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I'm scared

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; we will be fine...

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we will be fine
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Sombody give him a hug please
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Originally Posted by lynwood View Post
Sombody give him a hug please
I'm not sure if he's my type. Can I just shake his hand or ruffle the hair on his head?

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Payton out for the year???

What happened?
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Originally Posted by jnormand View Post
Thanks guys. I'm just freaking out. The more I read into it the worse I feel. It's like my whole world is destroyed. The Saints are all I have.

My wife left me again. The only good thing that happened when she did that was we went to the Super Bowl that season.

Now our team is all jacked up and Coach P is gone. I'm so mad!
Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time right now, Brother.

This might be a rough year but us Who Dats are going to get through it together.

And just think, even if we have a disappointing season, SP's going to have an entire freaking year to come up with new stuff for us next year. Sweet Fancy Moses, I can't wait to see what that's going to be like!!!
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Relax all is well.
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All will be well my friend..."That which does not kill us, makes us stronger" -Nietzsche. Honestly, I haven't been this excited for the season to start in a long time. It's good to be Saints fan, my love for this organization is strong as ever and I feel it's my duty as a fan to support it and represent it. Hopefully you can find some peace in all this, it will be okay. Stay strong, hold the line!
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hang in there man the bng have ur back. i say lots of times i wish my old lady would leave me but its got to be tough if it really happens. just keep faith we will be back so say arnould. o' i almost forgot goodell sucks donkey balls
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Originally Posted by jnormand View Post
I need someone to tell me that this is going to be ok.
It's going to be a difficult season. We haven't really yet seen the real damage: player suspensions...
Is Coach P REALLY gone for the entire season? What if Benson fires him? Is Coach P going to be able to help with plays prior to games?
Yes, the entire season. Plan on treating it like Mike Vick's suspension. Benson is the owner, so it's his prerogative to do so. Unlikely though as he loves the guy for bringing an elite franchise to the City. After April 1st our coach will have to put a 'Gone Fishin' sign. No help, no communication, not in the building, absolutely nothing. It's like he's fired for a year.

My analysis is that the day to day probably isn't going to be that pressing. Carmichael proved last year that he is both a capable OC and play caller. Brees knows the offense well enough to both coach it and call plays for it if necessary. Spags is a HC of a team from just last year, and this organization (looking now unfortunately) had the DC functioning as assistant head coach.

The biggest problems I see are the Vitt 6 week suspension week 1 and who makes the crucial calls that fall to the HC. Vitt filled the role last year when Coach was down. He's a former HC (ironically of the Rams just like Spags). He would have been the natural pick for the interim leaving Spags and Carmichael to manage the defense and offense. But come September he's going to be out the building until late October. Someone has to actually be the HC. I fear both OC will be too busy to do it. I'm guessing because of the situation it's going to have to be Spags, but I'm not liking the idea too very much. Too much on his plate.

What about Loomis?
Caught a break. Suspension doesn't start until week 1. He can participate in what's left of the draft, work on contracts, be in training camp, make all the necessary transactions. It would have been much more painful if he were suspended starting April 1, like Coach.

I'm just sick. Is Brees going to sign long term?
It'll get done. Brees (his agent?) wants him to be the highest paid player in the NFL. I think we all agree that he deserves it. Manning just got 5 years $96 million and the guy did not play a single down last year. Brees played every meaningful down for the team and had arguably the best season as a QB in the history of the game. He's asking $23 million. Considering the circumstances, he's probably worth it.

But it's tough sledding. The Saints are hovering near the cap. So the team cannot do what the Broncos did and write a salary check for $20+ million for this year.

It's complicated, and it's going to take some structuring to make it work for both sides. Sooner rather than later is better because until Brees signs something, he cannot be in the building. And considering the circumstances, the team needs him in the building ASAP.

Are we going to be ok this year?! What the hell?! I'm freaking out! AAAGGGHHH!!!
Honestly, treading water is probably about right. The player suspension damage will reveal how bad it will really be. Ten 8 game suspensions of starters on defense means that the team is defensively starting from scratch. Hopefully those suspensions will be for players that are no long with the team (Porter? Fujita?). But imagine the impact if the entire starting secondary is suspended. Or all the linebackers. Pretty much anyone who has been on the team in the last three years is a potential target. And with the loss of the draft picks, there's not going to be an opportunity to fill those slots with superior talent.

The only silver lining is that I'm sure the organization and its fanbase are going to spend a season being mad as hell. No matter the circumstances, with our offense (which will be untouched) and a city sized chip, you best believe that the Saints will be out to put 50-burgers up on every opponent every week. And it'll be justified as we have no head coach and no defense. So no one should complain.

Just my thoughts.


Super Bowl Championships: New Orleans Saints:1, Carolina:0, Atlanta Chokers: STILL ZERO

Only Atlanta choked in an unchokable situation... Life is definitely good.
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You could all learn something from us Brits in dealing with this.
Keep everything private from the haters,keep your upper lip stiff and don't panic.
We will get through this and even if we have a bad season we will have a nice draft pick next year and still have the core of a title winning team,Payton back and fired up to take us too the top.
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