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Jeremy Green - ESPN Chat on Deuce

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; dave (cleveland): Why would the Saints draft Pittman with an already crouded backfield? Jeremy Green: (11:42 AM ET ) McAlister is not going to be there after this season. Bush will have to eventually prove he can start and they ...

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dave (cleveland): Why would the Saints draft Pittman with an already crouded backfield?

Jeremy Green: (11:42 AM ET ) McAlister is not going to be there after this season. Bush will have to eventually prove he can start and they like the two RB attack. Pittman in terms of value was a very good pick here.


its about 2/3rds of the way down
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From the same Chat:

Tom (Nola): For the 100th time, Any thoughts on the Saints draft?

Gary Horton: (5:17 PM ET ) I especially liked their first pick of Robert Meachem, even though a lot of people wondered if WR was that big of a need. But the Saints love 3 WR sets and to spread the field. With Horn gone, this gives them another good target for Brees. The rest of the draft has been solid and they have done a good job filling needs. At least they have addressed the secondary with 2 picks.
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Green's shooting in the dark...just a throw-away remark.

Given Pittman's build and the obvious interest in him by trading up, I'm thinking the plan here is to have our 3rd RB be a mini-Bush type. Obviously both Bush and Deuce are important to the team, but I think a Bush injury rips more holes in the playbook -- hence the insurance policy.

Should Deuce go down, you can always find a more traditional RB to sign or trade for. Bush's unique and varied role on the team almost demands having somebody on the roster who can step in with a working knowledge of the playbook.

But hey, what do I know?
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I see the drafting of Pittman as a money saving move.

Stecker is due almost 2 mil this year, to much for a special teamer at best.

Pittman, maybe 3 milliom on a 3 year contract.

Stecker has never impressed me anyway. Can you say bye bye?
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The Saints made a mistake last year by letting Michael Bennett be traded. He was to have the role of Reggie Bush before he dropped to them. Stecker tried to play a reliever role but was not effective even on special teams.With Pittman he can step in for both Reggie and Deuce.
It's time for the fans to get rid of their loser mentality. Stockpiling of talent for winning teams don't mean letting go of starters, it mean finding quality backups when drafting at the bottom of the draft.
Start getting use to how winning teams play and aquire players.
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The "Deuce Coupe" AINT going nowhere!!! Bush without Deuce is like Master P without government cheese!! You'll never say "UUUUNNNGH!!!"
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Has this been posted? He has flashes of greatness but I don't know too much about him. I have a friend who graduated from Ohio State and he gave me the thumbs up on Pittman. And just to add more to the Deuce post, if you think we are going to keep Deuce and Bush forever you are naive to what the salary cap was implemented for. There is no way we could afford 2 superstar RBs, and neither one deserve a pay cut so Pittman is our backup plan in 3 years when one of them will have to go.
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I think Pittman is a great #3, he reminds me a lot of Warrick Dunn. Looks like a scatback, but is still tough between the tackles. Remember when Stecker fumbled against Baltimore? Or when Deuce came up limping against the Bears and we had basically no running game? They call him "Mr. Reliability" for a reason. Lots of scouts had him rated as the third best back in the draft. Trading a 5th rounder to get him is chump change.

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Guy has man love for Pittman.

Pittman pick???????? Well thats what the media is trying to figure out. So they are coming up with all kind of reasons. This is the sensational one. Thats all. Sports broadcasters try to get one right. forget about it.
Pittman we HOPE can not only be a third down back but a back that helps rest Duce and keep him fresh. We saw last year Bush is better used as a roving back. When he is in the back field it makes it to easy to key on him and match up with our other weapons. Duce and Bush on the field is best. We needed a back to come in and give Duce a break while not limiting the offense. Enter Pittman. Stecker can not be used in that role. I knew we would be getting a back to fill this need. Pittman by no means was the back I thought they would end up. I love the move. Shawn should be able to continue his game plain with or without Duce on the field.
Make no mistake Pittman is not Duce. Lets see what we got first before jumping the gun. Besides RB in the market place this year got squatt and could be had for the same.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Yo, everybody can leave that DEUCE crap alone, he's not going anywhere, PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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