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saints want shockey

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I would offer them the third rd pick and if they dont take it.........move on...

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Re: saints want shockey

I would offer them the third rd pick and if they dont take it.........move on
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Re: saints want shockey

I definitely wouldn't trade him for our 1st round pick... that would be pretty stupid. Our second, probably not either as we draft pretty high in the second round. For our third than definitely... that's good value for a Pro Bowl tight end.
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Re: saints want shockey

shockey would be a HUGE asset if his 'tude remains in check. if meachem turns out to be a big producer, our offense would be unstoppable with shockey added to it.
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Re: saints want shockey

I'm ready for the draft!!!!!

and then preseason!!!!!!!!!
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Re: saints want shockey

Originally Posted by SapperSaint View Post
I'm ready for the draft!!!!!

and then preseason!!!!!!!!!
and then the postseason.
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Re: saints want shockey

if anything happens, it wont happen until around the draft. on the plus side, we got vilma for a pick next year, so another trade is a possibilty.
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Re: saints want shockey

I would love to see a big-play tight end in the Saints offense. Remember that Brees had two favorite receiving targets in San Diego, one being Gates. If he could have another receiving threat like that, Brees would have so many options it would put his head on a swivel with Colston, Bush, and Shockey. You could throw the waterboy in as a 2nd receiver and it wouldn't make any difference. If Shockey is the answer, go get him.
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Cool Re: Shockey

[QUOTE=pakowitz;155196]i would take him for 2 reasons..

1. he just wants to win..the guy is passionate about winning, you have to give him that.. he calls out everyone b/c he wants to win and everyone blasts him for it.

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Re: saints want shockey

I'd take him for a third, or a 2nd in '09, when most likely that won't be a top 50 pick.

I would actually prefer Crumpler right now. He can go 2-3 more years, would be cheaper, and would be a positive force on the sideline and locker room.

Anybody remember the camera shot of Shockey in the Super Bowl? He wasn't even on the sidelines. Of course, he a jumbo beer in front of him, and they probably don't allow drinking on the field.
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Re: saints want shockey

Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper View Post
2.- His QB would be Drew Brees. No intimidation there.
There's the rub. Obviously, Tom Brady is unquestionably the man to answer to on the Patriots offense. You screw up a blocking assignment in San Diego, you gotta answer to LT. Successful NFL offenses have an individual that holds everyone else accountable for their actions. If you were to ask me who the leader was on the Giants' offense at the beginning of the season, I wouldn't have an answer for you. But one thing I learned this past season, despite it being sub-par, is that if you **** up on running a route, or miss a block, get ready for Brees to get up in your grill.
That being said, Shockey running around in a black and gold uniform conjure images of trophies, and beer flowing from fountains, bikini clad brazilian bombshells, fanning me with palm branches and feeding me ice cream sandwichs... and puppies....
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