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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by Saintswrath You guys are praising the wrong guy.. It's LOOMIS who should be getting all the praise, without him THIS SAINTS TEAM Would not exist. There would be no Sean Payton to suggest or bring in a ...

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Originally Posted by Saintswrath View Post
You guys are praising the wrong guy..
It's LOOMIS who should be getting all the praise, without him THIS SAINTS TEAM Would not exist. There would be no Sean Payton to suggest or bring in a Gregg Williams, there probably wouldn't be a Drew Brees, we wouldn't have even thought about having Reggie Bush celebrity dwell our practice field, There would be no 35,000+ Waiting list Season Tickets, There would be no Superbowl, Saints would probably be a top flight to California as a failing franchise in a small market that can't sell out seats in a National monument-like stadium..

Loomis has crafted this entire Gumbo pot of goodness that we can now proudly call our own and pound our chest about, When Arnie Stepped down i had some doubts but Loomis quickly changed my mind..

While people are looking to shake Sean Payton and/or Gregg Williams hand i want to give Loomis a BIG Ol'e HUG and tell him how much i appreciate him as a GM... He puts the "G" in General.
Yep, Benson decided to let Loomis hire this unproved OC named Sean Payton. Benson wanted to hire a proven coach, Loomis insisted on Payton.

Benson told him..."You better be right about this Mickey, because your ass is on the line".

The rest is history.
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Mickey Loomis is our Jerry West.
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I'm still trying to figure out why Mueller slipped out of town wihtout even a peep. I've got my huntches though. Somehow Mickey convinced Benson to do what Mueller never could, loosen the purse strings, and behold, a winner ever since. We had no cap issues until Loomis showed up. We were stuck in plus3 minus3 mode every season and trying to get it done with 2nd/3rd tier plug-ins. Thanks Mickey and thank you Tom for listening.
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I'll join in the praise chorus for Loomis...

My fear is that Payton leaves after this season to be the HC of the Cowboys and takes Drew Brees with him in a classic
"Any Given Sunday" move. And since the Saints won the SB in this coming season, GW has so many suitors for a HC job,
and is snatched away before Loomis can react. That leaves the Saints without a HC, a DC, and a starting QB, who just
happens to be the face of the franchise. And then, Loomis' abilities as a GM are truly tested... and the Cowboys go on to
win 3 straight SBs.

Worst case scenario... here's to hoping it only happens in Oliver Stone movies.
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Mickey did have a rough start and I will not mention his first pick but he has learned from his mistakes and I'm glad we have him.
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Originally Posted by Boutte View Post
Isn't Vit like 150 years old?

Hopefully he's grooming some one on the staff.

(Sooner or later Payton will coach the Cowboys)
boutte u smellin what i'm smellin. i'm stickin too it. he will coach or have the gm job in dallas before he does retire.
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SP will never coach the Cowpokes. Get real.
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Sean Payton has it good here. There is no way he would turn over the reins to someone else and go to work for Jerry Jones....AKA SKELETOR
Jerry Jones is a control freak who doesn't understand football as well as Al Davis. Sean Payton deliberately drank Jerry Jones bottle of wine after the Superbowl.....you don't do that to someone you want to work for. He spent enough time around the organization to know that he can't turn them around. Anyone who thinks differently might want to take a look at how much of a tool Jones is.

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Money talks
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Yes money talks but....its not always the decideing factor.

Shaun Rodgers, Aubrayo Franklin, Olin Kreutz.....

The thought of a championship also talks.

Also I don't see him leaving while Drew Brees is here.
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