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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Just not going to cut the defense any slack this time. It's bad every week, and this week we were getting beat by a fuggin rookie running the mother ****ing option. Let's be real......

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Just not going to cut the defense any slack this time. It's bad every week, and this week we were getting beat by a fuggin rookie running the mother ****ing option.

Let's be real...
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Originally Posted by jcp026 View Post
Ingram isn't going to have a big gain because he only gets the ball on third and one. They try to force the ball to Sproles too much. Pierre Thomas is being wasted. We weren't down in this game, we don't want to run. We don't try to run. This play calling is terrible.
I almost agree with you.

Ingram is getting the ball on 1st and 10 as well.

The problem is you have to give them all the ball and not not favor one or the other except in certain situations.

I Do think PT should be more in the mix than he has been. Its almost like PT is in Payton's dog house for some reason.

PT should be the starter and then alternate with the other 2 this is getting a bit like forcing Ingram in when they shouldn't.
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Originally Posted by spkb25 View Post
Lol, true, and I love it. Dream Team
more like pipe dream team
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Originally Posted by Belair57 View Post
and yet Shanle is still here...Does he have some kind of black male on SP or what?
This post helped get me through this depressing thread.
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and the winner isssssss WE WON THE GAME.
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If Green Bay is the best team in the NFL with their porous D, and they look like us in the mirror, we are doing OK.
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Originally Posted by AlaskaSaints View Post
Without that early pick, we very likely lose...
Alaska, IF Aunt Ruth had nuts, she'd be Uncle Burt.

If they had started pounding, we wouldnt have handed off to Sproles 20 times up the middle.

If the refs hadnt helped, our D wouldve stuffed them out of the Endzone.

They had 3 spectacular plays, but really, our D gave Newton enough hell, and by the end he didnt know which way was up. WE were the ones with the sustained drives, and the drive when it counted. They were Tony Romo. We were Elway.

worry not.

We put our jocks on straight, we got a chance to kick Tampa's azz.

Its exciting, its entertaining, and its all fun.

Caint wait! GEAUX.

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Originally Posted by skymike View Post
Alaska, IF Aunt Ruth had nuts, she'd be Uncle Burt..
If the refs don't blow that roughing the passer, we win by 3 scores.
If Jimmy doesn't tip that ball for a pick, we win by nearly 4 scores.
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Alsaka - I love you man BUT.... you are glooming & dooming on me.

Two things have ruined any LONG time Saints fan...

Reason #1. We sucked - FOR A LONG TIME.

We constantly saw our team get ahead in a game & have a chance to win... ONLY to have the rug ripped out from under us time, after time, after time, after time (ok sorry - you get the point!!)

AND THIS WAS WITH THE Dome Patrol - They were awesome... BUT the "D" from that period could not hold a lead.

Look at yesterdays game from this perspective...

Its 1989 the date is October 8th. We are playing the cream of our division... the SF 49's.

AND I MEAN THE FORTY F--EN NINERS - Joe Montanna at QB, Roger Craig, Jerry - ****ing - Rice.

It was a hard fought game. THe Saints jump out to 17 to 3 lead!! (in the 3rd quarter)

Guess what happens?

After pecking away it is 17-17 late in the fourth. Bobby Hebert takes the team down & we get a Morten Andersen FG! 20-17 Saints lead...

Then Joe Montanna (curse the ground he walks upon - DAMN HE WAS GOOD!! - sorry I got sidetracked)....

Joe Montanna takes the Niners down the field and throws a 32 yard TD pass to Jason Taylor....

And the Niners win!! 24-20

Alaska - It is 2011...

WE ARE THE NINERS - all the other teams are what WE WERE. Look at us now!!

Reason # 2 - The 13-3 2009 season SPOILED US.

We aren't just satisfied with a win - it has to be spectacular.

Yesterday - If that had been any other 2 teams that you had no ties to & you watched that game - YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED IT!!

It was a great game - back & forth big plays & big players.... AND WE WON!!!

I Understand that its hard - BUT I HAVE FAITH!!!!!

Geaux Team Geaux!!!!!!
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I'll see you in Hell Candy Boys!!!
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I don't need spectacular. I know it's the NFL. Everybody is talented. Sometimes it's a matter of game plan and nothing more.


There is TONS of room for improvement on our defense. For the love of all that is holy can we get some tacking fuel?

Just once I'd like to see us shut down a team that we SHOULD shut down...like Carolina. That's a rookie QB and his throws were off. We got 8 men deep, rushing three, and one of their fools gets WIDE OPEN at the end of the game for a 20 yard gain with the game on the line. How in the name of Jim Mora does that effing happen?
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How many dancing bananas will Saintfan award YOU????
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