumbled twice, lost both times and threw an interception in the red zone. Neither of Deuce's contributed to the Saints losing.
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So it begs to ask, where were the people to recover Bushes fumbles for the team, when Deuce's get recovered? Coincendence? Things just happen!!! One of Bushes fumbles gets recovered then we possibly win this past Sunday's game.
Players need to be around Bush is running to help out.
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Re: Reggie Bush running N-S

Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper
... am I wrong, or was Reggie actually running North-South most of the game?
I said the very same thing. It has taken him time, more than most predicted, but this guy is use to running the entire field in the NCAA and the defenses in the NFL run as fast as he does. He will get it. and LORD HELP THE NFL WHEN HE DOES!
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