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Should the Saints trade up???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I know Detroit is sitting there with a number 2 pick. Many draft analysts predict them to trade down. Or how about getting up at least between 13-16, and possibly snagging Willis? This is not out of our range to ...

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Should the Saints trade up???

I know Detroit is sitting there with a number 2 pick. Many draft analysts predict them to trade down. Or how about getting up at least between 13-16, and possibly snagging Willis? This is not out of our range to do.
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I would dance a jig if they were to somehow nab Willis, but it would probably cost too much to do it. A swapping of firsts and another couple of picks would probably be what it takes, and there's just too many teams from Buffalo on down that could use him for him to slip that far.
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I know I'll get blasted for this, but I think the team is in good shape as it stands now. We all know the offense is stacked with playmakers and the O-line is pretty good, too. Key additions have been made to the D with KK, Simmons and now maybe Jason David. Those guys definitely fill holes, plus we've added deapth at LB which was a big need. Granted, none of those guys are big names, but big names come with big egos.

As we go into the draft, I think we're in an optimal position to draft for deapth at CB, WR, QB and DL. IMO there is no need to trade picks and move up; this is a time to fill any holes and get ready for the insanity that will be the 2008 free agent market. Don't leverage the future and/or get in cap trouble when you're already a contender.
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Went through some options here

To get willis we need to go to 10. Houston is the best option if we are going to target him. But kiss a Grant good bye or a couple of high picks this year and next.

Houston at 10(1300) to re-coup picks form the Atlanta trade. 27 to 10 is only 620 points or pick #30 in the first round. If Grant was part of trade we might be able to swap picks moving up in a round to boot. Say the 4th round, 107 (80) for 126(46) or maybe even a 3rd round 88(150) for 73 (225). Unlikely but just maybe. That would put us in the ideal spot for the best player in the draft at CB and LB. Top 2 or 3 at DE and DT. Houston gets another player and does not loose any picks. For us this would offer the biggest impact player we could get in the draft without risking the furture.

If we could swap a third round we could draft a DE to help replace him. Of course at least two DE/DT types would have to be drafted. but you would have to choice between:
Levi Brown
Ted Ginn Jr
Patrick Willis
Amobi Okoye
Leon Hall
Adam Carriker

Myself I would turn around and trade down to Denver at 21 (romured to want #10) Get additional picks and settle for the BPA at 21
Darrelle Revis
Paul Posluszny
Dwayne Bowe
Aaron Ross

I like denver better as a trading partner. But in the case we could move up in 3 or 4 and get an additional third. plus some picks to bank away for next year

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Depends on how bad we really want a certain player. I think we're okay where we are but if we do decide to move up, as long as it doesn't cost us an arm and a leg. Then, we draft another Jonathan Sullivan. Man that would suck arse.
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i think we are fine at 27, but i could only see us trading up a few spots if someone were to fall or if we believed that the player that we covet the most will be taken before 27
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What's Grant supposedly worth as far as draft points? What team really needs DE help who'd be interested in giving up a 1st to get him?
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I'd like to see us dance around in the draft... move up only to move down again and try and get some extra picks here and there. I am really curious to see how Sean is going to handle this years draft. Moving up to get a player though I don't see it... there is to many options and senerio's that'll take place.
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No we do not need to trade up.... no need to....
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Those of you are asking to move up in the draft by trading Charles Grant, i hope you want to move up to take a DE...there is no one on our roster than can start at DE if we trade Grant. Trading him just creates another hole to fill for those of you who want to move up to get a MLB when we already have Simmons and Simoneau. Trading up is fine if there is someone they want, but no trade should include Grant.
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