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Deuces last day?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Deuce is by far and away my favorite player on this team, maybe favorite saint ever. He's about as classy as a guy can be and is the definition of a team player. I have a feeling Monday night was ...

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Deuces last day?

Deuce is by far and away my favorite player on this team, maybe favorite saint ever. He's about as classy as a guy can be and is the definition of a team player. I have a feeling Monday night was the last time we'll see Deuce in a saints uniform. With his age, contract, and knees the way they are something has got to give and I fear his days are done with us. I understand it's a business and all and I hope I'm wrong, but I don't see him being as effective as he once was and we can't pay him what his contract is gonna be paying him.
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Re: Deuces last day?

Sadly, I fear you are correct.

we can only hope that they bring him back next year. They desperately need this guy!
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Re: Deuces last day?

Well Deuce is NOT my favorite player all time. Dalton Hillard still holds that mantle.

But Deuce means a lot.

For me, Deuce is New Orleans Saints for the last whatever number of years, I ain't counting. Or is it New Orleans Saints is Deuce? No matter. Deuce has been the model for all that was good recently
(choke - the Visa advert with Louis Armstrong singing "Oh when the Saints.." has just come on. Louis' song always gets me going. Sort of happy, sort of full of melancholy) with New Orleans Saints.

A model professional, and a gentleman, and a man you sensed has compassion for others. A person who doesn't demand "look at me", but plays for the team.

I fear deeply that Deuce's days are seriously numbered.

(I look over my right shoulder. I wonder if I should not have moved that great McFarlane Sports Picks Series 6 Deuce McAllister - look it up - it is a steal)

My god. What a change. Last year Deuce a 1000 yard rusher in a crazy Saints teams that defied and probably disappointed everyone who do not have Saints in their heart. And there, in the moment when only an even higher performance would do, Deuce did what Deuce can. January 13th; Deuce rushed for 143 yards for that playoff win - you know - that thing we Saints don't usually bother with.

Hey Deuce - Thanks.

Our Saints, Our City, Our Soul
Saints are individuals of exceptional holiness
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Re: Deuces last day?

I was thinking the same thing today. May have seen the last of Deuce in uniform, at least a Saints uniform. Yep, big contract, two major knee injuries, and age. I was in a major funk today when thinking about it all. I hope everything works out for Deuce, he is the class of the Saints organization.
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Re: Deuces last day?

Yep I'd put him on the chopping block. We got to get money and picks... build a real team for a change.
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Re: Deuces last day?

WOW , i hope your all worng we need Deuce. Reggie play will show if Deuce stay or goes. I hope he back next year.
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Re: Deuces last day?

Deuce is about as classy as football players come nowadays. He's been the heart and soul of this team for a while, and in my mind, it's essence. I sure hope they find a way to keep this guy. He is my favorite Saint of all time, and it's sad seeing him go out like that again after he had battled back from the first ACL tear. This team is better with Deuce on the roster.

And about him being so old, the guy is just 28.
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Re: Deuces last day?

If this is his last game with the Saints, I hope he is successful with whatever team he hooks up with. He is the Saints top rushing leader and it would have been great if he retired a Saint. But Reggie is my favorite player on the team, and I hope he breaks Deuce's Saints rushing record rather quickly.
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Re: Deuces last day?

was out to eat Tue night here in ATL while Joe Horn was there. I over heard him talking and he said he got a text from Deuce Mon night and it over.. Not only the last night as a Saint but the last time playing........... just what I over heard....
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Re: Deuces last day?

sad days my friends...
sad days indeed
he was allways one of my favs
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