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anyone seen this....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; 30-yard bomb (possibly a TD) or a 15-yard penalty, take you pick....

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30-yard bomb (possibly a TD) or a 15-yard penalty, take you pick.
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The way I see it....he may have hit his helmet against the reciever but it clearly shows that KK was trying to blow the guy up with his shoulder. he had his body turned when the hit occured. Its not like Kk went straight for his head. The helmet contact was incidental....his shoulder clearly knocked the wind out of that guy and well....thats the NFL.
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Originally Posted by ScottF View Post

End result------15 yards and a first down.

Please do no not respond to this post that it was not illegal , or not a blow to the head.

IT WAS? I guess just because you think you're right then there's no possibility otherwise. I admit he should have gone lower, but I think the replay shows that he initiated contact with his sholder in the WR's chest - any head contact was incidental to the tackle, which happens all the time legally.

The fact that a flag was thrown only serves as an indication that someone who didn't have the benefit of slow motion thought it was an illegal hit. The refs aren't infallible. There are plenty of times a flag is not thrown yet the DB gets a fine for an illegal hit. Someone said earlier that the NFL didn't fine KK for this hit. If that's true, then maybe the NFL didn't think it was illegal either.
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It was a heck of a hit. This is always going to happen, unless the reciever is totally blind sided. The last move is by the one getting hit if he sees it coming. It is called a flinch. The only thing I would lecture KK on is keeping his head up. But then again thet leads to neck injuries. It happens and like some one said he is not known as a dirty player. Besides we all yell and scream kill'em at the games.
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While on the subject of big hits. Look at this following video.

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Now that was illegal.
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