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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Thursday, December 24, 2009 Opening Statement: “One transaction today, we signed John Carney as a kicking consultant so he’ll be with us and we’re pleased to announce that. For the injuries, Usama Young ...

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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Opening Statement:

“One transaction today, we signed John Carney as a kicking consultant so he’ll be with us and we’re pleased to announce that. For the injuries, Usama Young (hip and sports hernia) did not practice and he’ll be out for the game; Lance Moore (ankle) did not practice; Scott Shanle (concussion) did not practice; Darren Sharper (knee) did not practice; Randall Gay (concussion) was limited; Sedrick Ellis (knee) was limited; Jon Stinchcomb (knee) was limited; Bobby McCray (back) was limited; Jeremy Shockey (toe) was limited; Scott Fujita (knee) was limited; Jonathan Goodwin (ankle) was limited; Jermon Bushrod (thumb) was limited; Jahri Evans (toe) was limited; Jonathan Vilma (knee) was limited; Reggie Bush (hamstring) was limited; Darnell Dinkins (foot) was limited and Jabari Greer (groin) was limited. Today was mostly third down and tomorrow we’ll move to a later schedule with red zone, goal-line and short-yardage.”

On Usama Young’s surgery, when did that occur?

“It was Tuesday. It’s the same procedure (as Jabari Greer’s), the same surgeon, Dr. Meyers in Philadelphia, a similar repair that Jabari had done. With Jabari’s return right now, we’re optimistic that we’ll get the same type of result with Usama and we’re kind of hanging on with that decision.”

Is there a concern because your team has suffered a high number of these sports hernia injuries?

“It’s a unique number. We constantly pay attention to the experts in that field and try to continue to look at the different ways that we’re practicing. Jammal Brown’s was a little different and unique, but fortunately for us we have some time still.”

Is it the type of thing with technology improving that they’re correctly diagnosing more of these now?

“That’s a good point. It’s tricky because often times you have symptoms of a groin and now the approach that we take is that we ask the question if it’s more than that. There’s no question that 10 years ago these things healed on their own and it was a long groin injury. Now we’re getting players back quicker and the procedure has obviously helped that.”

Is the injury trauma-based or could it have to do with the fact that players are active more in the offseason now?

“I think it’s back to what we were just talking about. What used to be a long groin injury kept a player out for a couple of months; we’re further along and able to have a repair done. Typically you see it in hockey a lot more. This surgeon has done a great job with the players that we’ve sent there and had a lot of success.”

What do you see from Tampa Bay this time around that might be different than when you played them last month?

“They’re playing different on defense with the change that they made. You see a different approach and you’re getting a lot more pressure looks. They played very well last week and they did a good job of capitalizing on takeaways offensively and came up with some big plays. They’re playing with more confidence and you see that. Those are the things that you notice right away on film. They’re also playing very well in the kicking game and that’s something you see.”

Do they seem to be trusting Josh Freeman more in the pocket as a passer?

“In the first game, he did a good job in that first series of stepping up, eluding the rush and scrambling for a couple of first downs and then later on scrambling and finding a receiver for the touchdown. That’s one of the things that Josh has done well. He’s confident when he moves, so obviously paying attention to those scrambles is important.”

As a play-caller, if you were facing someone in Malcolm Jenkins’ position is there a tendency to test a rookie like that?

“That’s as old as the hills, when you get young corners and young players, regardless of what position. I think his work this week and the way he’s responded has been great. When you play that position – no different than tackle or quarterback – you have to have a short memory and get on to the next snap and get on to the next game and I’m sure he’ll do that.”

Have you been impressed with the way he’s handled himself?

“No question. He has been outstanding.”

With the timing of these injuries on defense, will you have a chance when the playoffs roll around to have one of the healthier and fresher teams?

“We’re hopeful with getting some of these guys back and where Sedrick (Ellis) is at and where Jabari’s at, you want to be at full-strength as best you can. We still have two tough games ahead of us, but hopefully that’s the case.”

Are Gay and Shanle your first concussions all year?

“They’re really the first two that have been diagnosed to the point where we have had to wait and go through the procedure. We’ve been fortunate that way.”

What changed in the rules during the games? Did anything change mid-week?

“I think the procedure mid-week is really having an outside doctor who is able to examine and pay attention to the symptoms and give his recommendations. With clubs being much more conscientious about that, that’s one of the big things that you would note differently.”

So do you have someone consulting now that you previously didn’t?

“No, but it’s a doctor. It’s obviously not an orthopedic doctor. It’s someone that’s really able to pay attention, go back to the testing that the players take before the season, compare results and pay attention to the symptoms.”

Did you send them somewhere for this does someone come here?

“It was done right here.”

Is there a neurologist on the sideline during games that must clear a player to return?

“One of the things with this is the players reporting these symptoms. Years ago, you probably had a lot more that were unreported and now it has really been put in a positive light as an awareness issue with each individual player. I’d say it’s no different than where we’ve come in regards to hydration in the last 10 years. It starts with really the player reporting what happened and again separating the symptoms from just a collision to where it’s more significant.”

Will there be a neurologist available during games?

“On gameday we do have the full complement of doctors, it would be Dr. Amoss, for instance who would take a peek and see what the symptoms are and be smart. That’s the procedure and I think that’s the procedure for every team.”

Would the idea that has been discussed of requiring players to sit games out after a concussion be a positive step?

“I think it’s us being more educated, no different than the hydration issue. There was a time when you’d practice and you couldn’t drink water, and that was supposed to be good for you. They didn’t know better. It’s obviously a different topic, and yet we’re becoming more aware of the issues.”

What will make your decision on Gay and Shanle’s availability for Sunday? Could they miss practice all week and still play?

“Randall was limited today, so there’s no question. We’ll go through the week, we’ll evaluate and we’ll list their status tomorrow on Friday. Then we’ll make a decision on gameday.”

Is that decision up to the neurologist?

“That would be where the policy has changed.”

Can you explain a little bit of what Carney’s role will be as kicking consultant?

“He’s going to help us. I’ve learned more from him – he’s 45 or 46 years old, he’s my age – just in regards to the operation of snap, hold, kick. It’s interesting to listen to his thoughts. He’s a great mentor for Garrett (Hartley) and I think he’s a guy that has been great for our team. I know he’s excited about it. I don’t know if he had his whistle on today, but he’s going to be involved in certain projects in the kicking game and he’ll help Greg (McMahon) and Mike (Mallory) in that manner.”

Is he free to leave and sign with another team if an opportunity arises?


Does this mean he’s retiring?

“I think you’d have to ask him that. I know that this means that he’s going to be with us for the remainder of the year and that he can’t kick for us or another team for the remainder of the year. Regarding his future, I think it would be better for you guys to ask John.”

If Garrett were to get hurt, could he come back and kick then?

“No. Otherwise I think you’d have 32 teams stashing consultants that are waiting to come back – a fourth quarterback, a fifth defensive end, so you can’t do that.”

Are there many people in his role around the league?

“I don’t know. I think it’s a little unique. We went through the whole consultant thing in Indianapolis over a different issue, but I think it fits us well.”

When the kickers use the old Arena Football goalposts sometimes, is that something that was Greg McMahon’s idea?

“I’m not sure. The idea of kicking in between narrower goals is something that has been done for a while. It used to be where you’d go to training camp and you’d see the uprights and then you’d see another set of skinnier ones. I’m not sure whose idea that was.”

Do you sense that the offensive line took giving up those sacks personally the other night? Will they be looking to redeem themselves?

“I think all of us after a loss come in, hunker down and look at the tape. The one thing about a game like that is from a coaching standpoint, you take it personally, from a defensive and offensive and from the kicking game, we have to do a better job. When you lose a game – especially after you’ve won 13 in a row – I think everyone looks forward to getting back up and fighting and getting ready to play the next week. I think that’s where our team is.”


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