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An honest question

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Speaking of getting drunk -- That\'s exactly where I\'m headed -- Later folks -- Have a good night !!...

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An honest question

Speaking of getting drunk -- That\'s exactly where I\'m headed -- Later folks -- Have a good night !!
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An honest question

Night Billy

By the way, if Brooks doesn\'t take the team to the Super Bowl, can I buy you a bottle of \"Shut the Hell Up\"??? :P
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An honest question


Brooks is not top five.
Brooks has top 5 measurables, and bottom 5 intangibles. Don\'t think this is a negative thing because you can\'t teach athleticism or natural talent, so he is top 5 potential.

Are there 10 other QB\'s I\'d trade him for straight up....maybe 4. There are currently more than 10 QB\'s that are better today than Brooks if you grade him like a draft pick in individual points but it would have no upside for tommorrow.

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An honest question

While billy is trying to figure out how to tie that noose without hanging himself let me say \"whats up DAWG\" to my fellow rustonite B&B. lol

Yes I said Rattay and I will take him over brooks to run this saints offense anyday. It has nothing to do with a homer call because I did not think he would last 2 yrs in the NFL. I thought the guy would be too small and not have the NFL arm.

I am one who will take a guy with a little less skill and a lot more heart any day of the week. Fire and desire will win more than lose and a great example of this is HAZ first year.

This saints offense is perfect for a QB who can read a defense, make quick decisions and is very accurate with his throws. Given it was preseason, but i was able to see 3 of his games and the guy looked more comfortable and looked like he had complete grasp of the gameplan when he played. This guy has stood in the pocket and taken some serious heat all through college and from what I saw this preseason nothing flustered him. He is not a qb who will cost you a game and most of the time he makes the play. The guy has the skills, the brain and the competitive fire. If he was big in stature he would be a star in the league. SF didn\'t give him a $1 mil. signing bonus and new contract for the heck of it.

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An honest question

I wasn\'t trying to get any answer Gator. I\'ve been blasted b/c I\'m saying that I don\'t think Brooks is top5 and I don\'t think he will be while he\'s here. So I wanted to see if I was alone in that.

From what I see here, NO ONE thinks he\'s a top 5 QB right now, and there\'s varying opinion as to whether or not he will be in the future. Gator put it best when he said that the crux of the argument is your feeling about Brooks\' future - which is pretty hard to predict.

In any case, I have a follow-up question. If I\'m not mistaken, the Saints are paying Brooks a salary that ranks in the top five amongst quarterbacks in the league. We here all feel that he does not play up to that yet... SO...

How much time would you give Brooks before you expected to see CONSISTENT top 5 play?

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An honest question

Well let\'s look at that arguement:

Top 5 QB\'s 1999
1 Kurt Warner
2 Steve Beuerlein
3 Peyton Manning
4 Rich Gannon
5 Brad Johnson

Top 5 QB\'s 2000
1. Kurt Warner
2. Jeff Garcia
3. Brett Favre
4. Rich Gannon
5. Tom Brady

Top 5 QB\'s 2001
1. Chad Pennington
2. Rich Gannon
3. Trent Green
4. Brad Johnson
5. Peyton Manning

Looks to me like there are a bunch of QB\'s that have been in the league a lot longer than Aaron Brooks that are recieving top 5 money, that haven\'t made it on that list. WhoDat, do we cut all of those guys??? How much longer do we give those guys? That arguement doesn\'t hold water in my book.

Brooks has done just fine and isn\'t an elite QB just yet, but he had a fine year last year and let\'s see how he does this year.

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An honest question

I think the jury is still out on Brooks. You can\'t ignore the numbers (although many here do) It\'s kind of reminds of Bobby Hebert though. If you looked at his efficiency rating you would have thought the guy was an all-pro QB. People Who knew the real story of his inability to perform in clutch or inside the twenty knew better though. So numbers aren\'t the whole story.

This season will be litmus the test for Brooks. If he doesn\'t step up it\'s time to start over at the QB position. I don\'t blame the team for staking so much of its future on him as there have been more times that Brooks has looked like a star than a bust. I seem to remember much the same kind of pessimism about Archie Manning early in his carreer.

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