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I don't understand...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; The defense like the offense was patch work unit. They both did a great job. We need some starters to plug in here or there or have a few of the old dogs to get their bit back. Depth is ...

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The defense like the offense was patch work unit. They both did a great job. We need some starters to plug in here or there or have a few of the old dogs to get their bit back. Depth is the key issue across the board. Well it seems like the draft, UDFA, street FA and 08 practice sqaud have addressed most of the issues. Now lets see what happens in camp now. We all know this is not the end of adding new faces till then. The saints may have one or two moves left till then that will be key to building the team for the future. Lets see how this group shapes up first. Stepping in the right direction.
You have to give Fred some slack. The Safety play last year was a spotty to say the least. One starter and some aged verterans did not cut it.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Originally Posted by JOESAM2002 View Post
Most of the big plays against our defense was by Fred Thomas. Yea we had some problems in the run game. But I do remember Boykin from last year and I think they are pretty high on him.Last year he just had some personal problems, when he got the straight he came back. I too think this new Thimas kid can be a boon to the line IF they can keep him on the straight and narrow.
True that Thomas hurt us, but we were suspect all over. Look at some of the big runs we gave up- notably against Carolina, and then versus the Eagles in the playoffs. We just didn't have the speed or awareness to prevent the big ones.
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Dont count on June 1st cuts producing any big name guys. I cant remember even 1 from last year. teams are doing a much better job with the salary cap now and not to mention, the cap is through the roof. there will be a few guys cut by the time training camp starts but nothing that will knock your socks off.
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In actual execution our defense was probably not 11th, but I bet it's it least that now with us not having to put Fred Thomas on the field. I know it's an oversimplification to hang the woes of an entire unit on one person, and it's especially unfair to a true professional such as Fred, but you kinda sorta gotta look at it that way.

The main problem last year was the deep ball, and Fred was the one who got picked on for most of those deep balls. See Carolina, Cincy, Chicago. I bet I'm forgetting a big play in either the Pittsburgh or Baltimore game.You can even make the argument that any statistical problem with our run defense was a result of us being overly concerned w/ providing help to coverage. Honestly, I thought our run D was pretty good when it needed to be, i.e. short yardage/momentum swinging situations. I felt better on 3rd and short than 3rd and 8. We gave up big runs on pass-run "neutral" downs, when we had to pay attention to the pass as much as the run.

The LB's played well as a unit -- the sum greater than the parts. Get Harper back on the field, let competition decide between Kaevasharn and Bullocks, and swap out Fred for Jason David and Simmons for Simoneau -- that has to spell improvement. Factor in another year of experience in the scheme and I think we're in good shape.
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anytime the TV color analyst(s) can say for certain the opposing QB should just go for whatever receiver is lined up against Fred Thomas, it's a safe bet the foe's offensive coordinator that figured that out as well. I was figuring on Chris Houston but I think The Saints had a good draft and when we iron out the DB issues the South better strap on their cleats and hold on for the ride. It's gonna be bumpy.
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Originally Posted by LongTimeFan View Post
The Saints defense wasn't bad last season in not for our secondary, we played pretty good up front, Fred Thomas just killed us, especially with the deep balls , the Saints will be much improved next season because now we'll be able to cover down field.
The future looks great with the Saints..
I also hope to see that the line protects Brees better than they did last season...
I agree, I feel Drew may not be touched next year. The OL has a year vested in their offenser, they will only get better. Now they've matured enough to teach their backups, win/win situation.

If Big Daddy pans out, I feel sorry for our opponents, NOT!
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Originally Posted by saintsmissile View Post
and Bullocks is TERRIBLE! I'm praying that Kaesvaharn replaces him in the starting lineup. He's a better tackler and has better instincts than Bullocks. How many times last year was Bullocks in the wrong position or took wrong angles? I do believe some of those long runs will be limited now that we have Brian Simmons. He's a run stuffing MLB and he will certainly be an improvement over the cover style MLB Simineau. Still, a real banger at SS would have been nice in the draft or UFA. Maybe we'll pick up a vet after June 1st.
That would be so dumb. We were very weak in coverage on Defense was because we were of age and less atheleticism. To let you know we player Cover 1 and Man-to-Man last year. We cannot blame Bullocks at all, or not as much as people fault him. The guy spent 70% darn near up in the box. The plays we gave up was because of Bellamy and Thomas. McKenzie barely got beaten, and the big plays was when Bullocks caught up to the play

Replacing Bullocks with KK makes us even worse. KK isn't faster, more atheletic, or I'd say better than Bullocks. He's just an overly productive Nickel back, which is just what we should have him at and let him make plays there

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here, here D24

Safety position was thin last year. Harper going down hurt us big time. Josh had to play FS fulltime and try to make up for the lack of depth at SS. I think he did okay but it was to much to ask of him. I look for at least one of these CB we are bringing in to up grade the depth at the SS position. Gleason is what he is a special teams demon. His contract proves it. Jay is ready for key west and sunset watching. So keep you eye on the kids and the rotation in preseason. At least one will be at SS I bet. Jay and Gleason maybe goners this year or next.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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Originally Posted by nola_swammi View Post
The main reason our defense was # 11 is because of the offense time of possesion. The defense did play ok but it does need some improvement
You got it. I bet if you looked at yds per play or drive or some "per capita" statistics we were at the bottom of the barrell.

However, I'm not so inclined to join the Fred Thomas lynch squad. He got burned deep in a primarily man-to-man defense. If a CB gets burned deep, then there is at least equal blame on the Safties. But I think you gotta put a good bit of the blame on the coaching staff. If the commentators know what comming, then the coaches should too.

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I think we needed a better influx of speed and experience into our defense. Granted our defense played better and played SMART, but a huge reason for the success was indeed the offense. When the offense was operating high octane, you start to make the other team a little more one dimensional and cut out a large portion of their playbook and now the smart players you have on defense can make things happen. On the other hand, when Deuce was pounding the ball and we were turning out long, time consuming drives, other offenses couldnt get on the field and make plays. This is just from sheer memory but it was really the offenses and players with top end speed that hurt our defense. Willie Parker torching us with 213 yards rushing most of which came on two long runs to the outside. Chad Johnson burning our defense for 190 yards on 6 catches (not 100% sure, but i think two of his long TDs were on deep routes).

We were certainly suscepitble to the big play. First, the nature of our defense leaves some exposure to big plays. We dont blitz a whole lot to generate hella pressure...we more or less rely on our line. We dont really mix and match zone and man coverages all that much leaving our corners who while servicable werent top notch by any means last year often mismatched.
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