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Does Anybody Else find ESPN Annoying?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; They have Chris Berman. And a bunch of other guys who want to be Chris Berman. Chris Berman is funny, but FIRST , Chris Berman TELLS THE STORY. I like to laugh, and I like comedy, but FIRST--- TELL THE ...

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Does Anybody Else find ESPN Annoying?

They have Chris Berman. And a bunch of other guys who want to be Chris Berman. Chris Berman is funny, but FIRST, Chris Berman TELLS THE STORY. I like to laugh, and I like comedy, but FIRST--- TELL THE STORY. As a former radio program director and news director, let me give some advice: TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED. That's your first job.

If you want to say something funny, and you've got a real winner, fine. Share it. But these random guys, whoever they are, spend more time making little comments and trying to be funny, to the point that the STORY gets lost. Their endless non-funny random side comments and references to unrelated things completely wipe out any attempt to tell the story of the game. I find a number of their comments sarcastically cruel even, which annoys me even more.

None of these losers are athletes, or could even find their way to the field themselves.

Obviously, Guys X, Y, and Z are trying desperately to make names for themselves. You want to make a name for yourself, Guy X? Go do some standup in your local improv, if you burn that hotly to be Seinfeld. Ditch the wanna-be comedian inside yourself. Now tell me the STORY OF THE GAME. Show me that great catch. Tell me why this means so much. Show me what is amazing and dramatic about this game. They already have a Comedy Channel, and they're not funny either.

But if you would just show me and tell me the story of the game, you would be my best friend. Otherwise, STFU. Im watching highlights with the sound turned down.

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And another thing: Why does it have to be The Fastest Three Minutes in

For the love of pete, Give Chris Berman the WHOLE Halftime. Your advertisements would be worth three times more.

I would go to the bathroom during the game.
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Like I said in the other thread, I find them all annoying. I don't need or want someone to tell me the story of the game. I can see it myself. Put it this way, do you want someone to tell you all about a book or do you want to read the story yourself? I've watched games, then seen the highlights covered later by analysts (CBS, FOX, EXPN, NFLN..take your pick) and frequently I've wondered if they were really talking about the same game I had watched. Most of them are talking pretty faces, stupid ex-jocks, or guys trying to be comics.
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Totally agree. Last week I turned them off when The Alien stated that he would consider the Saints contenders if they beat Dallas.....???????
If the defending League Champions defeat a 3-7 team they can be contenders?

This morning I started to watch Sportscenter until the first commercial teaser: The Falcons host the Packers this Sunday but stay here to find out why they should both be afraid of Michael Vick.......WTF?!?!

The definition of insanity is repeating the same behavior expecting a different outcome......
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it all true points your saying and its been the same tocrapolo since last season when the saints were like the biggest joke at i'll say when we were at 7-8 and 0. anything they could pull out of there stupidacated minds not to give new orleans prop. no problem, superbowl champions. now it seems nothing we do is legit. because there all riding roddy whites push offs to the promise land only to say that they will lose to the all mighty AFC division just to much with how the patriots are on fire and the chargers are playing like this is there year. i swear to it. all this morning on sports center.

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Here is another example of the evil that is ESPN. On ESPN.COM there is the following on the front page along with video:

"Beyonce sits down with Hannah Storm and talks stilettos, man socks and her favorite athletes."

What does this have to do with sports? To me, this is en example of the media caring more about the glitz and glamor of sports than what happens on the field/court itself. The NBA went to heck with the "Jordan Rules" and shots of Jack hanging out at Lakers games along with Eva Langoria at the Spurs. Superbowl commercials...halftime shoes...the ESPYs...the media has done more to turn me off sports than anything else in the 40+ years I've been playing/listening/watching
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I think ESPN doesn't know that they can actually talk about the Saints. It really annoys me when I wait to see Saints highlights and they spend less than a minute on the Saints game. NFLN is just as bad if not worse.

The only way to see Saints highlights on local TV. It's gotten so bad that it almost seems deliberate.
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They spend the majority of their time on bigger market teams because the the TV ratings go way up. Then, they spend a lot of time buiilding and presenting worthless stats like the Chargers haven't lost in November since 2004 or whatever...who cares. Those stats are meaningless. Then all the endless debates without any real insight other than their own personal reflections on the state of a team which they know absolutely nothing about other than record or just played game. I never watch ESPN other than when they have a game on I want to see which is seldom.
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Matt Millen talking like he knows how to run a team is a bit much. Other than that they really don't bother me.
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You'd think that after winning the highest rated SB ever, they'd think about giving us some coverage...
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