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Are we missing Grant???

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by papz This. It's kind of sad as he once was a pretty solid football player... now he's fallen off the face of the earth. Wherever he may be now, I'm pretty sure his bank account is still ...

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Originally Posted by papz View Post
This. It's kind of sad as he once was a pretty solid football player... now he's fallen off the face of the earth. Wherever he may be now, I'm pretty sure his bank account is still fat and he's eating really well.
Maybe, but is he still able to feed his kids?
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Charles grant SUCKED.. and i hope he never puts on another Saints Jersey.

I Gained further disgust for him when he began saying a bunch of junk in the media about joining the Failcons just to teach us a lesson for dumping him.
I wouldn't be surprised if he went all out and told his hometown team (Failcons) all they needed to know about Sean Payton's Offense just in spite.

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I never could figure out the difference between a 3-out and a turnover, other than field position and momentum.
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Originally Posted by saintpaul25 View Post
Was Charles Grant really that important to our pressure? Maybe I need to re-evaluate my criticism of him. Him getting double teamed so much, might be why Will Smith had a pro-bowl season last year? Without pressure up front, our secondary is getting abused. Alex Brown hasn't been what I thought he would be. He is getting pushed around by 3 year tackles one on one. Heck, with his play making ability, I think Charleston should be starting anyway. I don't know. Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
The only place we are missing Grant is in the chicken wing eating contest.

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i dont think he is even playing, so ill say no
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Wow I never thought I read a Post like this do we miss Chrles Grant. Is even playing in the league.
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Listen...we have our problems just like other teams. our d is good enough to keep us in games. the main problem is we are playing with our 3rd string sometime. yea we have depth but depth only can hold you over. we have rb that are soft. bush goes down if someone touches him, pt has been hurt all year and ivory is a sissy. jones is absolute garbage. 1/2 of our d line performs. 1/3 of our LB core shows up. no cb in the league can cover someone all day. and to bring up charles grant?!?!? i havent heard his name since i heard he got paid 3 years ago. they didnt call his name 1 time the last year he played because he was invisible. our turnover ratio stat is so stupid because brees has thrown more int that he ever has in his life because we have people with the likes of deshawn freaking wynn running the ball.
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Originally Posted by niteadept View Post
Like this, but the three and outs functioning like a turnover would be better if they were mostly converted to 6 pts. I don't have a problem with 3 n out, but I do have a problem when our offense doesn't make the most of it. Best of both worlds - defense holds them to 3 and out or pick 6 and then when offense is on the field, we get another 6. Will Smith should continue pretending the offense is his wife. That way he can't be charged and someone else takes his wrath.
My thoughts exactly. It is the Saints offense that is the problem, not the defense. The defense has held opponents to an average of 19 points per game which is a nice improvement over 21 points per game last season. The real problem - and let's be frank here - is Drew Brees' recent propensity to throw interceptions at just the wrong time. Also, we've been having fumblitis near or in the red zone all season long it seems like. I really hope and pray that the Saints are on top of this ball security issue against the Seahawks, because I think too many people here are greatly underestimating the Seahawks.
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I think another thing to consider is this: corners are going to be beaten from time to time. In fact, our corners have been no worse than most of the league's and in most cases, they've been better. The Saints have, after all, the 4th ranked pass defense and the Saints have one of the very best red zone defenses in the league - constantly forcing field goal attempts as opposed to giving up touchdowns. And that is an extremely significant metric to judge a pass defense. And quite frankly, Mike Williams of Tampa Bay has been burning good corners all year. Our corners did basically shut down Matt Ryan the other night, or did I miss that? They also shut down two-time Super Bowl winner Pig Pen.
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I actually would say we miss Grant from a pressure standpoint. He was a way bigger guy than Brown and even thou he didn't get sacks he did a better job at colapsing the pocket forcing QBs to throw while moving/running which lessens accuracy and leads to INTs. Also when the QB gets pressure and starts to move that increases the chance to sack him since rushing lanes changes for the defence, as an OL myself i know it creates problems when the defender starts movin in a different direction.

However run D seems to be doing better this year but I would give Ellis and Ayodele crdit for that rather that saying it was thanks to Brown.

W.T. Sherman is my favorite General. After all he did order Atlanta to be burned to the ground.
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